50 Edible Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love

Thank your wedding guests for attending with a delicious treat.

White boxes of strawberries with couples' names pinned on next to pink baby's breath, pink roses, and white florals

Photo by Jana Williams Photography

If you aren't sure what your wedding favors should be, consider offering guests a delicious treat to thank them for attending your celebration. Not only can they be (literally) sweet, edible wedding favors are the perfect place to add your personalized stamp on the big day. You can give guests a homemade baked good, have custom-made candies with your monogram, or offer a taste of one of your favorite treats.

While these yummy gifts could be an opportunity for you to share something about you and your spouse-to-be (like mini jars of BBQ sauce from the restaurant where you had your first date), they also offer you the chance to highlight your wedding location. If your destination is known for its abundantly sweet honey or is practically synonymous with a traditional dish, consider giving friends and family those locally sourced treats. Plus, edible wedding favors often more cost-effective than trinket gifts, like picture frames or ornaments, so you and your budget can feel good about picking an delicious favor for your wedding.

From mini bottles of champagne to customized cookies, the options are endless when it comes to picking a wedding favor your guests are sure to enjoy. Ahead, we've rounded up edible wedding favors you'll love.

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Home-Brewed Beer

Waiter carrying home-brewed beer in custom printed brown paper bags on a tray with white florals

Photo by Jose Villa; Planning by Laurie Arons

Home-brewed beer is a fun favor that will encourage guests to keep the party going all night long. Keep them in customized paper bags for a rustic touch.

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Pretty Popsicles

Pink spiked popsicles in bucket with floral ice cubes

​Photo by Lisa Zeising for Abby Jiu

We can imagine guests enjoying this to-go treat at a summer wedding. Customize popsicles with personalized labels and choose a flavor (and color) that matches your wedding's theme. You can also opt to make it a cocktail by freezing champagne or rosé.

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Jarred Honey

Wedding reception place setting with white linen napkin, menu, and customized honey favor with wood stick

Photo by Peyton Byford

Giving honey is literally a sweet idea for your wedding favors. A couple placed jars with handwritten calligraphy on every place setting for guests to take home from their Northern California nuptials.

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Sugary Churros

Churros in wrapped yellow and white cones on wood tray

 Photo by Beatbox Portraits

Warm and generously sugared churros will make guests smile on their way out of the reception. Pop them in cones or make an interactive station where guests can add toppings.

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Hot Chocolate Kits

Hot chocolate mix in bag with pine tree drawing in copper mug

Photo by Amilia Photography

Hot chocolate mix is the perfect favor for a winter wedding. Give guests the ingredients they'll need for the chocolate-y treat and include a card with instructions. This couple placed the mixes in copper mugs for guests to take home.

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Fresh Fruit

Strawberry escort card display on gold shelves next to pink and white florals

Photo by Jana Williams Photography

At a SoCal wedding, every couple received a box of fresh strawberries to take with them to enjoy after the celebration was finished. They also served as escort cards for the reception.

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Coffee Beans

Tan "Grounded in faith" escort card display with coffee bean escort card favors

Photo by Kaylee Chelsea Photography

Coffee lovers might serve their favorite blends at their wedding, but they can also give some to guests to take home, too. We love how a couple incorporated the favors into their escort card wall display at their Santa Barbara wedding.

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Cold Brew

Cold brew bottle with customized tag on plate at wedding reception

 Photo by Flora + Fauna

Another coffee favor idea is offering a bottle of cold brew. Mount a bottle of your favorite brew on each guest's place setting or have them get one on the way to your after party. After a long, fun night, this can be a nice alternative to a coffee bar.

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Have a Candy Bar

Blue desk serving as a candy bar with pink, blue, and white candies, satchels, scoops, and floral arrangements

Photo by Mary Otanez Photography

Dessert bars and candy stations can be a popular fixture at your wedding. Throwback to your childhood and let guests package up their favorite treats to enjoy on the way home from the reception.

