Our 5 Favorite Eco-Friendly Wedding-Exit Toss Ideas

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The tossing of rice at newlyweds as they exit the wedding ceremony is a time-honored tradition. Nowadays, many couples instead choose to use confetti for their wedding exit for a fun spin on the custom. Unfortunately, neither option is very environmentally friendly. But you don't have to sacrifice those beautiful wedding exit photos. These eco-friendly wedding send-off ideas are just as pretty—but won't harm the planet!

With many believing the wedding rice-toss to be harmful to surrounding wildlife, and with most confetti on the market being nonbiodegradable, many couples are looking for wedding-exit toss ideas that are still fun and festive, but also eco-friendly. Look no further! Try throwing flower petals or having a lavender toss. Some couples will even use dried flowers to throw at weddings. For more eco-friendly wedding send-off ideas, there are also pretty green leaves and herbs.

If you really love the look of confetti, rest assured that there is eco-friendly tossing confetti out there for an environmentally friendly wedding send-off.

Here are some of our favorite eco-friendly wedding send-off ideas to celebrate your newlywed status.

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Fresh Leaves

basket of leaves


Pretty leaves make a lovely wedding-exit toss, especially when they’re elegantly packaged in envelopes and placed on each seat. Choose leaves that complement your wedding aesthetic—olive leaves for an elegant outdoor celebration, or perhaps fall leaves like oak or maple for an autumnal wedding.

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Dried Flowers

dried flower cones


For an eco-friendly wedding toss, use pretty dried flowers. Estimate a half cup per guest if you’re using cones or sachets, or one cup per guest if you’re using a basket or bowl for guests to help themselves.

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Rose Petals

rose petal cones


Another beautiful and classic idea: Give guests rose petals to shower you and your new spouse as you recess up the ceremony aisle.

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lavender packets

Photo by Jose Villa

Another beautiful and fragrant idea: Give guests dried lavender buds to shower you and your new spouse as you recess up the ceremony aisle.

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Flower Petal Bar

Photo by Laura Murray Photography

A wedding-exit toss idea we love: Set up a petal-tossing bar near the entrance and invite guests to fill paper cones with fresh flower petals. Chose colors in your wedding palette and you’re pretty much guaranteed stunning wedding exit photos!

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