50 Stunning Bohemian Wedding Ideas

How to make your celebration ethereal and earthy.

bohemian wedding ceremony with rugs and pampas grass on arch

Photo by Pat Furey Photography

If you’ve already started the wedding planning process, you know there are a ton of styles to consider. If woven décor elements, overflowing florals, and an abundance of drapery are your siren song, then a boho wedding might be the key to your heart.

There are so many ways to pull off this aesthetic. For starters, agates and geodes never fail to create a magical feel thanks to their rich jewel tones. Crystals, quartz, and rough stones also provide an enchanting effect when scattered across reception tables. When it comes to centerpieces, look to the ever-popular pampas or great boughs of greenery—you can’t get much more earthy than that which grows from the soil!

And, while the ground may serve as an inspirational source for your boho wedding, so does the sky above. There’s nothing dreamier than a starry night, constellations, and crescent moons. From Milky Way patterns to candlelit glows, celestial vibes are being translated into all sorts of bohemian wedding décor.

Need more inspiration? We've compiled some of our favorite boho wedding ideas, straight from real weddings.

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Think About a Geometric Altar

bride and groom kiss at triangular altar with palm leaves

Photo by Ana Hinojosa

A triangular altar can bring an enchanting element to a boho wedding ceremony. Decorating the humble wooden structure with greenery keeps the vision sympathetic to the surrounding environment. The minimal ceremony décor helps to highlight the uniqueness of the altar design.

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Set Up Plush Ceremony Seating

Lounge-style ceremonial seating with pillows

Photo by Amrit Photography; Event Planning by Finesse Décor; Floral Design by Da Fiori Floral Design; Rentals by Natural Oasis Events   

For a fresh take on ceremony seating, nix the chairs and stiff benches and lay out a plush viewing area for your guests to enjoy the proceedings. These platforms, customary for Sikh weddings, were built by the bride's father.

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Embrace Pampas Grass

tented wedding with lanterns and pampas grass

Photo by Henry + Mac; Design by Ryan Design; Floral Design by Hana Floral

Pampas grass can instantly add a bohemian touch to your wedding festivities. The fluffy material can be used for ceiling installations or within arrangements on your tablescapes.

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Hang Whimsical Florals

reception dinner set up in The Crypt with florals along arches and candles on the tablescape,

Photo by Gianni di Natale Photographers

There's a wildness and laid-back freedom at the core of all things bohemian. This effortless ideology should permeate the entire design process, from the detailed features to the overarching floral theme. Be sure to keep flowers casually loose and natural, with a bit of an untamed approach, as anything too tight and polished would just seem out of place.

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Embrace a Tropical Feel

Ceremony setup with paper lanterns, rattan lanterns, monstera leaves, pillar candles, palm leaves

Photo by Karla Garcia Costa

A beautiful arrangement of tropical florals, woven baskets, and lanterns come together to create a cool bohemian set up for a destination wedding. Lay down a woven rug to finish off the cool ceremony look.

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Light Up With Lanterns

Greenhouse reception setting with rattan lanterns, wooden furniture, and a caravan photo booth

Photo by Kaylee Chelsea Photography

Rattan and fringe lanterns, along with dried palm leafs, create a stunning overhead installation at this dreamy Santa Barbara wedding.

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Consider Celestial Details

Celestial artwork surrounded by gold pedestals, pink flowers and candles

Photo by Bri Costello

We’re dreaming of starry nights with this galaxy-inspired ceremony backdrop, which reflects the expansiveness of the unlimited sky in swirling blues and golds. Bronze plinths, soft florals, and interspersed candlelight not only create a captivating frame for the nuptial ceremony but also pick up on the metallic accents within the backdrop.

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Embrace a Lunar Motif

Bride and groom kissing at outdoor wedding with a moon backdrop

Photo by Laura Goldenberger

This one takes our breath away—a seven-foot moon installation crafted from hundreds of corks makes for a whimsical statement backdrop. This would make for a fun project for the more crafty or artistically inclined among us. You can even utilize corks saved from special moments or collected throughout your relationship to further personalize the creation.

