9 Eco-Friendly Wedding Dress Designers to Shop Now

Sustainable is chic.

wear your love

Courtesy of Wear Your Love

Eco-friendly is a popular term that refers to fashion and beauty products on the market. Still, it’s lesser-known in the bridal realm. Many brides associate “eco-friendly” with recycling your dress once your wedding is over, but that’s not the case. This new way of shopping for your bridal wardrobe may seem novel and may have never crossed your mind before. But, with new options and brands dedicated to making sure their selections are eco-friendly, you can find a bridal wardrobe that you want while being responsible for the earth. 

What does eco-friendly mean? Eco-friendly means that the products you use and buy are conscious of how those materials affect the earth and the environment. Sustainability is also synonymous with being eco-friendly. "Sustainable is such a broad term used by the fashion industry,” says Vianney Cabrera, owner, and Pure Magnolia designer. “We try to use natural biodegradable fabrics that are less water-intensive and environmentally destructive—like hemp and organic cotton. We are constantly experimenting with new options, like linens and closed-loop fabrics created from waste,” Cabrera tells BRIDES.

Ahead see the best eco-friendly labels for all of your bridal wardrobe.

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Pure Magnolia

pure magnolia

Courtesy of Pure Magnolia

Based in Vancouver, Canada, Pure Magnolia began with the notion of transforming the bridal industry and impacting the environment. “Most wedding dresses are only worn once, and often with synthetic fabrics, so we wanted to make sure that the dresses we created hit as many “sustainable” markers as possible,” Cabrera says.

“We don’t use synthetic dyes, and we try to reuse or recycle our scraps,” Cabrera says. Producing the products locally in Vancouver rather than producing the products offshore eliminates unnecessary global supply chains. “Because all our gowns are made-to-order, excess production is avoided,” she explains. Cabrera further explains that Pure Magnolia’s overall vision is to sew gorgeous, well-made, and ultimately re-wearable pieces that a bride can restyle, dye, or transition into a bride’s daily closet then pass on to loved ones. 

What Should You Try?

“Our separates are very popular with our brides who look forward to using them again and again,” Cabrera explains. Using separates on your wedding day is a newer concept to the bridal category, and for this reason, Pure Magnolia constantly re-conceptualizes their re-wear options.

“We have great lace bodysuits that transition stunningly to under suit jackets, or pieces like our Maddison top that can be paired with jeans and heels. Two of our top-selling gowns areGatsby – for its simplicity and elegance—and Sarah, for its comfort and detailing,” Cabrera tells BRIDES. And, no matter what bridal wear you select, you should always have a dress that makes you feel comfortable and unique.

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Miranda Bennett Studio (MBS)

miranda bennett

Courtesy of Miranda Bennett

Miranda Bennett Studio provides bridal garments that last a lifetime. “Our customers purchase our pieces because they are timeless and beautiful,” says Miranda Bennett, founder, and CEO. Not only are these bridal offerings from MBS lasting and timeless, but they are also sustainable and eco-friendly. “Each item in this curated collection is ethically made under one roof by our Austin, Texas-based team. We dye our textiles with plants that are non-toxic and safe for our waterways. Our fabrics all come from plant-derived sources and are biodegradable. 100% of our textile waste is kept out of landfills, and our garment take-back program offers customers a no-waste option for disposing of our apparel at the end of its life cycle,” Bennett says. 

What Should You Try?

For the curated bride, try the Knot dress in natural silk noil or white silk charmeuse. “The secret of this dress is the deceptively simple belt, which can be styled in numerous ways to highlight the bride's favorite features,” Bennett explains.

If you’re looking for sleeves in your wedding dress, the Muse Dress is another beautiful option from the Miranda Bennett Studio collection. “The Knot Dress is hands-down our best seller-- a dress that is universally flattering and can be worn in different ways to accentuate the bride's personal style,” Bennett says.

Bennett also recommends the Wrap Top paired with the Palazzo Pant in white silk charmeuse. This combination is great for a rehearsal dinner or a bridal shower.

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Wear Your Love

wear your love

Courtesy of Wear Your Love

Wear Your Love offers brides a selection of dreamy and elegant dresses. The brand focuses on weddings' intimate nature and seeks to provide those delicate touches consistently for their clients. 

"With an emphasis on beautifully wearable organic and luxury fabrics, I have created Wear Your Love, a collection of bridal styles that ring true to the pure joy of getting married. Leaving the clasps, buttons, zippers, and boning behind, each dress is perfectly stretchy for a body-hugging experience of essential comfort. Each style is created with the laughter, sensuality, and magnificence of young love, mad love, soul-mated, and epic love in mind," says founder Jillian Leigh on Wear Your Love's website.

What Should You Try?

