70 Engagement Photo Ideas from Real Couples

Your save-the-dates will thank you.

couple sitting on a horse

Photo by Anée Atelier

Now that you and your partner are engaged, it’s time to commemorate the momentous occasion with a romantic photoshoot. But where do you start? Given that there are so many cheesy couples' photos and countless run-of-the-mill shots, it can be a challenge to snap a picture that is truly your own. Thankfully, you don't have to rely on those predictable poses and overdone locations, if that doesn't suit your aesthetics.

Today, there are a handful of things you can do to make sure your photos turn out perfectly one-of-a-kind and feel right for you and your partner. Before you jump into your session, though, here's what you should know about engagement photoshoots. For starters:


Whether you and your significant other are world travelers or would rather just Netflix and chill, location is everything for making your engagement photos unique.

  • Your Favorite Spot: Do you have a go-to coffee shop where the barista knows both of your orders? Or a brewery where you meet for happy hour every week? Use these personal spots as inspiration for your engagement shoot to save the memories of these places for years to come.
  • Your Next Vacation: Planning a trip together (engagement-moon, anyone?) is one of the most exciting parts of prepping for your big day. If you're heading to a particularly gorgeous location, find a photographer in the region who can snap some shots in front of that city skyline or national park mountainside.
  • Your First Date: Revisit the spot of your first date together for a few of your photos, even if it's for your eyes only.


Unless you're a model, getting "candid" shots will probably feel anything but natural—but there are a few simple ways to help ease any discomfort.

  • PDA: From simple handholding to sexy, bikini-clad kisses, showing off some public displays of affection always makes for a sweet photo. Pretend like the photographer isn't watching and embrace your partner the way you would when you're alone—as long as it's G-rated, of course.
  • Using Props: Are you both bookworms? Or love to ride the waves? Incorporate your favorite book into your shot or show off your matching surfboards for a picture that is 100 percent you.
  • Candid Shots: We know it's easier said than done, but sometimes, candid moments make the best photos. Act natural in your location of choice (by sampling hops at a brewery or picking out music at a record store) to create a laid-back feeling to your engagement photos.


  • Black and White: For a timeless, striking look to your photos, opt to have your photographer edit your favorites in black and white. The contrast can be simple but will result in stunning shots.
  • Dramatic Colors: On the opposite end of the spectrum (pun intended), you can use the unique colors of your shoot's locale to find a color palette that puts any Instagram filter to shame. Talk to your photographer beforehand to see how they can edit your pictures in a style that fits you.
  • Consider Your Wardrobe: While you don't want to match your partner, you'll want to make sure your colors complement one another. Opt for pastels, neutrals, cool shades, and white.

Photographers recommend avoiding busy prints, which can create distractions in your photos.


  • Golden Hour: Sunset (or "Golden Hour", as most Instagram users would call it) is the perfect time to capture a beautiful shot that guarantees great lighting. The red, soft hues will make for an intimate feel in your snaps.
  • Nighttime: Use the starry sky or pretty lights (like those on a Ferris wheel, for example) to give a pop to your nighttime pics.
  • Unexpected Weather: Torrential rain, snowstorms, and overwhelming heat aren't ideal, but that doesn't mean your photo is ruined. Use the inclement weather to your advantage by adding a pretty umbrella or taking your photos in a nearby snow-covered forest.

With those tips in mind, take a look at how the following couples did it. Lighthearted and fun or glamorous and chic, these engagement photo ideas are sure to inspire you and your partner.

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In Front of a Romantic Italian Backdrop

Couple in Positano

Photo by Rebecca Yale Photography

Positano just officially got added to our bucket list. Even on a rainy day, the cliffside scenery is surreal, especially when combined with a couple decked out in elegant black.

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A Parisian Romance

bride and groom holding hands in front of eiffel tower

Photo by Abby Jiu Photography

Use your trip to Paris as the perfect moment to incorporate your travels into your photoshoot. We love how this couple leaned into the Parisian vibes, especially with their fashion-forward attire.

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A Classic Instagram-Worthy Shot

bride and groom holding hands looking at each other

Photo by Stetten Wilson

Draw inspiration from social media, as this couple did, and lean into this famous hand-holding pose. You can even elevate your shoot by donning some of your favorite fashions for photos that are absolutely Instagram-worthy.

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One-on-One in the Waterfalls

photo of couple kissing under a waterfall

Photo by Anée Atelier

There’s nothing quite as dreamy as a refreshing waterfall dip with your love. This setting is perfect for couples searching for a unique engagement shoot aesthetic.

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Go Horseback Riding

engagement photo with a couple on horseback

Photo by Anée Atelier

Who knew a horse could make such a beautiful prop? We love how this couple used an unconventional backdrop to make their engagement photos truly one of a kind.