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Wear a Flower Crown

Bride standing outside with a drink and wearing flower crown

Photo by Stepan Vrzala; Event Planning by Mwai Yeboah of Love From Mwai; Floral Design by Michelle Jones Floral DesignKarolina GarwackaFiona Quiambao & Anna Zubova; Flowers by G Fresh Flowers; Hair by Amida Sama; Makeup by Nshutiyase Lina of Maison de la Beauté, Amida Sama, & Meagan Edwards of Megan Louise Makeup 

Bohemian weddings are all about channeling effortless, elegant style. The elegance of this gown—paired with a soft, loose updo and a delicate flower crown—evokes a free-spirited nature.

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Match the Altar to the Landscape

Ceremony altar covered in lush flowers and surrounded by mountain views

Photo by Lauren Fair Photography

At this outdoor ceremony, the expansive and scenic landscape of the couple’s venue proved to be the perfect backdrop to their bohemian wedding. Play off the natural features of the ceremony site while finalizing the details of the boho setup. The verdant greenery and bare wooden textures blend in seamlessly with that breathtaking vista.

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Carry an Organic Bouquet

Bride holding an ivory and mauve bouquet with greenery

Photo by Leila Brewster Photography

More and more bohemian brides are using unique color palettes in their bouquets. For this specific style, florals are arranged more naturally for an earthy aesthetic, but the surprising pops of deep, brooding colors and dusty hues are the real showstoppers.

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Opt for Bud Vases

Bud vases with single stems in centerpiece arrangement

Photo by Bryan N. Miller Photography

Florals epitomize a bohemian wedding style, so when finalizing ideas for your tablescape, think outside the box for your floral arrangement. A medley of single stems in eclectic vessels can make just as much of a visual impact as a single, large centerpiece. Here, an assortment of blooms in blush tones complemented the gold details throughout each place setting.

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Incorporate Your Favors

Rebecca and Kieran's ceremony chairs with a personalized fan

Photo by Lilly Red

Pretty wedding favors like fans made from woven grass are not only a practical gift for a ceremony in warm weather, but it also lends a nice touch to the aesthetic.

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Feature Sage Greenery

Sage greenery in floral arrangement on guest table

Photo by Peyton Rainey Photography

A succulent centerpiece and sage greenery pair with a macramé runner for some chic indie vibes. A true boho display is all about the right mix of colors and textures, and this arrangement pulls it off perfectly.

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Gather in a Greenhouse

Long guest styles set up for greenhouse reception

Photo by KeLi Photography; Floral Design by Keep Floral

This couple opted for a backdrop that highlighted the organic and ethereal atmosphere of their day. A vintage solarium in a lush botanical garden is completed by the stunning reception seating, which completely took our breath away.

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Introduce Incense

Palo santo sticks placed on menu cards on top of place settings at guest table

​Photo by Mike Larson; Event Planning by Bash Please; Floral Design by Marigold; Rentals by Theoni CollectionBright Event RentalsFound RentalsLa Tavola Fine LinenFrances Lane & GotLight

Be sure to start the reception on the right note by greeting each guest with a bundle of palo santo sticks. Fragrant and mystifying, the aromatic sticks are believed to release negative energies, purify the air, and cleanse spaces when lit.

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Go for Grounding Elements

Rock paperweights on top of escort cards

​Photo by Erin McGinn; Event Planning by Christine Bevilacqua of Metta Events; Paper Goods by KatLem Paper & Design

At its core, bohemian ideology is all about celebrating all that is both earthly and divine. These stone place card holders not only reconnect guests with the earth but also quite literally ground the cards in place, protecting them from flying off on a gust of wind.

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Suspend Crescent Moons

Crescent moon escort display

Photo by Birds of a Feather

What's more poetic than a moonlit path to guide guests to their seats? These beautiful hand-painted metal crescents shine almost as brightly as the moon in the sky, making for quite an original and decorative seating plan.