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Mini Champagne Bottles

Wedding Favor Mini Bottles of Champagne

Photo by The Perfect Palette 

Nothing says celebration like a fizzy bottle of champagne. Tie a ribbon on each bottle or order custom-made sticker labels for that added personalized touch to your favor.

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Individual Pies

Wrapped mini cherry pies with customized "Sweetie Pies" stickers with the couple's name

Photo by Evermine

Mini boxes of pie will be a sure hit at a fall wedding. Incorporate seasonal flavors and let your guests choose which treat they'd love to take home.

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Boxed Late-Night Bites

Pink boxes with orange stickers with disco balls that say "Grubbshub"

Photo by Hannah Baldwin Photography

To keep guests well-fed as they headed out from their Maryland wedding reception, the bride and groom used a play on their new shared last name “Grubbs” to create stylish “Grubbshub” boxes filled with chicken tenders and fries.

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Monogrammed Candies

Gold California Gummy Bears box with JJ monogram and palm leaf and Compartés Chocolate box with JJ monogram and palm leaf

Photo by Lulan Studio

Since the two grooms at this Malibu wedding own Compartés Chocolates and California Gummy Bears, they placed their monogram and a palm tree on packages of each for guests to take home.

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Curated Snack Box

White wedding welcome snack box with dried florals, RXBars, Mast chocolate, dried citrus, and caramels

Photo by Joel Serrato

No need to choose just one treat for your guests. Create an entire snack welcome box filled with your favorite yummy bites for them to enjoy.

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Donut favors with "donut mind if I do!" printed bags with the couple's name and wedding date

Photo by Plum Grove Design

Everyone loves a donut, and your guests will be particularly thankful to have a ready-made breakfast the morning after your nuptials. You could have your caterer make and package these confections so they'll be fresh and ready to go for your guests.

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Himalayan Salt

Himalayan salt bottle wedding favors in jars on table

 Photo by Lauren Peele Photography

If you or your partner are known as foodies, consider giving guests a bottle of Himalayan salt to use in their own culinary journeys. They look especially pretty in clear glass bottles and jars.

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Homemade Hot Sauce

White escort card wall with bottles of hot sauce with words "all you need is love & a little hot sauce." and floral arrangements

Photo by Megan Robinson

Couple Vanessa and Hunter gave out hot sauces they made from scratch using ingredients in their garden at their Utah wedding. Each bottle was marked with a guest's table number so they could find their seat.

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Chewy Soft Pretzels

Pretzels hanging on copper arches and pretzels in boxes on a table

Photo by Lisa Renault Photography

Let guests help themselves to chewy soft pretzels at the end of the reception. You can even try to work with the caterer to shape the pretzels into your initials.

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Place Card Cookies

Decorated green and yellow tile cookies with a blue name written in the center on a place setting

Photo by Atmosphere Fotografia

Did you know your favors can also help guests find their seats? One couple had tile-inspired cookies designed as place cards for their celebration.

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Your Favorite Chocolate Bar

Chocolate bars with green, yellow, and pink floral-printed "Amy & Michael" wrappers

Photo by Kate Osborne Photography

Something as simple as your favorite chocolate bar is a great wedding favor. Print custom labels for a pretty DIY project that will make a big impact on guests. They will appreciate the sugary to-go treat that they can eat on the way home.

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Local Spirits

White and blue wedding welcome bag with Italian cherry liqueur, a blue and yellow tile, and yellow printed soap

Photo by Erich McVey

Give guests a taste of your destination wedding location and put some spirit in their step by sourcing a unique local liqueur to place in their favor bags.

Wedding favors are an easy way to highlight and support local businesses that you and your partner love. Opt for products locally made in your hometown, a place meaningful to your relationship, or in the location of your reception.

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Grown-Up Pop Tarts

Gourmet pop tarts on a silver stand with black sign

Photo by The Nichols

Whether you're willing to admit it or not, Pop-Tarts are one indulgence most people never grow out of. Ask your baker to create a more adult-friendly version of the breakfast treat in a flavor combo like brown-sugar and apple for guests to enjoy.

