Wedding Escort Cards That Star Your Gorgeous Guests

Check out these creative takes on this fun, photo-themed idea

Updated 02/23/17

Michelle Lange Photography

Now that you've exchanged vows, it's time to party! Guests will be making a beeline for the bar (natch!) but they'll also be looking for their reception seats. The escort card—typically a small card printed with their name and table assignment—is their guide to get there.

These days, though, couples are coming up with crazy-creative ways to direct guests to their seats. One of our favorite escort card ideas? Repurposing a photo of each guest as the escort card itself. Start by collecting pictures of every guest (labor-intensive, yes, but you could start with Facebook and use everyone's profile pictures). Next, print them out with their name and table number. Then, display them at cocktail hour in a fun and unique way. All your guests will get a kick out of seeing their mugs up on display!

Check out these creative takes on this fun, photo-themed escort card idea.

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Polaroid Photo Wall

Polaroid Photo Wall Escort Cards

Ryan Ray

Turn photos of your friends and family members into a wall of Polaroids, with their seat information printed above their picture. Add a pretty garland (this one features burgundy amaranthus) for a rustic-yet-fresh touch.

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Clothesline of Photos

Clothesline of Photos Escort Cards

Michelle Lange Photography

We love this clever idea: Ask guests to replace their escort card with a photo. Here, the couple strung traditional calligraphed escort cards onto twine with clothespins. Then, they set up a station with Instax instant cameras so guests could snap their photo and replace their escort card with the picture (for the couple to keep). Such a fun way to repurpose an escort-card display!

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Pegboard Display

Pegboard Display Escort Cards

Abi Q Photography

This couple had a similar idea and constructed their freestanding escort-card display using a pegboard wall. They also used clothespins to attach printed escort cards and asked guests to replace them with Polaroids of themselves.

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Black-and-White Polaroid Display

Black-and-White Polaroid Escort Cards

Isabelle Selby Photography

For a more graphic, modern look, this couple collected photos of their guests and then turned them into black-and-white Polaroid-like photos. Then they attached them to large white boards using tiny red map pins.

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Tabletop Display of Polaroids

Tabletop Display of Polaroid Escort Cards

Megan Clouse Photography

Or, for something a bit simpler, print out photos of your guests to resemble Polaroids, along with their names and table number. Cut them out so that they are tented and able to stand on their own, then arrange the photos in alphabetic order by first or last name.

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Chalkboard Photo Display

Chalkboard Photo Escort Cards Display

Chaz Cruz Photographers

Turn a simple framed chalkboard into a creative escort-card display by attaching lengths of twine to create rows. Use miniature clothespins to affix photos of your guests with their seating information, then finish the display off with a fresh garland of greens.

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