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Create With Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood escort card display covered in greenery

Photo by Melissa Fuller

Our nature-loving hearts are in love with this escort card display. Handmade from reclaimed wood, the backdrop boasts a colorful array of agate slices with names and table numbers in gold.

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Arrange Agate Escort Cards

Agate escort cards placed on white table with candles

Photo by Justin DeMutiis Photography

Speaking of agate, these stones featured gold calligraphy of each guest’s name and served as escort cards. When it comes to earthly treasures, these stones truly encompass all of the beauty and romance that can be found in nature. They also come in a wide variety of colors that can be tailored to any wedding theme.

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Create Structures

ceremony with lanterns and dried grass installations

Photo by The Foxes Photography

Installations designed from dried florals and greenery can make a stunning statement at your nuptials. This design beautifully framed the ceremony at this desert wedding.

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Bring in the Quartz

Quartz paperweights on place cards on dark table

Photo by Redfield Photography

Quartz paperweights jazz up ordinary paper escort cards for a bit of earthy dazzle. A bit of grounding, a bit of earthiness, a pinch of sparkle, and a whole lot of spiritual healing—what more could a boho wedding need?

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Dine Under Drapes

Drapery with lanterns over a wedding reception

Photo by Janine Licare Photography

There’s nothing like putting yourself in the middle of nature when embracing an al fresco reception. For this setup, an airy and ethereal design scheme creates an easy-breezy outdoor reception space. There's nothing quite like the billowing of white, gauzy fabrics to hit all those beloved summertime notes.

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Build a Bar

Wine barrel bar with wine bottles and glasses at outdoor reception

Photo by O'Malley Photographers; Event Planning & Floral Design by Valley and Co.

Effortless, laid-back, and heartwarming in its rustic simplicity, this darling bar area won't go unnoticed. Two wine barrel supports, a slab of reclaimed wood, and maybe a posy of dried grasses are all that's needed to pull off this bohemian vintner's dream.

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Select Natural Linens

tablescape with linen and ceramic plates

Photo by Paige Jones

Linens like runners, napkins, and tablecloths in a more natural material can lend a nice bohemian feel to your reception table. It's perfect paired with ceramic dinnerware and wood tables.

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Fluff Up Your Cakes

Cake with pampas grass and dried florals

Photo by The Foxes Photography

Pampas and dried florals give a cool boho touch to this simple tiered white cake design. The look is both minimalist but also has plenty of personality.

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Greenlight Greenery

Wedding seating chart with tropical greenery arrangements

Photo by Kelly Giarrocco

Flowers tend to get all the attention in wedding décor, but greenery-rich arrangements should not be underestimated. They can easily transform a conventional setup into an earthly fête. Verdant and lush, these greenery garlands envelop the space in fresh, natural splendor while still maintaining a sweet, minimalist simplicity.

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Let the Invitation Set the Mood

Watercolor invitation suite with yellow flowers and starfish

Photo by Carmen Santorelli

A watercolor invitation suite puts a free-spirited spin on classic stationery. We love the organic washes of playful color and imperfect drip patterns that make each invitation one of a kind.

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Make the Cake a Star

Two-tier celestial cake with long, lit candles

Photo by Orange Photographie

This celestial wedding cake is out of this world. Inspired by the starry sky, it exudes the poetry of midnight. The thin, black candles of various heights transform the confection into a galactic altar for what's most sacred and divine: love.

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Ring the Bells

Bells and crystals on top of black and gold table at outdoor reception

Photo by James & Schulze; Event Planning by Calluna Events; Décor & Design by Eclectic Hive 

The melodic sound of ringing bells is often used in traditional prayer and during rites of passage. What better way to commemorate the beginning of your journey into matrimony than with an auditory wash of the same harmony? Have your officiant utilize them during the ceremony, ask guests to wave them in celebration as you make your grand exit, or just intersperse them among the décor for an unexpected touch.