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A Modern Jack and Rose

photo of couple sitting on the front of a boat

Photo by Anée Atelier

Sailing off into the sunset has never looked so sublime. This is a unique idea for couples searching for a timeless backdrop amongst the gorgeous blue sea.

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Take a Dip in the Ocean

photo of a couple kissing in a stormy sea

Photo by Anée Atelier

How deep is your love? Ocean deep for this couple who snapped a shot amongst the foamy, crashing waves for a sexy and sultry photo.

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All White Attire

bride and groom kissing wearing all white

Photo by Lisa Poggi

Nothing says "wedding" quite like you and your partner wearing head-to-toe white attire. What's more, since white is a neutral hue, it's bound to complement any engagement photo locale.

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A Fashion-Forward Vibe

engagement photo on a balcony

Photo by Adriana Rivera

Use your setting to help dictate your fashions, as this couple did for their chic and modern shoot. We love how their looks complemented their locale while still showing off their unique style.

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An Aerial Shot

bride and groom on a boat

Photo by Abby Jiu Photography

Ask your photographer to break out their drone to capture a few epic aerial shots. Equal parts unique and unexpected, these photos will make a statement long after you've said "I do."

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Create a Formal Vibe

bride and good welcome party portrait

Photo by Sergio Sandoná

Hosting a formal celebration? Embrace your event's dress code and wear attire that matches the theme your wedding guests can expect on the big day.

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Utilize Golden Hour

couple embracing during golden hour

Photo by KT Merry

Golden hour is the most perfect time to snap a picture that illustrates your love. Dusk’s amber haze captures this couple's intimate embrace for a moment we're sure they'll treasure seeing forever.

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In Front of a Romantic Celestial Sky

Couple with starry sky backdrop

Photo by Adam Black Photographer

This picture is just stellar—get it? A starry night is pure magic and sets the scene for an utterly romantic engagement photoshoot mood.

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A Desert Love Story

a couple kissing in between sand dunes

Photo by KT Merry

We’re as crazy about this sandy dune backdrop, as much as this couple looks crazy in love. The epic shot is outdoorsy fun, while still looking stylish and chic.

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A Ferris Wheel Date

Couple in front of ferris wheel

Photo by Abbi

There’s no sweeter date spot than a carnival. With a glittering Ferris wheel in the background, the scene evokes youthful, magical romance.

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Show Off Your Daredevil Side

Couple hiking

Photo by Henry Tieu

How perfect is this shot for the adventurous duo? We love the contrast of action and intimacy up here in the trees.

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boudoir-inspired couple photoshoot

Photo by David Bastianoni

Looking to spice up your engagement photos? Unpack that slinky lingerie and head to your room for a boudoir-inspired shoot. Trust us, you'll look back on these photos fondly for years to come.

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A Fun Day in Bed

Couple pillow fight

Photo by Vic Boncivini

A pillow fight is a fun way to show off your playful sides. Just be sure you're okay with cleaning up the feathers once your photographer leaves.

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A Nature Walk

Couple by the ocean

Photo by Callie Manion Photography

The beauty of nature will never go out of style. Beautiful reflections on the Oregon coast and a vivid emerald green dress make for a stunning photo, as seen above.

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Getting Lost in Your Favorite Fairytale

Couple hiding behind book

Photo by Shadi Boulos Photography

Two bookworms can get behind this cute idea. Find a story you both love and incorporate that into your shoot for photos that symbolize your happily ever after.

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Gone With the Wind

bride and groom photo near windmills

Photo by KT Merry

How unique are these windmills that serve as the perfect backdrop at a desert-focused shoot? Let the wind take you and your partner to new heights as you commemorate this beautiful new life chapter.

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A Pretty Paddleboat

a couple in a paddleboat

Photo by Ashton Teriece

We dare you to find a more romantic place to take your engagement photos. Just like Ally and Noah, make your engagement shoot totally heart-melting in a private paddleboat.

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Basically Anywhere in Italy

Couple amongst Cyprus trees in Italy

Photo by Rebecca Yale Photography

Impeccable fashion, studly gents, and Tuscan scenery—this shot is all sorts of stylish. No matter where you travel within Italy, your photos are sure to turn out effortlessly perfect.

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A Playful Day at the Carnival

Couple on carousel

Photo by Wild Heart Visuals

A carousel ride with your person is the epitome of cuteness. Show off your diamond sparkler while enjoying the playful nature of a wonderful day at the carnival.

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Hanging Ten With Your Number One

Couple with surf boards

Photo by Jordan Voth

Surfs up! We’re California dreamin’ with this totally adorable couple and their unique surf-inspired engagement shoot.

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In Front of the Perfect Sunset

Couple at sunset in desert

Photo by Westlund Photography

Cotton candy skies create a soft pastel backdrop that complements a craggy terrain. This photo, in particular, is the epitome of unexpected beauty.

