25 Best Emerald-Cut Engagement Rings for a Glamorous Look

Demi Lovato and Jennifer Lopez are a few of the celebs who love this diamond shape.

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Emerald-Cut Engagement Rings: The Complete Guide

Courtesy Blue Nile / Design by Michela Buttignol

Considering an emerald-cut engagement ring? You're in good company. Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Demi Lovato, and Beyoncé sport the Art Deco shape—there's a reason why the emerald cut has become a celebrity favorite in recent years! An emerald-cut diamond's elongated form actually makes the stone appear bigger than other diamond cuts, while the gem's vertical facets create a glamorous, mirror-like effect. It's an elegant cut that gives your rock some serious presence.

What Is the Emerald Cut?

An emerald-cut stone features a rectangular shape with cut corners. "Emerald-cut diamonds feature step cuts, which are large facets that sit parallel to one another," explains gemologist Ryan Kelsie of Ritani.

Full disclosure: The emerald cut is not the sparkliest style on the market (if you're looking for sparkle, check out round or brilliant-cut stones). However, it's just as beautiful. "In an engagement ring, it creates a flattering, slenderizing effect on the finger," offers Kelsie. "The emerald-cut diamond is a desirable choice because its large surface area makes it appear larger than other diamond shapes of the same carat weight."

Meet the Expert

Ryan Kelsie is a gemologist at Ritani, a fine jewelry company that specializes in engagement rings and bridal jewelry.

And despite being around for centuries, the popularity of the emerald cut saw a resurgence during the Art Deco period in the 1920s and 1930s. Ahead, learn more about the emerald cut and what makes this engagement stone selection one of the best.

Pros and Cons of Emerald-Cut Engagement Rings

Unlike other cuts, emerald-cut diamonds put an emphasis on the stone's clarity rather than sparkle, per Kelsie, making clarity and color grade important details—and something to pay attention to when ring shopping.

There are some cons to note, too. "Because of the large table and open facets, emerald-cut diamonds show imperfections and color easily," adds Kelsie. She suggests finding a stone with a "minimum clarity grade of VS2 or higher and a color grade of H or higher," adding that many consumers favor diamonds that appear colorless rather than yellow.

What to Look for in Emerald-Cut Diamonds

  • What if you're ordering the engagement ring online? If you happen to be engagement ring shopping online, Kelsie urges you to always ask for high-definition imagery and videos before purchasing the emerald-cut stone.
  • How much do emerald-cut diamonds cost? Typically, diamond prices are dictated by their shape. For an emerald-cut ring, the cost ranges anywhere from $1,000 to $6,000. When pricing a ring, consider the carat of the diamond and the metals used to create the ring.
  • What setting should you choose for an emerald-cut diamond? Since emerald-cut diamonds are stunning on their own, the setting will only enhance the beauty of the stone. Halo and solitaire settings are the most popular settings overall and using this frame for the emerald-cut stone pairs nicely for the overall look.

How to Care for Your Emerald-Cut Diamond

Emerald-cut diamonds should be cleaned with mild soap and warm water: Kelsie suggests using a soft-bristled toothbrush to gently scrub between the prongs and hidden corners. In addition to routine at-home care, you should bring your diamond ring to the jeweler at least once a year. "Your jeweler can tighten the prongs so your diamond doesn’t become lost," she shares, adding, "jewelers can also professionally clean your ring to make it look just as beautiful as the day you first got it."

History of the Emerald Cut

According to Kelsie, the emerald cut is one of the oldest diamond shapes and has been around for centuries. "It gets its name from the emerald gemstone, which was cut in this fashion," she says. "Gemstone cutters found that emeralds chipped less when they were cut this way."

Below, scroll through unique, bold, and minimal emerald-cut engagement rings for every kind of bride.

Erstwhile Deco Solitaire Ring

Engagement ring with emerald-cut diamond center stone set in polished yellow gold

Courtesy of Catbird

Current engagement ring trends all lead to minimalism, making this solitaire-set ring a stunning option for a low-key bride. The emerald-cut diamond sits on a delicate 18K yellow-gold band for a dainty yet powerful statement.