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Use Mismatched Décor

Mismatched chairs, candelabra, and lush flowers and greenery at outside reception

Photo by Lauren Gabrielle

Consider mixing bohemian wedding décor elements to really give your design an organic vibe. An arrangement of mismatched furniture, assorted dishware, or a collection of glasses in a multitude of shapes or shades can create a cohesive yet eclectic tablescape. The trick is to use a deft hand and not go overboard so the results have an effortlessly edited vibe.

To pull off the styling, choose just one item to mismatch rather than several, for example, just the drinking goblets or the chairs. If you opt for different colors, try to maintain the same shape, and vice versa, so that everything still looks intentional.

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Disperse Unique Napkin Rings

Agate napkin rings wrapped around pink napkins on white plates

Photo by The W Portraiture; Design by Floratherapie

An agate napkin ring in a wash of sea foam and gilded edges clutches a blush napkin for pastel romance. The rugged texture and subtle hue create a stunning contrast to the soft pink napkin.

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Cue the Quartz Elements

Quartz charger plate with menu card, flatware, and napkin

Photo by Birds of a Feather

This quartz charger is a gorgeous vessel to plate. Geode and celestial accents add a mystical touch to an overall palette of ivory, violet, chambray, and quartz.

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Combine Modern and Rustic Elements

outdoor reception setup with linens, string lights, and taper candles

Photo by Shelly Anderson Photography

This couple mixed elements of rustic, modern, and bohemian touches to create an original design. The results are a wonderful testament to the fact that boho inspiration pairs spectacularly with warm-hued wedding styles.

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Choose Wicker Lanterns

Wicker lanterns hanging over long guest table with various centerpieces

Photo by Rebecca Yale

The woven installation hanging above this outdoor tablescape is classic bohemian-beach style. These free-form "nests" embody all the uninhibited creativity and relaxed vibe of not only a boho aesthetic but also the spirit of the ocean and its beaches.

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Marvel in Marble

Four-tier marble wedding cake on table at desert wedding

Photo by The Argus Image

Cake or a spectacular artistic masterpiece? Marble icing mimics the burnt watercolor tones of the desert canyons, while a burst of a geode (framed by metallic foil) glistens in the center. We're having a serious infatuation with this sepia moment here.

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Add Ceramic Accents

Centerpieces with beige taper candles, single-stem flowers in boho cases, and stones

Photo by Kaylee Chelsea Photography

Light neutral ceramics are a perfect way to add minimal earthiness to

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Amp Up the Candlelight

Place settings with candles, woven chargers, and baby's breath

Photo by Moni & Adri Photography

Candles encompass the mystical flickering glow of the nighttime celestial skies and the all-embracing warmth of dappled sunlight. Cast their amber luminosity to create an inviting atmosphere and captivating aura.

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Decorate With Fresh Blooms

White tiered cake with fresh fruits and flowers cascading down

Photo by James & Schulze; Event Planning by Calluna Events; Décor & Design by Eclectic Hive; Floral Design by Bare Root Flora; Cake by Shamane’s Bakeshoppe 

One of the most recognizable ways to showcase your bohemian style is through fresh florals and juicy fruits. Even the most formal of cakes can be transformed into a boho confection with a cascade of wild blooms and delicious, in-season fruits. For this wedding, a white cake boasts a delicate bounty of zinnias, figs, grapes, and apples to create an ethereal display.

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Drape Dreamcatchers

Dreamcatcher decoration hanging from white drapery

Photo by Echoes & Wild Hearts

Dreamcatchers are believed to be sacred charms that offer protection from negative energies. This beach-forward alternative replaces the traditional web design with an intricate lace pattern and gives it a Mediterranean twist by exchanging olive branches and shells for feathers and beads.

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Erect a Glamping Tent

Glamping tent with vintage furniture and chandelier

Photo by Kristin Sweeting

Eclectic and inherently nomadic, nothing says boho quite like a tented living space. Such an incredible setup can act as both a getting-ready suite and the wedding-night destination for a truly unforgettable and out-of-the-box experience.

