The Enamel Jewelry Trend Is Perfect for Modern Brides

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Courtesy of Lizzie Fortunato

When you think of bridal jewelry, engagement rings and wedding bands are obviously the first two pieces to come to mind. But alas, on your wedding day (and for all of your bridal events leading up to it, like your engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette, and rehearsal dinner) you’ll need a little something more to accent your perfect wedding dress: jewelry! If you’re a modern bride in search of distinctive, eye-catching baubles, enamel jewelry is one of the biggest jewelry trends this year, with loads of options on offer. There's everything from bold earrings to sleek bracelets and delicate necklaces.

Bridal accessories enhance your wedding day look, giving it that extra special feel. But a sad truth remains: Shoes often go unseen and bags are swiftly flung to the side post–photo op. This makes jewelry an absolute essential—it’s the one accessory that stays with you all day or night! No matter your style of wedding dress, a glittering chandelier earring, set of glitzy rhinestone (or diamond!) studs, or a modern pearl piece is a stunning, super timeless way to accent your gown. If you’re hooked on tradition, you may even opt for a piece of jewelry to serve as your something blue. But for modern and more fashion-forward brides, trendy enamel jewelry feels especially fresh against a wedding dress.

Enamel jewelry dates to ancient Greece and was developed to add color to jewelry without gemstones. While many of today’s pieces are less ornate, much artistry goes into enamel jewelry, whether you tend toward bold and statement-making or delicate pieces. Because enamel pieces are so intricate, they can be a bit pricey—though these special styles are certainly worth the investment.

If you’re one for a bit of shine, diamonds, gemstones, and crystals pop in an enamel setting while minimal, metalworked pieces stand out with the sleekest of lines. If your bridal vibe skews bohemian, enamel flowers are beautiful in the form of earrings while two-tone pieces feel especially modern (and a little edgy, too!).

If you’re getting married in 2019, ahead, scroll through 23 pieces of enamel jewelry that will give your wedding day look (and bridal wardrobe) a cool and contemporary feel.

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Argento Vivo Small Enamel Drop Earrings

Courtesy of Argento Vivo

SHOP NOW: Nordstrom, $40

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Jules Smith Star Gazer Earrings

Courtesy of Jules Smith

SHOP NOW: Shopbop, was $65, now $45.50

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Stella + Ruby Girl On The Rise Blossom Earring

Courtesy of Stella + Ruby

SHOP NOW: Stella + Ruby, $68

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Tory Burch Enameled Hoop Earrings

Courtesy of Tory Burch

SHOP NOW: Nordstrom, $98

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Erwin Pearl White Enamel Clip Earring

Courtesy of Erwin Pearl

SHOP NOW: Erwin Pearl, $115

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Lizzie Fortunato Ernesto Earrings in Wheat

Courtesy of Lizzie Fortunato

SHOP NOW: Of a Kind, was $245, now $196

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Oscar de la Renta Bold Enamel Flower Drop Earrings

Courtesy of Oscar de la Renta

SHOP NOW: Nordstrom, was $430, now $171.98

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Zimmermann Orchid Statement Drop Earrings

Courtesy of Zimmermann

SHOP NOW: Shopbop, $395

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Bea Bongiasca You're So Vine! Baby Vine Tendril Ring in Turquoise Enamel


Courtesy of Bea Bongiasca

SHOP NOW: Bea Bongiasca, $524

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EF Collection Diamond White Enamel Huggie Earring

Courtesy of EF Collection

SHOP NOW: EF Collection, $550

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Marmari Small Floating Star Earrings

Courtesy of Marmari

SHOP NOW: Marmari, $590

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Bario Neal Senna Narrow Band With White Enamel

Courtesy of Bario Neal

SHOP NOW: Bario Neal, Priced from $595

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Marla Aaron Cloud Enamel Cuffling

Courtesy of Marla Aaron

SHOP NOW: Marla Aaron, $625

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Adina Reyter 14k White Enamel Diamond Stripe Band Ring

Courtesy of Adina Reyter

SHOP NOW: Shopbop, $695

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Santo White Triangle Studs

Courtesy of Santo

SHOP NOW: Santo, $750

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Selim Mouzannar Round Ivory Enamel And Diamond Necklace

Courtesy of Selim Mouzannar

SHOP NOW: Ylang23, $1,560

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Halleh White Enamel Studs with Diamonds

Courtesy of Halleh

SHOP NOW: Halleh, $1,560

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Alison Lou Rectangular Cocktail Drops

Courtesy of Alison Lou

SHOP NOW: Alison Lou, $1,790

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Amrapali Manjari Lotus Enamel Earrings

Courtesy of Amrapali

SHOP NOW: Olivela, $3,195

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Azlee N/S Diamond Short Enamel Earrings

Courtesy of Azlee

SHOP NOW: Azlee, $4,990

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Nora Kogan Olya Cuff

Courtesy of Nora Kogan

SHOP NOW: Nora Kogan, $5,250

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Moritz Glik Black and White Enamel Hoops with White Diamonds set and enclosed in a White Sapphire Kaleidoscope Shaker and 18k Rose Gold

Courtesy of Moritz Glik

SHOP NOW: Moritz Glik, $5,860

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Foundrae Promise Ring

Courtesy of Foundrae

SHOP NOW: Foundrae, $7,250

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