91 Engagement Ring Selfies We Love

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Updated 05/17/17

@jillian.harris via Instagram

After the question's been popped, that selfie's gotta be snapped! #Sorrynotsorry, but engagement ring selfies aren't going anywhere—and we're not complaining. But why should they? When the love of your life proposes, trust us when we say that you're going to want to shout it from the rooftops. But since you don't want a noise disturbance ticket (especially with a wedding to pay for), the next best thing is to shout it on social media with a #ringselfie. And take it from these ladies, there's a million and one ways to do it.

We scoured all of social media to uncover the best #engagementringselfies that are worthy of all the 'likes.' From the most beautiful of backdrops to incorporating furry friends and even fiancés, there are tons of ways to make this photo count. After all, a photo is worth a thousand words (and even more likes!), especially since the ring selfie is basicallyyy the modern day engagement announcement.

These days, tons of brides-to-be choose to announce their news with a post-proposal photo. So in-between saying yes and insuring that bling (You have Jewelers Mutual on speed dial, right? Just imagine dropping an uninsured ring in the ocean while lining up the perfect seaside shot...The horror.), it's time to get picture-perfect.

Professional wedding photographer Paige Jones has these tips for the best ring selfie: keep your hand raised in the air, catch maximum natural light, and nail down the right angle. But once you've got the elements down, it's time to start snapping—and hashtagging. (Don't forget to tag #BridesRings for a chance to be featured on our page!)

Click through to see some of our fave engagement ring selfies from these social media queens. Who knows? You might just find the exact way you'll take your own. It's time for your ring to shine!

@caralillisivara via Instagram

When your nude paint job (and cushion-cut bling) is on point...

@larissachamberlain via Instagram

A mini-marquee and halo engagement ring make for a totally dreamy post-proposal selfie.

@drinkpositivitea via Instagram

The blue hues in this pear-shaped engagement ring pair beautifully with this bride-to-be's mani.

@hannahbronfman via Instagram

Leave it to fitness guru Hannah Bronfman to snap a selfie with a cup of matcha!

@jillian.harris via Instagram

Jillian Harris, host of HGTV's Love It Or List It, snapped this post-workout #ringselfie. (Sweating for the wedding, much?)

@ndepietto via Instagram

This lucky lady's ring is almost identical to Kate Middleton's famous bling!

@lindsayxxmarie via Instagram

This snowy selfie couldn't be cuter. (We're sure that post-engagement glow is keeping this bride warm!)

@that_katiekat via Instagram

When your wedding colors match a Brides magazine cover...

@maria_michela_xo via Instagram

An emerald-cut solitaire like this beauty definitely warrants a selfie or two (or three...).

@lindsayxxmarie via Instagram

This bride's white pup makes this snap even sweeter!

@mishlvaldez via Instagram

Much like that sunset view, solitaire engagement rings will never go out of style.

@melissacouts via Instagram

TFW you pull off the PERFECT #ringselfie...

@marinschloss via Instagram

Even with a view that pretty, we still can't take our eyes off of this bride's square-cut sparkler.

@margotrobbie via Instagram

Actress Margot Robbie confirmed her secret wedding with the most cheeky #ringselfie we've ever seen!

@racheymundy via Instagram

A baby blue mani was the perfect color for this beachy backdrop.

@amberlancaster007 via Instagram

How is this bride not constantly distracted by her big bling?!

@ivanahmarie via Instagram

This bride traveled back to the very spot her hubs proposed to snap this sweet selfie. The feels...

@ivanahmarie via Instagram

Time to curl up in that cozy post-proposal bliss.

@alissanyounger via Instagram

Her gorg engagement ring and Brides magazine are the only accessories a bride-to-be needs.

@stilettobeatss via Instagram

All that planning ahead will definitely require an extra dose of caffeine.

@m.patricia_xo via Instagram

Just a morning cup o' joe with a side of bling.

@amber.alysse via Instagram

We bet this bride is feeling just beachy with that extra special sparkler.

Michelle Monroe via Instagram

But first...an engagement ring selfie! (With a unique pear-shaped emerald bauble, no less.)

Jordan Neslund via Instagram

An engagement ring selfie in the most perfect locale of all — the bridal shower!

Shaylyn Woolf via Instagram

A selfie idea we totally want to steal.

Mary Lou via Instagram

An engagement ring selfie that shines brighter than the New York City skyline.

Morgan Nelligan via Instagram

A selfie with some seriously stunning jewelry and a yummy-looking cake. What could be better?

Emily Jenny via Instagram

A selfie that's just as fashionable as that über-trendy pear-shaped sparkler.

Niccmonte via Instagram

A coffee-and-engagement-ring combo selfie that we truly heart.

Catherine Lopie via Instagram

A New Zealand selfie that has us green with envy.

Anna Perevertaylo via Instagram

A caffeinated selfie that ingeniously doubles as a save-the-date.

Caroline Rose Anne via Instagram

A super sweet selfie that has us craving colorful macarons and split-shank sparklers.

DaniProcs via Instagram

A selfie that's as hip as that pavé diamond-encrusted band.

