37 Elegant Emerald Engagement Rings

Elegant and bold, these deep green gems are as unique as they are stunning

Updated 10/26/17

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Colored gemstone engagement rings have steadily been gaining in popularity among brides-to-be; not only for their vibrant colors and unique flair but for their affordability, too. And one of our favorites? Emeralds. Not to mention, myriad celebrities have jumped on the gemstone bandwagon (Kate Middleton being our forever prime example) with Halle Berry and Olivia Wilde on emerald train.

An emerald's deep green hue makes it instantly eye-catching, and, just like glimmering diamonds, options are limitless when it comes to settings, cuts and style. From oval to pear to cushion in platinum, white, yellow or rose gold, emeralds really pop! Vintage brides will be all over Edwardian and Art Deco-inspired variations set in yellow gold, while modern brides will enjoy platinum-set stones, surrounded by a diamond or pave band. If you’re weary about committing to an emerald center stone, we’re all for an emerald accent for just a touch of color—complimentary side stones, a halo or as part of a cluster. If you’re the sentimental type, emeralds are a striking way to commemorate a May birthstone.

If you do spring for an emerald solitaire or center stone, be aware: Not every jeweler is keen to create an emerald engagement ring as the gem is softer than most stones, making them more fragile to cut. As an alternative, you can always go for tsavorite or tourmaline to get your green color fix.

Set on getting an emerald engagement ring? Ahead, click through for our edit of favorites.

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"Ashlyn" Emerald in Platinum

Courtesy of Single Stone

"Ashlyn" green emerald set in a handcrafted platinum mounting with baguette accents, $7,800, Single Stone

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"Sybil" Halo Ring

"Sybil" round emerald halo ring in 14k white gold, $2,656, Diamondère

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"Bracelet" in Yellow Gold

Courtesy of Erica Courtney

“Bracelet” ring neon emerald with Brazilian paraíba tourmaline and diamonds in 18k yellow gold, price upon request, Erica Courtney

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Mark Broumand Emerald & Diamond

Courtesy of Mark Broumand

2.84ct emerald and diamond engagement ring, price upon request, Mark Broumand

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Graff Cushion Cut

Courtesy of Graff

10.71 carat cushion cut emerald ring, price upon request, Graff

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Old Mine Emerald in Platinum

Courtesy of Martin Katz

10.81ct emerald cut old mine emerald set in platinum, price upon request, Martin Katz

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Andromeda Stone Cluster in Yellow Gold

Courtesy of Mociun

Andromeda stone cluster emerald ring with black and white diamonds in 14k yellow gold, $4,200, Mociun

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Antique Style Emerald & Diamond

Courtesy of Super Jeweler

Antique style emerald and diamond ring, $399.99, Super Jeweler

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Bezel-Set Stackable

Courtesy of Angara

Bezel-set solitaire round emerald stackable ring, $549, Angara

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Caldonia Emerald & Rose Gold

Courtesy of Ken & Dana Design

Caldonia emerald and rose gold crown engagement ring in yellow gold, priced from $3,200, Ken & Dana Design

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Classic Winston Baguette

Courtesy of Harry Winston

Classic WinstonTM emerald-cut emerald ring with tapered baguette diamond side stone in platinum and 18k yellow gold, price upon request, Harry Winston

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Cosmopolitan Collection Emerald-Cut

Courtesy of Bayco

Cosmopolitan Collection emerald-cut emerald & diamond ring in platinum setting, price upon request, Bayco

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Cushion Cut in Yellow Gold

Courtesy of Twist

Cushion cut emerald ring in 22k yellow gold and sterling band, $5,980, Judy Geib available at Twist

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Defne Pave Ring

Courtesy of Selin Kent

Defne pavé ring marquise emerald and white diamonds in yellow gold, $1,450, Selin Kent

