25 Epic Wedding Photos That Will Not Disappoint

Right time, right place

Pasquale Minniti

Weddings are filled with countless breathtaking moments. From the bride and groom's first look at each other to the bitter-sweet father-daughter dance, it's hard to pinpoint the most memorable part of the the day (or remember it afterwards!) But around the world, a handful of very talented photographers have managed to capture some of the world's most beautiful wedding photos from ceremonies to receptions. And trust us, these photos will give you all the feels.

Fearless Awards, a wedding photography site, presents their most recent selection of award-winning wedding photos. These collections feature stunning wedding photos that excel in redefining wedding photography and combine the art with elements of photojournalism. The site is selective; only about 1 in 100 images submitted are awarded by the site's curators and displayed in the photographers' profiles as Fearless Awards. In addition to showcasing some of the world's most epic wedding photos on their site, Fearless Awards also offers the contact information for each photographer, so anyone looking for not-so-average wedding pictures can find a photographer from the collection in their area.

Take a look below at some of these beautiful images from weddings across the globe. We've selected 25 of some of the most breathtaking photos, but you can find the entire collection at Fearless Awards. At their core, these images are proof that despite our different cultures and traditions, weddings elicit the same emotions no matter where you're from.

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Sabina Mladin
Soven Amatya
Rich Howman
Pasquale Minniti
Asim Bari Fotografie
Ken Pak
Marieke Zwartscholten
Ciprian Biclineru
Lyndah Wells
Soven Amatya
Marius Dragan
Linda Berretty
Marius Barbulescu
Dimitri Voronov
Vincent Mu
Ruud Claessen
Pasquale Minniti
Letícia Muniz
Louise Rosson
Maximiliano Pell
Fabio Mirulla
Pasquale Minniti
Kristi Odom
Soven Amatya
Anthony Phung

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