The Ari dress is a romantic and classic gown. The bodice is fitted, and the lace contains motif long stem roses. Although the skirt is full, it’s still comfortable for running down the beach at sunset for the most stunning wedding photos.

Although the Lucy 2.0 Dress is currently out of stock, it’s a must-have when it comes back into stock. The dress has hand-cut motifs on the most delicate fabrics. It has a sense of playfulness with its off-the-shoulder sleeves. 

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Leanne Marshall

leanne marshall wedding dresses

Courtesy of Leanne Marshall 

Leanne Marshall is another option when seeking an eco-friendly bridal wardrobe. A seamstress carefully crafts each dress one at a time. This provides a personalized touch for each bride. “We carefully source the materials of our gowns to use sustainable textiles and natural fibers that meet several certification criteria. Unlike many other brands, we try to minimize the use of polyester as much as possible in favor of natural, biodegradable textiles,” the Leanne Marshall website says. Polyester takes hundreds of years to decompose than natural fibers like silk, which only takes a few months to break down.

What Should You Try?

The Acadia gown is stunning. The dress contains a statement bodice that falls off the shoulder and a full A-line skirt with a train. The Hewes skirt is another bridal must-have for your special day. If you're having a summer wedding, this skirt is comfortable to move around in. Pair it with the Jules top, available with a with or without sleeves option.

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Selin Kent

selin kent

Courtesy of Selin Kent

Selin Kent, founded in 2013, was born out of the desire to “create a physical object that was meticulously crafted by hand. This is what drew me to jewelry in the first place,” Selin Kent, founder of Selin Kent, says. My debut collection was a bit more minimalist and linear. It reflected my style and aesthetic at that time. While it’s still true to its understated roots, the line has since evolved to include more statement pieces as well as lots of bridal offerings,” she says.

Selin Kent’s pieces are all handcrafted by local artisans in New York City, making a fair wage, using recycled or fair-mined metals, and ethically sourced gemstones and diamonds. “Producing where we are based allows us to source mindfully and control the production process, resulting in an eco-friendly as well as a (consistently) high-quality product,” Credit. The brand has relationships with lab-grown diamond suppliers and offers this option to clients interested in opting for a lab-grown diamond. Just because the pieces are sustainable doesn’t mean that they don’t stand the test of time. “Our line fits into the “buy less and better” ethos, which is also essential when you think about the sustainability angle of any given piece of jewelry,” Kent explains.

What Should You Try?

The Leonie-4-in-1 necklace and bracelet is one of Selin Kent’s best-selling pieces of 2020. “It’s a piece that can be taken apart and reconfigured – it can be worn as a necklace two ways and a bracelet two ways, hence the ‘4-in-1’.” The necklace contains a hidden clasp that is both decorative and functional, which appeals to clients who are practical and appreciate the versatility. 

Stackable rings and rings that blur the line between engagement rings and wedding bands are also among the best selling list. 

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Anita Dongre

Anita Dongre

Courtesy of Anita Dongre

Anita Dongre is an Indian designer with a huge conscience. She’s built her company on green principles—an intelligently-designed headquarters (it’s earth-friendly with a free flow of light and air to minimize energy consumption); she’s a strict vegan meaning her collections are void of fur, leather, skin or products of animal origin; and she cherishes and conserves resources including practicing waste and water management. It doesn’t get more eco-friendly than that! While you can shop traditional sarees and lehengas (including styles from her wedding couture line!) the brand expanded its offerings with the Grassroot label featuring laid-back luxe essentials like handwoven tops and cocktail dresses—these pieces feel fitting for a bohemian bride or for those attending an outdoor wedding. The label has recently introduced cruelty-free accessories, too.

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violetta dress kamperette

Courtesy of KAMPERETTE

Womenswear label KAMPERETT is the brainchild of designers Anna Chiu and Valerie Santillo (the name is a hybrid of their mothers’ maiden names). Focused on creating subtle elegant and luxurious pieces that are effortless, comfortable, and timeless, every item is made in California from the highest quality materials and ethically run factories. An ideal label for a bridal brunch outfit, relaxed rehearsal dinner look, or minimalist honeymoon attire.

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Courtesy of Reformation

We know you’re familiar with Reformation, but did you realize the LA-based label's ethos was rooted in sustainability? From wedding gowns to ultra-feminine dresses and sweet tops, every Reformation piece is made in factories that use the most efficient, eco-friendly, and pro-social technologies and practices. The company has even invested in green building infrastructure to minimize their waste, water, and energy footprints.

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Courtesy of Ookioh

What bride doesn’t need a great swimsuit? Whether for your honeymoon or a sunny bachelorette retreat, OOKIOH is a new line of pared-back swimwear featuring a modern design and made from luxurious, recycled Italian fabrics. With a playful 80s spirit, you’ll want one of each!

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