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Make Inclement Weather Beautiful

Couple under umbrella in the rain

Photo by Fox & Kin

Don't let the rain dampen your mood. Take a cue from this couple and embrace the raindrops for a playful engagement photoshoot setting.

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Recreate Your Favorite Album Cover

Couple walking on crosswalk

Photo by Forever Photography

This New York City crosswalk is no Abbey Road, but this couple makes it just as charming.

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A Disney-Inspired Destination

Couple in garden

Photo by Lauren Fair Photography

Now, this is what fairytale dreams are made of. A lavender dress and an old-world romantic setting, complete with climbing vines, make for princess-worthy engagement vibes.

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Overlooking Los Angeles

Couple at Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles

Photo by Mary Costa Photography

Not much can beat this La La Land-esque view. We can’t get over this golden, elegant engagement shot up in the sky at the Griffith Observatory.

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A Pic With Your Pooch

Couple kissing with dog

Photo by Rebecca Yale Photography

This couple is adorable, but the pup is the star of the picture. Include your pet in your engagement shot for a sweet family portrait.

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Include a Little Music

Couple with guitar on mountain

Photo by Kylie Morgan Photography

A sweet serenade as the sun climbs over the mountain is the most picture-perfect moment. This photo seriously has our hearts swooning into the sky.

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Go Old-School

Couple kissing in a boat on a mountainside lake

Photo by ElevenEleven Films

This vintage-inspired shot with a rowboat for two, gorgeous green hues, and striking composition just took our breath away.

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Embrace the Wild Wild West

Couple with car in desert

Photo by The Love Studio

A sultry desert, stylish threads, and a car driving away in the dust? This getaway session emits cinematic vibes, perfect for a wild wild west theme.

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In the City of Love

Couple under the Eiffel Tower

Photo by Greg Finck

We’re saying "oui" to this stunning springtime photo captured in the city of love. The sweet cherry blossom tree only adds to the romantic feel of this beautiful photo.

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Driving off Into the Sunset

Couple in convertible driving into the sunset

Photo by Olivia Markle

There’s nothing like a convertible ride along the coast, with the top down and your fiancé by your side.

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A Breathtaking National Park

Couple on a bride in the forest and mountains of Yosemite

Photo by Dawn Photography

Simply put, this Yosemite engagement photo is epic. A forest of trees, sky-high mountains, and a romantic bridge combine for a breathtaking view.

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In an Enchanting Venice Canal

Couple in Venice

Photo by Serena Genovese

This couple nails the destination engagement shoot, glamming up the canals of Venice with an elegant red dress.

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Playful Hot Cocoa

Couple drinking coffee

Photo by Paola Colleoni Photography

Baby, it’s cold outside. This playful couple knows how to make the most of their hot chocolate—and their personalities.

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Fields of Flowers Forever

Couple in wild flower field in the mountains

Photo by Paige Nelson Photography

What’s sweeter than carrying your princess bride-to-be through a meadow of flowers? Nothing, nothing at all!

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Opt for Black and White

black and white photo of a couple kissing on the beach

Photo by Jacqui Cole

There's nothing more romantic than a black-and-white photo of you and your partner in a sweet embrace. Years from now, you'll look back on this timeless snap and remember this moment before you said "I do."

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Channel Your Favorite Rom-Com

Couple swimming in a mountainside lake

Photo by Luke Liable

Submerged fun is transformed into an endearing shot with this couple's inspiration from The Notebook.

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A Big Apple Backdrop

Couple in front of Brooklyn bridge

Photo by Forever Photography

We’re rooftop dreaming with this couple as they stare into each other's eyes against the Brooklyn skyline.

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The Best Brunch Ever

Couple eating breakfast in bed

Photo by Brian Whitt Photography

This breakfast-in-bed scene is all snug and intimate. It's a lovely engagement photo idea to replicate and keep for your personal archives.

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Nautical Nuptials

Couple sailing on a boat

Photo by DONNY WU

These lovers are whisked off to paradise with a front-row view from the bow of a boat.

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A Mid-Dinner Photoshoot

couple cooking

Photo by We Met Love

Do you and your partner love to cook? Draw inspiration from these kitchen cuties for a laid-back photo that highlights your mutual hobby.

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Beachside Bliss

Couple in a lifeguard stand at the beach

Photo by Serena Genovese

Lifeguard duty just got a whole lot cuter with this pair.

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Amidst the Ocean Waves

Couple at the ocean

Photo by Katie Shuler Photography

The crashing surf leaves behind a sparkling splash surrounding this seemingly stranded couple in a dreamy scene.

