87 Gorgeous Engagement Rings Under $2,000

Budget-friendly stunners for every style

Updated 12/18/18
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Courtesy of Après Jewelry

When dreaming of an engagement ring, it’s hard not to picture a, um, sizable diamond being placed upon your finger. Sure, not every bride-to-be is drawn to big, super-sparkly diamonds, but whether three or more carats is goals or you prefer a daintier approach to an engagement ring design, cost is always the ultimate factor when choosing your engagement ring. Not the most romantic part of your engagement story, but a practical aspect that most couples face. Luckily, the market is filled with gorgeous engagement rings that cost $2,000 or less whether you choose a smaller diamond, diamond slice, gemstone, antique ring, or cluster ring. Or, you can look to diamond alternatives like moissante, white sapphire, or even an ethical, lab-grown diamond (they’re a totally legit option) to save a little cash and go bigger with your stone.

An engagement ring under $2,000 hardly means you have to sacrifice. For the bride drawn to vintage and antique styles, Art Deco, Edwardian, and Victorian-style rings are a few popular styles that you can easily source for well under $2,000. Many of these styles incorporate stunning metal-work around a smaller stone or several small stones that create the illusion of a bigger ring. Plus, the intricate design of an antique ring is incredibly eye-catching whether done in white or yellow gold or a mix of metals.

For modern brides, unique cuts like trillion, shield, hexagon, and half-moon shapes make for a super stand-out ring from two-stone styles to unique settings like off-kilter, east-west, or floating designs. Even in a smaller carat weight, these contemporary cuts will feel utterly spectacular on a yellow, rose, or white gold band or a mixed-metal setting for a super-unique look.

Multi-stone engagement rings from three-stone styles to clusters create the illusion of a bigger ring for a lot less, too. But if size is super important (hey, we get it) a lab-created diamond or diamond alternative like white sapphire or moissantite is a perfect option that will keep your ring under $2,000 and still sparkle like the best of them—there are a ton of brands are creating spectacular style using this ethical practice.

No matter your style, we’re certain you’ll find an under-$2,000 engagement you love in our edit ahead. From traditional to fashion-forward, these styles are proof that your dream ring doesn't have to cost you a fortune. Well under, in fact!

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Courtesy of Of A Kind

Kathryn Bentley Yellow Sapphire Ellipse Ring

SHOP NOW: Of A Kind, $322

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Courtesy of Stone and Strand

Stone And Strand Small Baguette Diamond Ring

SHOP NOW: Stone and Strand, $325

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Courtesy of Loop Jewelry

Loop Serendipity Loop Hug Profile East:West Oval Diamond Solitaire in Yellow Gold,

SHOP NOW: Loop Jewelry, Starting at $350

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Courtesy of Yi Collection

Yi Collection Diamond Princess Cut Ring

SHOP NOW:Yi Collection__, $450

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Courtesy of Lane + Lanae

Lane + Lanae The Hop Ring

SHOP NOW: Lane + Lanae, $460

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Courtesy of J. Luu Jewelry

J. Luu Pave Diamond Halo Ring White Gold

SHOP NOW: J. Luu Jewelry, $475

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Courtesy of Clearn Origin

Clean Origin Classic Princess Solitaire

SHOP NOW: Clean Origin, Priced from $485

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Courtesy of Boudov Design

Boudov "Lucy" Rings, Priced from $495

SHOP NOW: Boudov Design, Priced from $495

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Courtesy of Forevermark

The Forevermark Tribute Collection Diamond Stackable Ring

SHOP NOW: Forevermark, $549

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Courtesy of Diamond Foundry

Diamond Foundry Bezeled Grove Ring

SHOP NOW: Diamond Foundry, Setting $575

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Courtesy of She Bee

She Bee Diamond Marquise Ring

SHOP NOW: She Bee, $650

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Barbela Design

Barbela Diamond Nico Ring

SHOP NOW: Barbela Design, $670

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Courtesy of Ylang

Megan Thorne Lottie Diamond Stacking Ring - White and Rose Gold

SHOP NOW: Ylang, $670

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Courtesy of Love Adorned

Vintage Flower Cluster Diamond Ring sourced by Love Adorned founder Lori Leven

SHOP NOW: Love Adorned, $700

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Courtesy of Otem

Otem Offset Diamond Ring (Setting)

SHOP NOW: Otem, Priced from $750

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Courtesy of Anne Sisteron

Anne Sisteron 14kt Rose Gold Sasha Diamond Slice Ring

SHOP NOW: Anne Sisteron, $770

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Courtesy of Nora Kogan

Nora Kogan Augrey Ring

SHOP NOW: Nora Kogan, $775

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Courtesy of ILA Collection

ILA Aleta Ring in Rose Gold

SHOP NOW: ILA Collection, Priced from $800

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Courtesy of Broken English

Xiao Wang Stardust Stacking Ring

SHOP NOW: Broken English Jewelry, $870

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Courtesy of Jacquie Aiche

Jacquie Aiche 6 Diamond Aquamarine Marquise Ring

SHOP NOW: Jacquie Aiche, $875

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Courtesy of Shahla Karimi

Shahla Karimi Love V Ring With Pear

SHOP NOW: Shahla Karimi, $890

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Courtesy of Era Jewelry

Era Jewelry Mosaic Stack Ring With Diamonds

SHOP NOW: Era Jewelry, $950

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Courtesy of Zoë Chico

Zoe Chicco 14K Marquis Diamond Signet Ring

SHOP NOW: Zoë Chicco, $950

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Courtesy of J. Hannah

J. Hannah Demi Signet with Diamond

SHOP NOW: J. Hannah, $965

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Courtesy of Michelle Fantaci

