12 Ways to Create Escort Cards With Gorgeous Tiles

Show your guests to their seats in style

Updated 11/12/17

Photo by Monica Leggio

An escort-card display or seating chart is a reception must-have, but there are plenty of ways to make your seating plan fun and functional. Instead of plain, tented escort cards, for example, you could mix things up with a unique idea that complements your overall wedding decor and makes an impression on your guests.

Enter the humble tile. Ceramic, glass, marble—hand-lettered tiles make for a stylish escort-card idea. They come in every color imaginable and are affordable—just make a pit stop at your local Home Depot to pick up enough for your entire guest list. When calligraphed, they make a creative alternative to standard paper cards and even double as a take-home favor (guests can use the tiles as drink coasters). Write guests’ names with paint pens or calligraphy ink; spray them with a fixative to make sure the names don’t rub off.

Keep reading for a dozen creative ways to incorporate tiles into your seating display.

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Arabesque Tiles

Photo by Christina McNeill

These inky-colored arabesque tiles were calligraphed with each guest’s name and table number; the tiles were displayed in alphabetical order on a table during cocktail hour.

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Earthy-Colored Tiles

Courtesy of Cambria Grace

For a relaxed-yet-chic look, create an escort-card display of calligraphed square tiles in shades of taupe, terra cotta, and ice blue.

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Tiled Seating Chart

Photo by Sahara Coleman

If you have a small guest list, you can skip the last names and just handwrite guests’ first names according to their table assignment.

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Hexagon Tiles

Photo by Danielle Poff

At this couple’s alfresco reception, hand-lettered hexagon marble tiles led each guest to their seat.

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Mexican Tiles

Photo by Michael & Anna Costa

Hosting a destination wedding? Incorporate locally made specialties into your décor, like these colorful tiles made in Mexico. This couple also used them as place cards, so guests were able to take a pair of tiles home to use as coasters.

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Subway Tiles

Photo by Nikki Carlson Photography

Black ink (plus speckles!) on white subway tiles are a modern and chic combination.

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Ceramic Tiles

Photo by Jose Villa

Ceramic tiles from Anthropologie, hand-lettered with guests’ names and hung with ribbon, served as escort cards and favors.

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Glass Tiles

Courtesy of Jerry Yoon Photographers

White-ink calligraphy really pops on these square-shaped faceted glass tiles.

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Suspended Dessert Table

Photo by Rylee Hitchner

Terra cotta potted plants are the perfect complement to these pink calligraphed escort-card tiles.

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Tiled Seating Display

Courtesy of Love Janet

The groom designed and created this tiled seating chart, which was mounted on a large board and propped up against a wall.

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Matte Tiles

Photo by John David

Rectangular tiles in subdued shades of grey, sage, and taupe created a modern seating chart display.

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Mosaic Tiles

Courtesy of Jose Villa

Hand-painted and calligraphed mosaic tiles served as escort cards (and a memorable takeaway!) for each guest.

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