7 Editor Picks From the New Ikea Registry

Good news brides—wedding shopping at Ikea just got even easier

Good news for Ikea-loving couples out there—the Swedish company just launched an official Ikea wedding registry program! Super simple (and encompassing everything on Ikea’s site), you can either download an app, visit the website, or visit a store in person to get started with your registry. Not only does Ikea have a plethora of its famous affordable (and beautifully designed) furniture for any bigger pieces you want to put on your registry (group gifts, anyone?) but they have lots of smaller housewares and textiles, too. Perfect for basics, Ikea also has some fun standout pieces that will personalize your registry.

Scroll through to check out our seven favorite items you can add to your Ikea wedding registry.

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A Modern, Versatile Rug

Courtesy of Ikea

Perfectly priced (even if a rug isn’t the first thing you’d think of registering for), this black and white one will fit like a chameleon into many a décor scheme. Lappljung Ruta, $99, Ikea.

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Fun Accent Plates

Even if you go with all white dinnerware to keep things simple, add some fun accent plates to your registry so you can mix things up a little when you have a dinner party! Sanning, $1.49 each, Ikea.

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Casual Everyday Dinner Plates

Courtesy of Ikea

Frankly for that price, you almost can’t afford to NOT get these pink dinner plates. Pull them out for those Sunday brunches or just when you feel like your meal looks ESPECIALLY good and you need a solid Instagramable plate for it. Dinera, $3.29 each, Ikea.

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A Fruit Basket

Courtesy of Ikea

Not just any fruit basket, this one reminds us of something you’d find at a chic beach house. Sommar 2017, $7.99, Ikea.

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A Sleek Carafe

Courtesy of Ikea

Fill that baby up with water for your bedside table, juice at a brunch, or sangria at your first cocktail party together. Intagande, $7.99, Ikea.

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Storage Baskets

Courtesy of Ikea

These adorable mini baskets are the perfect place to store all those extra toothbrushes and Asprin bottles instead of your run of the mill plastic bins. Fryken, $9.99, Ikea.

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Linen Bedding For Duvet Cover and Pillowcases

Linen bedding is really in these days, and is the perfect solution for hot summer nights since they are so breathable—and once again, you won’t find linen bedding more affordable than this! Puderviva, $79.99, Ikea.

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