Michelle Fantaci Diamond And White Gold Lantern Ring

SHOP NOW: Michelle Fantaci, $970

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Courtesy of Kataoka Jewelry

Katatoka Aronia Ring

SHOP NOW: Kataoka Jewelry, $980

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Courtesy of 1st Dibs

Art Deco .50 Carat Diamond White Gold Engagement Ring

SHOP NOW: 1st Dibs, $1,000

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Courtesy of Hearts on Fire

Hearts On Fire Juliette Solitaire Semi-Mount

SHOP NOW: Hearts on Fire, $1,000

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Courtesy of Carbon & Hyde

Carbon & Hyde Elixir Mini Ring

SHOP NOW: Carbon & Hyde, $1,035

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Courtesy of Ceremony

Ceremony Ren 1 Ring

SHOP NOW: Ceremony, $1,050

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Courtesy of De Beers

De Beers DB Classic One Diamond Rose Gold Band 4MM

SHOP NOW: De Beers, $1,050

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Courtesy of Love Adorned

Margaret Cross Ivory Enamel and Diamond Ring

SHOP NOW: Love Adorned, $1,125

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Courtesy of Bulgari

Bulgari Marry Me Ring

SHOP NOW: Bulgari, Priced from $1,150

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Courtesy of Wwake

Wwake Single Nestled Diamond Ring

SHOP NOW: Wwake, $1,145

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Courtesy of Bario Neal

Bario Neal Half-Moon Dyad Ring

SHOP NOW: Bario Neal, Priced from $1,160

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Courtesy of Allurez

Allurez Cathedral Pave Diamond Engagement Ring Setting 14k White Gold (0.20ct)

SHOP NOW: Allurez, $1,180

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Courtesy of Ariel Gordon Jewelry

Ariel Gordon Marquis Diamond Ring

SHOP NOW: Ariel Gordon Jewelry, $1,195

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Courtesy of Diamond Nexus

Diamond Nexus East-West Classic Oval Cut Engagement Ring

SHOP NOW: Diamond Nexus, $1,195

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Courtesy of Blue Nile

Blue Nile 1:2 Carat Ready-to-Ship Oval-Cut Petite Solitaire Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold

SHOP NOW: Blue Nile, $1,200

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Courtesy of Aurate

Aurate Large Diamond Solitaire Ring

SHOP NOW: Aurate, $1,200

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Courtesy of 1st Dibs

French Art Deco Diamond Set Platinum and Gold Ring

SHOP NOW: 1st Dibs, $1,200

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Courtesy of 1st Dibs

Art Deco .75 Carat Sapphire Yellow Gold and Platinum Top Engagement Ring

SHOP NOW: 1st Dibs, $1,200

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Courtesy of Doyle & Doyle

Doyle & Doyle Art Deco Diamond Engagement Ring

SHOP NOW: Doyle & Doyle, $1,200

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Courtesy of Octavia Elizabeth

Octavia Elizabeth Diamond Stack Ring

SHOP NOW: Octavia Elizabeth, $1,200

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Courtesy of Smith + Mara

Smith + Mara Princess Cut Diamond Stackable Ring

SHOP NOW: Smith + Mara, $1,255

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Courtesy of Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth The Pamplona Ring

SHOP NOW: Brilliant Earth, $1,290

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Courtesy of Anna Sheffield

Anna Sheffield Celestine Orbit Suite No. 05

SHOP NOW: Anna Sheffield, $1,300

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Courtesy of Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. The Tiffany Setting in 18k Rose Gold

SHOP NOW: Tiffany & Co., $1,300

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Courtesy of Lori McLean

Lori McLean Fine Jewelry Old European Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring

SHOP NOW: Lori McLean, $1,328

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Courtesy of Gemvara

Gemvara Alyssa Ring with White Sapphire

SHOP NOW: Gemvara, $1,350

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Courtesy of KatKim

KatKim Mini Peak Ring

SHOP NOW: KatKim, $1,400

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Courtesy of 1st Dibs

Roshe Jewels 1.75 Carat Sapphire Diamond 14 Karat Rose Gold Engagement Ring

SHOP NOW: 1st Dibs, $1,408

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Courtesy of Lizzie Mandler

Lizzie Mandler Petit Knife Edge Solitaire Ring

SHOP NOW: Lizzie Mandler, $1,420

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Courtesy of Jennie Kwon

Jennie Kwon Marquise Diamond Solo Ring

SHOP NOW: Jennie Kwon, $1,465

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Courtesy of Jade Trau

Jade Trau Alchemy Collection Envoy Solitaire Stackable Ring

SHOP NOW: Jade Trau, $1,480

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Courtesy of Love Adorned

Emilie Shapiro Grey Diamond Ring

SHOP NOW: Love Adorned, $1,485

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Courtesy of 1st Dibs

1920s Art Deco Diamond Yellow Gold and White Gold Set Ring

SHOP NOW: 1st Dibs, $1,497.25

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Courtesy of Helzberg Diamonds