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Freshly Popped Popcorn

Man in suit holding wooden tray with customized brown popcorn bags with stripes, anchors, monograms, and the couple's named

Photo by Jose Villa

Give guests a personalized paper bag full of freshly popped popcorn to snack on during their ride home or at your after party. You can also go gourmet and offer seasoned options.

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Floral Chocolates

Custom floral chocolate bars with white printed wrappers on a silver tray with white and pink flowers

Photo by Dani Cowan Photography

If your wedding is full of floral arrangements, carry on the theme in your favors. These sweet chocolate bars with edible petals make for a charming treat.

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Local Pears

Wedding tablescape place setting with gold flatware and pear place cards

Photo by Donny Zavala Photography

Since their Oregon orchard venue was filled with pear trees, guests each received a fruit from the farm on their plates as a place card and a favor.

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Brown-Sugar Bourbon

Brown-sugar bourbon jar with calligraphy label on floral paper

Photo by Kay English Photography

Mini bottles of brown-sugar bourbon with hand-calligraphed tags can double as a tasty favor and your escort cards.

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Fried Almonds

Brown bags of fried herbed almonds with fresh thyme with thyme on the seal and a sticker with the couple's monogram

Photo by Evermine

How delicious do these fried almonds with thyme sound? It's an unexpected favor idea that will satisfy even the food critic amongst your guests.

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Cocktail Recipes

Maker's Mark bourbon bottles with bride and groom's signature cocktail recipes and table numbers

Photo by Matteo Crescentini

Give the gift of liquor and a new recipe. At one wedding, mini bottles of bourbon were paired with the “his” and “hers” signature cocktail recipes on the escort card wall.

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French Macarons

Three brown boxes of French macarons in pink and yellow with pink ribbon

Photo by Rebekah Westover Photography

French macarons have become a trendy wedding favor. They're as pretty as they are delicious and have tons of customizable potential. We love packaging a few in a pretty box or bag.

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Homemade Limoncello

Mini limoncello wedding favors with white name tags tied on

Photo by Hanri Human

If you're up for a DIY project, consider whipping up some homemade limoncello. Send guests home with a bottle and they'll surely remember your big day while they're sipping it at home. You also can source local limoncello if you're hosting your wedding in Italy.

Aside from being thoughtful gifts, homemade favors are a fun activity you and your partner could bond over. Remember to choose an activity and treat you both already love and work on them together.

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Regional Brews

Wooden welcome box with tree etching with beers, a book, coasters, and a bottle opener inside

Photo by Lacie Hansen Photography

If you and your spouse-to-be are beer drinkers, share some local brews with your guests in welcome bags to enjoy before heading to your celebration.

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S'mores Kits

Brown box with s'mores kit inside with Ghiradelli chocolate and peach gift tag

Photo by Mef Photography

While you might have had them as a kid, people of all ages are fans of s'mores. Gift guests a package of all the pieces necessary to make this summer campfire favorite.

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Homemade Jam

Homemade habanero apricot jam with a chalkboard sign leaning on a wood crate

Photo by Anita Martin Photography

Into making jam? Make some batches of your favorite flavors to give to guests. Think outside of the classic for a standout gift that your friends and family will remember.

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Personalized Flasks

Customized flasks with anchor, initials, and greenery with iced tea inside

Photo by Jose Villa

Give guests a personalized glass flask filled with tea and lemonade, and provide vodka upon request for an instant to-go signature cocktail.

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Bake a Picture

Custom printed cookies with couple in Italy

Photo by Jose Villa

At their Italian-inspired rehearsal dinner, the bride and groom gifted guests cookies with a printed frosting photo of the couple together when they began their relationship.

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Themed Treats

Anchor shortbread cookies in bags with thank you note and blue and white ribbon

Photo by Tara McCullen Photography

For a seaside wedding, anchor-stamped shortbread cookies are perfectly on theme. Tie with a nautical striped ribbon to drive your aesthetic home.