Seasoned campers or those down for a more humble approach can easily create a plush space on their own. But for more lavish setups—and for those who prefer electricity—we suggest hiring a professional service or glamping team.

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Reflect on Rituals

Rose petals and sage wrapped together placed on a charger

Photo by Mel Barlow; Event Planning by Carole Grogan of Bright Blue Events; Floral Design by The Flower Lab

Rituals are a beautiful way to incorporate bits of a personal spiritual practice into the wedding day. In addition to including a saging ritual in the bridal processional, this couple provided rose petals wrapped in sage as favors for their guests. Similar to the burning of incense, the smoke emitted from ancient herbs is considered to cleanse and purify the energy within a space.

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Cushion With Rugs

Rug-lined altar at outdoor ceremony with wooden arch altar and flowers

​Photo by Pat Furey Photography; Floral Design by Il Profumo Dei Fiori 

Lining an altar with well-worn rugs gives a natural space an air of residential comfort. Not only does it inject color, texture, and an Old-World aesthetic into the scene, but it also cushions the walkway for anyone making the journey in heels. This is especially important for grassy or pebbled terrain.

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Focus on Fresh Finds

Fruit table décor with candles at guest table

​Photo by Mike Larson; Event Planning by Bash Please; Floral Design by Marigold; Rentals by Theoni CollectionBright Event RentalsFound RentalsLa Tavola Fine LinenFrances Lane & GotLight

Forgo the usual elements of décor for a tablescape that's, quite literally, far fresher. Farmer's market finds and garden-grown assortments, like green vines and fresh fruits, make for a stunning and eclectic display that's also completely eco-friendly and has zero waste. Guests can even take home whatever foods they like for breakfast the next day or snack away throughout the evening's festivities.

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Make a Mandala

Floral Mandala on the dance floor at an outdoor wedding

Photo by Mike Larson; Event Planning by Bash Please; Floral Design by Marigold

Mandalas are circular geometric patterns that are used as spiritual guides or to define a space. The design is symbolic of the wholeness of the cosmos and the connection between everything within the universe. This floral mandala covered the entire dance floor, and its center created an intimate space for the newlyweds to share their first dance.

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Hang a Disco Ball

Hanging disco ball decor with greenery

Photo by Britt Latz Photography

Disco balls are a perfect way to start up a party. Incorporate a few throughout your décor to bring some cool '70s vibes to your soirée.

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Dream Up Floral Focal Points

Fountain filled with flowers

Photo by Tida Svy; Floral Design by Shindig Chic

While bohemian floral design tends to lean toward the more organic and casual, there is one opportunity to really go all out and keep with the theme. A plethora of petals or whole blossoms scattered across the surface of a water feature creates a captivating focal point that can elevate any venue.

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Celebrate With Music

Tambourine personalized guest favors wrapped with ribbon at a place setting

Photo by Holly Clark; Event Planning by Liz Linkleter

These miniature tambourines combine the pragmatism of a place card and the functionality of a favor with a playful touch that will be music to your ears. Imagine making your grand entrance to the reverberating sound or watching guests incorporate it into their dance moves throughout the night.

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Curate a Lounge

Boho lounge area with seating and rugs

Photo by Moni & Adri Photography

Want to create a comfortable lounge area for your guests? Consider pulling together some fun bohemian pieces like rugs, poufs, and rattan seating like this Tulum wedding.

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Wow With a Nomadic Bar

Bar in the back of a car with blankets and ice buckets

Photo by Erin McGinn; Event Planning by Christine Bevilacqua of Metta Events

Get creative with the bar design and dream up a totally eclectic style that will become a true conversation piece. This unforgettable creation makes a major visual impact without sacrificing that quintessential laid-back, free-spirited vibe. In true elevated tailgating style, this retro trunk was outfitted in funky textiles and two massive metal ice coolers brimming with bottles of wine. Bottoms up!


A Guide to Bohemian Weddings

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