Jeru Villasana via Instagram

A Starbucks cup selfie.

Pretty in the Pines via Instagram

A rosie-posie selfie with a cushion-cut diamond engagement ring.

Chacos and Chanel Blog via Instagram

A selfie that features all of our favorite things: Cute pups, breakfast in bed, and supersized sparklers!

Natalie Anne Van Essen via Instagram

A romantic Where you lead, I'll follow selfie.

Jen Sophia C. via Instagram

A seaside selfie that features a round-cut engagement ring just as sparkly as the ocean blue.

Kira03 via Instagram

A beachside selfie that features a marquise-cut engagement ring from this handsome groom.

Shannon via Instagram

A very inviting selfie spotlighting the bride-to-be's shower invite.

Kimberly J. Kral via Instagram

A celebratory selfie with a glass of champagne.

Sarah Elizabeth Dewey via Instagram

The yummiest selfie we can imagine featuring a slice of cheesy pizza and a baguette diamond-flanked ring.

Jordan Hieshetter via Instagram

A starboard selfie where the bling is the real star of the show.

Ashlan B. Bishop via Instagram

A gorgeous ring + a gorgeous garden = One heck of an engagement ring selfie.

Brandi Milloy via Instagram

A selfie sweetened with a summer cocktail (and a haute halo!).

April G via Instagram

A Big Sur meets big bauble engagement ring selfie.

Alyssa Garcia via Instagram

A selfie showing off a pink-hued engagement ring (with a mani to match!).

Winne Chen via Instagram

A selfie spotlighting a bayside backdrop and a five-stone diamond ring. Could this bride get any luckier?!

Gabby Cardenas via Instagram

A selfie that sparkles on Italy's Amalfi Coast.

Ana Cristina Bascha via Instagram

A too-cute, groom-approved selfie.

Erica España via Instagram

A cushion-cut engagement ring selfie with a perfect palm tree backdrop.

Sincerely Sham via Instagram

A classic French mani engagement ring selfie.

Tara Boston via Instagram

A simple selfie that lets the sparkle shine.

ToothPrep via Instagram

A truly tropical selfie with a truly classic engagement sparkler.

Alyssa Demarco via Instagram

A Frenchie-approved pear-shaped ring selfie.

Bethania Baray via Instagram

An engagement ring selfie that makes us feel on top of the world. (Or is it that emerald-cut sparkler?)

Kate Loftus via Instagram

A super sunny selfie featuring an oval-cut engagement ring.

Kimberly Michelle via Instagram

A selfie that celebrates this bride's future Mrs. status.

Katie Cimmino via Instagram

A sweet and simple black-and-white selfie, gussied up with a split-shank engagement ring.

KateLand79 via Instagram

A San Francisco selfie with a groom cameo.

Jordan Jennings via Instagram

A sandy selfie with some serious sparkle.

Matt Day via Twitter

A winery selfie.

Nastia Liukin via Twitter

A selfie with an ecstatic fiancé.

Vanessa Smith via Instagram

A selfie with a glass of wine.

Emily Weiss via Instagram

A selfie with a seriously cool manicure.

Nicole Wright via Instagram

A beachside selfie with a cameo from the groom!

Carizza Rose via Instagram

A stunning selfie with a flawless manicure.

Lisa Marie OQ via Instagram

A beachy selfie featuring Brides!

Tessa Hancock via Pinterest

An ice cream selfie that'll make you drool.

Krys Minor via Pinterest

A simple selfie of a jaw-dropping ring.

Kelli Dougal via Pinterest

A meta, picture-in-picture selfie.

Sam Cherrone via Pinterest

A super cool, double Eiffel Tower selfie.

Sarah Culotta via Pinterest

A joyful, cliffside selfie.

Ginger Ramirez via Facebook

A super-stylish selfie.

Dana Householder via Pinterest

A selfie with Brides!

F. Silverman Jeweler via Twitter

A kissing selfie with a hand-written message.

Stefanie Franke via Instagram

A selfie with an Eiffel Tower backdrop.

Adrienne May via Instagram

An adorable selfie with a dog.

Allyson Nicole via Facebook

A selfie in the most magical place on Earth.

Tania Torres via Pinterest

A sunlit selfie of a round-cut engagement ring.

Jenifer Patricia via Instagram

A romantic selfie with rose petals.

Arielle Lee via Twitter

A selfie with a Starbucks cup.

Fojan Parsa via Pinterest

A beachy selfie with a pink manicure.

Pichurula via Instagram

A selfie with a gorgeous natural backdrop.

Rachel Kennedy via Instagram

A selfie that puts it all in perspective.

oregonashley via Instagram

A sporty selfie with customized sneakers.

LeighAnn Purcell via Facebook

A rock-solid selfie on the beach.

Stephanie Gustin via Instagram

A "love"-ly selfie taken in Prague.

Katie Stone via Twitter

A simple selfie.

Sarah Rademaker via Instagram

A fiancé-approved selfie.

Chelsie Nelson via Instagram

A selfie with a background that (almost) steals the show.

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