Cool Ring Jewelry Emerald-Cut Moissanite Engagement Ring and Marquise Wedding Ring

Engagement ring with emerald-cut moissanite center stone flanked by trio of moissanite on either side set in polished gold shown with curved wedding band with crown of marquis-shaped moissanites framing the engagement ring

Courtesy of Etsy

This two-piece set comes with a vintage-inspired emerald-cut engagement ring and complementary marquise wedding band. But perhaps what is even prettier than this moissanite ring pair is the price.

Zales 1-1/3 CT. T.W. Emerald-Cut Three Stone Engagement Ring in Platinum

Emerald-cut diamond three-stone engagement ring on thick polished platinum band

Courtesy of Zales

Similar to singer Demi Lovato's engagement ring, this Zales creation includes a center emerald-cut diamond and two trapezoid diamonds.

ManiaMania Eternal Ring

Engagement ring with emerald-cut bi-color sapphire center stone set on pavé split shank bank set in 14k yellow gold

Courtesy of Catbird

For color and shine, look no further. Set on a solid 14K gold band, a bi-color sapphire is surrounded by pavé diamonds.

Tiffany & Co Tiffany Novo Emerald-Cut Engagement Ring with Diamond Pavé Band

Tiffany engagement ring with emerald-cut diamond solitaire on pavé band set in polished white gold or platinum

Courtesy of Tiffany

Featuring a single emerald-cut diamond, this engagement ring puts the sizable center stone on full display. But don't worry, this bauble isn't without sparkle thanks to the diamond pavé band.

Valerie Madison Vera Emerald Cut Moissanite Solitaire Engagement Ring

Valerie Madison Vera engagement ring with Emerald-Cut Moissanite Solitaire on satin-finish yellow gold band

Courtesy of Valerie Madison

Emerald-cut stones need not always be green, but they certainly can make others green with envy. Here, the four claw prongs put the diamond on full display with a simple band that doesn't detract from the main attraction.

Ritani Solitaire Diamond Gallery Engagement Ring

Ritani solitaire ring with emerald-cut diamond on thick, polished white gold band

Courtesy of Ritani

For a timeless look, go back to the basics. A single emerald-cut diamond rests on a white-gold band, making this a ring that will never go out of style.

Gemist Emerald Solitaire Ring

Simple engagement ring with emerald-cut diamond solitaire on polished yellow gold band

Courtesy of Gemist

Here, the staple cut is paired with a celeb-favorite gold band. It's a perfect stylish yet simple option for brides inspired by A-list engagement rings.

Liven Co. East-West Emerald Cut Colored Stone Ring

East-west engagement ring with emerald-cut diamond center stone in pavé halo and diamond-accented yellow gold band

Courtesy of Liven Co.

East-West setting, diamond halo, and a diamond pavé band—what's not to like? Plus, the center stone comes in a variety of colors from white topaz to rainbow moonstone.

Gemist Emerald Halo Ring

Modern engagement ring with emerald-cut diamond center stone and diamond halo set in polished white gold

Courtesy of Gemist

There's really no setting the emerald cut doesn't look good in, especially when the center stone is surrounded by a diamond halo. Besides, the more bling the better!

Allurez Halo Morganite and Diamond Ring

Engagement ring with pink emerald-cut morganite center stone in white diamond halo on pavé encrusted rose-gold band

Courtesy of Allurez

Color, sparkle, size—this engagement ring has it all. Featuring an emerald-cut morganite center stone with a diamond halo and pavé band, this piece of jewelry makes a sophisticated statement that feels one of a kind.

Blue Nile Petite Solitaire Engagement Ring

Emerald-cut diamond solitaire engagement ring on polished yellow gold band

Courtesy of Blue Nile

This delicate solitaire ring looks twice as expensive than it actually is. A great option for budget-conscious couples, the gorgeous design proves beauty and quality don't have to cost a fortune.

Vrai The Trio Three-Stone Ring

Three-stone engagement ring of emerald-cut diamonds on polished white gold band

Courtesy of Vrai

We've been obsessed with three-stone rings ever since Meghan Markle donned one in 2017. Here, three emerald-cut diamonds are paired together to create a luxurious look.

Anna Sheffield Attelage Ring

Double band engagement ring with emerald-cut diamond center stone and pavé halo set in yellow gold

Courtesy of Anna Sheffield

We can't tell what we like best about this beauty: the double band, diamond halo, or stunning center stone. It's the perfect foundation for creating the ultimate ring stack, yet still stands on its own.