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Cute Condiments

Jarred BBQ sauces with thank you note on white paper tied to the bottles

Photo by Kristi Wright Photography

We love the idea of bottling up jars of sauce from your favorite barbecue joint to give to your guests. This favor is especially apt for a backyard wedding.

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Sparkling Wine Cans

Pink Sofia sparkling wine cans with pink and white straws with thank you note tied to it

Photo by Sweetwater Portraits

How festive are these mini cans of sparkling wine? Provide a colorful, eco-friendly straw and encourage guests to sip on their favor during your toast.

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Monogrammed Wine

Red wine bottle with custom monogram label and round tag with a couple's name tied on with a ribbon

Photo by Perry Vaile Photography

Hosting a vineyard wedding? Have the winery print custom labels of your monogram and offer bottles to guests to take home.

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Breakfast Biscuits and Jam

Brown box with wrapped biscuits, Bonne Maman jam, and English Breakfast tea bags

Photo by Kate Headley Photography

Hand-cut biscuits and homemade jam, along with a few packets of your favorite tea, are the perfect morning-after breakfast for your guests. Package them in a cute box for guests to enjoy the next day before heading home.

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Create a Favor Table

Table with white floral arrangement and assorted wedding favors like honey, nuts, candles, chocolate, and soap

Photo by Sergio Sandona

Don’t want to give guests just one gift to go? A wedding planner created a favor table full of local treats like honey and chocolate at her Hudson Valley wedding.

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Southern Staples

Charleston's Own grits tied with red bow on tiered metal stand

Photo by CWF Photography

If you're hosting a wedding in the South (or you hail from there), grits would make a lovely favor for guests to enjoy at home. Just tie the cotton sack with a pretty ribbon and offer guests your favorite recipe to prepare.

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Herbal Elixers

A Healthy Dose of Herbs

Photo by The Gemmers

A Portland couple made batches of their homemade herbal elixir—with ingredients like local botanicals, apples, black currants, maple, and orange peel—to give to friends and family.

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Give a Doggie Bag

"Doggie bag" wedding favors with illustration of a dog

Photo by Samm Blake

As a nod to their dog, a couple gave guests a “doggie bag” full of treats at the end of their reception.

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Mini Mousse Jars

Dessert bar display with jars of mousse on wood boxes

Photo by Love Me Do Photography

For guests who don't love traditional wedding cake, a chocolate treat is always appreciated. Consider jars of an alternative sweet, like these mini chocolate mousse favors, in customized mason jars that guests can enjoy.

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Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Olive oil wedding favors with brown gift tags, recipes, and olive leaves

Photo by A Simple Photograph

Pass out pretty bottles of extra-virgin olive oil bearing a printed tag with your favorite recipe to use it with.

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Heart-Shaped Cookies

Heart-shaped pink frosted cookies with couple's names in them

Photo by Closer to Love Photography

These personalized heart-shaped cookies are such a lovely treat for guests. Either order them from a baker or make them yourself with the help of a few wedding party members.

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Rice Krispie Pops

Chocolate-dipped rice krispie treat pops tied with yellow ribbons in dish

Photo by Hendrickson Photography

Who didn't love soft-yet-crunchy Rice Krispie treats as a kid? Decorate these favors by adding a classic popsicle stick and dipping in dark chocolate or another topping of your choice.

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Homemade Pesto

Wedding tablescape with jar of homemade pesto, candles, gold silverware, and white plates

After learning how to make pesto at a cooking class together, the bride and groom decided to whip up a homemade batch for their wedding guests in jars with custom labels.

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Refreshing Sips

Red and yellow San Pellegrino escort cards on wall with monogram

Photo by Ninety Three Creative

A wall of San Pellegrino sparkling sodas served as escort cards at a spring Cincinnati wedding. The colorful drinks were not only perfectly on palette, but they also served as a refreshing favor.

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