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Get Playful

man holding up his partner for a picture

Photo by Sabrina Jamshad for Patken Photographer

These two love birds leaned into their playful side for a perfect autumnal photo. Between the changing leaves and rustic backdrop, this serves as lovely inspiration for a seasonal-inspired shoot.

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With Matching Shirts

Couple in matching shirts in the mountains

Photo by Henry Tieu

Did you think his and her shirts were cheesy? This couple proves they’re anything but.

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A Shot Through the Windows

Couple kissing inside window

Photo by Melissa Marshall

Have your photographer sneak a peek through the window to capture you and your partner's romantic love story.

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A Hot Shot in the Freezing Temperatures

Couple kissing in the snow

Photo by Henry Tieu

Having a winter engagement shoot? Bring a printed blanket to keep you and your fiancé warm and add an unexpected, cozy touch.

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A Glam Boating Excursion

Couple on a boat

Photo by Branco Prata Studios

Sleek, sexy, and sophisticated—you can put us on this slender tender anytime. We love how this bride-to-be amps up the glam factor with a sequined dress.

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On a Chic Speedboat

Couple on a speedboat

Photo by Serena Genovese

This luxe speedboat shot makes our hearts go vroom. Undeniably chic, it's an engagement photo idea worth considering.

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Make Chores Fun

Couple in denim at laundromat

Photo by Indiee Fox

Remind us why we ever hated doing laundry. This laundromat shot is tons of fun, especially when complemented by the couple’s edgy, retro vibe.

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A Sweet Spin on Sledding

Couple sledding

Photo by Karra Leigh Photography

Sledding for two and a winter wonderland setting, yes please. This would be a wonderful photo idea for couples getting married during the holidays.

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A Grand Photo from the Grand Canyon

Couple at the Grand Canyon

Photo by Artistrie Co.

A striking canyon doused in soft, ethereal sunlight provides a jaw-dropping backdrop for this engagement photo. The couple’s formal attire is elegantly juxtaposed with Mother Nature.

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A Hot Take on a Fire Escape

Couple on a fire escape

Photo by Forever Photography

The love of this cool couple helps bring out the beauty of an otherwise ordinary fire escape.

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In a Snowy Woodland

Couple in the snow

Photo by Ashley Sawtelle Photography

Turn those post-holiday blues into the perfect photo op. After a big snow, your local forest preserve will transform into a winter wonderland.

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Embrace Nature

couple in a park holding hands

Photo by Sabrina Jamshad for Patken Photographer

Seriously, what’s better than walking hand in hand with your partner to celebrate this new life chapter? Embrace nature and your surroundings, and schedule a photo shoot at your local park for pictures that'll last a lifetime.

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An Sublime Mountain Backdrop

Couple in the mountains

Photo by Jeremiah and Rachel Photography

Boy, do we love a good contrast, like the elegance of this bride-to-be’s dress against the raw, ethereal beauty of the Montana wilderness.

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Rooftop Vibes

engagement photo of a couple on a NYC rooftop

Photo by Anée Atelier

We love a good cityscape background for any engagement photo, like this one taken on a New York City rooftop.

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Roller Coaster Romance

Couple with rollercoaster

Photo by Ken Pak Photography

Since you and your partner are embarking on a ride of a lifetime, why not use your engagement shots to reflect that? We're loving this couple's playful addition of an amusement park in their photo.

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At Your Favorite Place to Shop

Couple at Target store

Photo by Laurken Kendall

Just when you thought shopping at Target couldn’t get any more fun, this couple takes it to new heights. We’d say they hit a bulls-eye with this shot!

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In a Colorful Canyon

Couple in canyon

Photo by Jordan Voth

The swirling sienna sandstone of Antelope Canyon creates an intimate, otherworldly feel for a sexy engagement session.

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A Perfect Sunset Shot

Couple at the beach at sunset

Photo by Laurken Kendall

Suns out, buns out. There’s something naturally beautiful about this couple running off into the sinking sun.

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Whip Your Hair Back and Forth

Couple hair flip

Photo by Magdalena Glowacka of Fotomagoria

Channel your inner child and use your long locks to your advantage. This couple's playful hair flip has us wanting to convince our partners to let it grow.

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Celebrate With Bottles of Bubbly

Couple with champagne in the desert

Photo by Monique Serra Photography

Poppin’ bottles in the desert—that’s how it’s done, cowboy style. Celebrate your engagement with a spirited and joyful photoshoot like this couple did.

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Be a Badass Bride and Groom

Couple on a motorcycle

Photo by Dawn Photography

This couple stayed true to themselves with an edgy motorcycle shoot. Illustrate your relationship with a themed session that reflects your personality.

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At an Iconic City Landmark

Couple on Brooklyn Bridge

Photo by Carly Jane Thunell

We’re not sure how these two managed a quiet, people-free Brooklyn Bridge stroll, but we’re loving the perspective and iconic architecture here.

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