Vrai The Signature East West Solitaire Ring

East-west emerald-cut diamond center stone on diamond pavé band set in polished yellow gold

Courtesy of Vrai

Another East-West option for the less traditional amongst us. We love how the diamond pavé band adds bling to the otherwise understated, yet elegant, ring.

Kay Jewelers Diamond Engagement Ring

Engagement ring with emerald-cut diamond center stone, double diamond halo, and pavé band in polished white gold setting

Courtesy of Kay Jewellers

Diamonds are truly the name of the game with this sparkly piece. If you're looking for shine, the emerald-cut center stone, double diamond halo, and diamond-encrusted band will certainly satisfy.

Anna Sheffield Bea Three-Stone Ring

Anna Sheffield Bea Three-Stone Ring with emerald-cut black diamond center stone flanked by trillion-shaped white diamonds on either side set in yellow gold

Courtesy of Anna Sheffield

This ring was originally designed for a specific client, but Anna Sheffield can create a unique version to match your desires and price point. We particularly love the black diamond paired with the gold band and prongs.

Tacori Simply Tacori Engagement Ring

East-West emerald-cut diamond center stone with diamond-tipped frame on a diamond pavé band in platinum or white gold setting

Courtesy of Tacori

This emerald-cut engagement ring is all about the details. From the East-West setting to the diamond-tipped frame, the diamond pavé band to the crescent silhouette, you'll never get sick of staring at this beauty.

Tiina Smith Fancy Light Brown Diamond Ring

16.77-carat engagement ring with light-brown emerald-cut diamond center stone flanked by pear-shaped white diamonds on a 14K yellow gold setting

Courtesy of Tina Smith Jewelry

Want a ring that makes a statement? This 16.77-carat ring will do the trick. The large (massive!), light-brown emerald-cut diamond is flanked by pear-shaped white diamonds and is actually set in a 14K yellow gold.

Mociun Emerald Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring

Mociun Diamond Solitaire ring with delicate emerald-cut East-west diamond surrounded by a modified bezel setting on a square gold band

Courtesy of Mociun

The delicate emerald-cut diamond is set East-West and nestled into a modified bezel setting—all on a square, gold band. We love when simplicity stands out like this.

Chupi Hero Ring

Chupi Hero Ring with emerald-cut green tourmaline center stone flanked by baguette diamonds on either side set in polished 14k yellow gold

Courtesy of Chupi

Inspired by the female movement of the 1920's, this Art-Deco design of green tourmaline and white diamond goodness is a celebration of feminine strength. If your partnership is one forged in equality, this is the engagement ring for you.

Wwake Diamond Mason Ring

Wwake Diamond Mason Ring with emerald-cut diamond center stone flanked by baguette diamonds and spray of round white diamonds on polished yellow gold band

Courtesy of Catbird

We love how this ring can double as an engagement ring and wedding band all in one. The unconventional design features an emerald-cut diamond center stone framed by a spray of baguette and round diamonds that resemble a constellation of love. Note: The style is also available with a whimsical sapphire center stone.

KatKim Emerald Sunset Pavé Rings

KatKim Emerald Sunset Pavé East-west diamond engagement ring with emerald-cut diamond center stone, split shank polished yellow gold band with pavé encrusted bottom half

Courtesy of KatKim

Here, a delicate diamond is placed in an East-West setting, giving the popular cut a unique look. A row of micro-pavé white diamonds sits below the main stone, creating the illusion of two rings instead of one.

Anna Sheffield Bea Arrow Ring

Anna Sheffield Bea Arrow Ring with emerald-cut grey moonstone center stone flanked by trio of round champagne diamonds on each side set in 14k rose gold

Courtesy of Anna Sheffield

Now this is vintage elegance made modern. The emerald-cut moonstone adds a lovely dramatic depth to the piece which is further amplified by the warmth of the champagne accent diamonds and rose-gold setting.

KatKim Mommy+Me Emerald Diamond Ring

KatKim Mommy+Me Emerald Diamond Ring With Large emerald-cut diamond and smaller emerald-cut diamond brought together with polished yellow gold band with open space between

Courtesy of KatKim

Toi et Moi, or double gemstone, engagement rings have surged in popularity thanks to celebs like Megan Fox sporting their very own iterations. This clean, minimalist combination of two emerald-cut diamonds may be our very favorite—especially if there's already a little one in the mix.

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