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"Lexie Ring" in Yellow Gold

Courtesy of Greenwich Collections

Emerald and diamond “Lexie ring” 14k yellow gold, Jennie Kwon available at Greenwich St. Jewelers

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Emerald Art Deco in Yellow Gold

Courtesy of Leo Ingwer

Emerald art deco ring exquisite in 18kt yellow gold accented with straight baguette diamonds, price upon request, Leo Ingwer

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Two-Toned Emerald & Diamond

Courtesy of Greenwich St. Collection

Emerald gemstone and emerald-cut trapezoid diamond two-toned ring, $75,000, Greenwich St. Collection

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Pear-Shape Halo Cocktail Ring

Emerald pear-shape and diamond halo cocktail ring in platinum, $22,750, Blue Nile

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Solitaire Emerald-Cut

Courtesy of Bario Neal

Emerald ray solitaire emerald-cut ring in 18kt yellow golf, priced from $3,178, Bario Neal

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Greenhills Victorian Era Engagement Ring

Courtesy of Trumpet & Horn

Greenhills authentic Victorian era 18k yellow gold engagement ring, $11,500, Trumpet & Horn

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Halo Emerald & Diamond Pear-Shaped

Courtesy of Allurez

Halo emerald & diamond floral pear shaped fashion ring 14k white gold, $3,117, Allurez

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Inishmore Emerald Ring in Gold

Courtesy of Catbird

Inishmore emerald ring in solid 18k gold, $1,980, Kataoka available at Catbird

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Menuet Emerald Ring in Platinum

Courtesy of Van Cleef & Arpels

Menuet solitaire emerald-cut emerald ring in platinum, $152,000, Van Cleef & Arpels

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Nestled Emeralds in Yellow Gold

Courtesy of Wwake

Nestled emeralds ring in 14k yellow gold, $1,300, Wwake

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Oval Emerald With Pave

Courtesy of Kwiat

Oval emerald ring with pavé halo and band, price upon request, Kwiat

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French-Set Diamond Band

Courtesy of Ritani

Oval shaped emerald French-set diamond band engagement ring in 14kt white gold, $4,105, Ritani

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Yellow Gold & Emerald Rosette Ring

Courtesy of Anna Sheffield

Oval rosette ring yellow gold & emerald, $12,500, Anna Sheffield

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Prive Emerald With Pave

Courtesy of Jemma Wynne

Prive emerald ring with pave diamonds in 18k yellow gold and black rhodium, price upon request, Jemma Wynne

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Pear-Shaped in Yellow Gold

Courtesy of Heltzberg Diamonds

Pear-shaped emerald ring in 10k yellow gold with round cut diamonds, $549.99, Heltzberg Diamonds

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Round Cut With Diamonds

Courtesy of Gemvara

Round cut emerald with diamonds in white gold, $5,765, Gemvara

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Savage Solitaire in White Gold

Courtesy of Jack Vartanian

Savage solitaire emerald ring in white gold 18k with black rhodium, price upon request, Jack Vartanian

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Emerald & Diamond Drench Dancer Edwardian Ring

Courtesy of The One I Love NYC

The emerald & diamond drench dancer Edwardian ring in 18k white gold, $2,500, The One I Love NYC

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Koltar Collection Harmonie in Platinum

Courtesy of Harry Koltar

The Koltar Collection Harmonie 1emerald-cut emerald in 18 karat yellow gold & platinum, $34,435, Harry Koltar

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Tubetto Diamond Shank in Platinum

Courtesy of Danhov

Tubetto single diamond shank engagement ring in platinum with emerald-shaped emerald, $3,920 (center stone not included), Danhov

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Venetian Quatrefoil

Courtesy of David Yurman

Venetian quatrefoil® ring with emerald and diamonds in 18k gold, $1,450, David Yurman

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Vintage Emerald & Diamond Double Halo

Courtesy of Ruby Lane

Vintage emerald and diamond double halo ring in 18k white gold, $4,800, Victoria Stering available at Ruby Lane

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