Helzberg Diamonds 1/2 Ct. Tw. Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold

SHOP NOW: Helzberg Diamonds, $1,499

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Courtesy of Catbird

1909 by Erica Weiner Machine Age Ring

SHOP NOW: Catbird, $1,500

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Courtesy of Simon G. Jewelry

Simon G. MR2705 Engagement Ring

SHOP NOW: Simon G. Jewelry, $1,540

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Courtesy of Stone and Strand

Vale Jewelry Francoise Ring

SHOP NOW: Stone and Strand, $1,550

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Courtesy of Zales

Vera Wang Love Collection 5:8 CT. T.W. Princess-Cut Diamond Double Frame Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold

SHOP NOW: Zales, $1,560.30

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Courtesy of Grace Lee

Grace Lee Crown Bezel Diamond Ring

SHOP NOW: Grace Lee, $1,585

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Courtesy of Spinelli Kilcollin

Spinelli Kilcollin Sirius RGW Ring

SHOP NOW: Spinelli Kilcollin, $1,600

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Courtesy of Michelle Oh

Michelle Oh Encrusted Ring

SHOP NOW: Michelle Oh, $1,603

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Courtesy of Roman Malakov

Roman Malakov Round Cut Diamond Gold Cluster Engagement Ring

SHOP NOW: Roman Malakov, $1,650

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Courtesy of Mociun

Mociun Stacked White Diamond Ring with Pave White Diamonds

SHOP NOW: Mociun, $1,680

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Courtesy of Après Jewelry

Apres Jewelry The Stella Ring - Cushion

SHOP NOW: Après Jewelry, $1,700

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Courtesy of Yannis Sergakis

Yannis Sergakis Adornments La Pierre Round Diamond Ring - Yellow Gold

SHOP NOW: Yannis Sergakis, $1,705

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Courtesy of Eva Fehren

Eva Fehren The Solitaire Ring

SHOP NOW: Eva Fehren, $1,750

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Courtesy of Shane Co.

Shane Co. Marquise and Round Diamond Ring

SHOP NOW: Shane Co., $1,775

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Courtesy of Charles & Colvard

Charles & Colvard Forever One 2.70CTW Radiant Near-Colorless Moissanite Solitaire Engagement Ring in 14K Yellow Gold

SHOP NOW: Charles & Colvard, $1,779

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Courtesy of Maya Brenner

Maya Brenner Triplet Ring with Diamond

SHOP NOW: Maya Brenner, $1,800

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Courtesy of Selin Kent

Selin Kent Pear Ring

SHOP NOW: Selin Kent, Priced from $1,800

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Courtesy of A.Jaffe

A.Jaffe Half Bezel East West Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring in 18 Karat Gold

SHOP NOW: A.Jaffe, $1,820

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Courtesy of Marrow Fine

Marrow Looking West Tourmaline Ring

SHOP NOW: Marrow Fine, $1,850

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Courtesy of Digby & Iona

Digby & Iona Icy Kira Ring

SHOP NOW: Digby & Iona, $1,850

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Courtesy of Chefridi

Adel Chefridi Rosebud Round Solitaire With Two Side Stones

SHOP NOW: Chefridi, $1,865

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Courtesy of Vrai & Oro

Vrai & Oro The Oval Rose Signet Ring

SHOP NOW: Vrai & Oro, $1,875

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Courtesy of Lauren Wolf Jewelry

Lauren Wolf Jewelry Pentagon Diamond Solitaire Ring

SHOP NOW: Lauren Wolf Jewelry, $1,900

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Courtesy of Lauren Wolf Jewelry

Antique Edwardian Diamond Engagement .25 Carat 18 Karat Gold Minecut Ring

SHOP NOW: Lauren Wolf Jewelry, $1,900

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Courtesy of Azlee Jewelry

Azlee East West Small Enamel Diamond Ring

SHOP NOW: Azlee Jewelry, Priced from $1,900

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Courtesy of Rachel Boston

Rachel Boston Anthe Ring

SHOP NOW: Rachel Boston, $1,916.31

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Courtesy of Melissa Joy

Melissa Joy Manning Rustic Rosecut Diamond Ring

SHOP NOW: Melissa Joy, $1,950

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Courtesy of Luca Joel

Luca Joel Platine Lotus Platinum Diamond Solitaire Ring

SHOP NOW: Luca Joel, $1,978.44

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Courtesy of 1st Dibs

Tolkowsky 14K & Platinum .70ct Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring IGI CERT

SHOP NOW: 1st Dibs, $1,995

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Courtesy of 1st Dibs

Contemporary .50 Carat Round Diamond 14 Karat Rose Gold Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

SHOP NOW: 1st Dibs, $1,995

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