25 Drip Wedding Cakes for Some Mouthwatering Inspo

This hot cake trend is totally taking over

<p>Drip Wedding Cakes</p>

Photo by Justin James Muir; Cakes by Amy's Sweet Bake Shop

A dream for frosting lovers, this the drip cake is yet another nontraditional alternative to the classic white tiered cake. It's a fun way to add a splash of color—or bring a neutral tone in stark contrast to a bold-hued piece. While something like pink glaze or ruby-red icing is always a sweet choice, the drips don't have to be confined to frosting. One of our favorite looks is trickling caramel, and we're equally huge fans of a flowing mountain of chocolate ganache. Not to mention, a dreamy white-chocolate drip looks like an icicle frozen in time.

We also love how versatile this look is; you can make it work for anything from a rustic fall backyard wedding to a breezy oceanfront reception or modern industrial-chic venue. The trick lies in what else you adorn the cake with—and we promise you, other accents don't distract from the drips; in fact, that's when the drip cake looks its best. Hearty fruits and including figs and berries are popular choices for an earthy vibe, but you can always trade them in for oranges and grapes for a more carefree feel. Adornments of flora and fauna have always elevated a cake to the next level, and the drip cake is no different. And hand-painted motifs and watercolor brushstrokes breathe an air of whimsy underneath the waterfall of frosting.

If you're not salivating yet, you will be soon. Get your napkins ready for these mouthwatering creations.

<p>Three-Tiered Caramel Drip Wedding Cake</p><br><br>
Photo & Cake by Foxtail Bakeshop

A three-tiered masterpiece in dripping caramel, adorned with organics of wild greenery, strewn fruit, and a standout rose-toned bloom, has garden fever.

<p>Chocolate Drip Wedding Cake</p><br><br>
Photo by B Mathews Creative; Cake by Patti Cakes Bakery

This nearly-naked single-tier is topped with dark chocolate ganache, a showering of berries, and ruby-red flora is dramatic in decadence.

<p>Modern Gray and Pink Drip Wedding Cake</p><br><br>
Photo by Christina Karst Photography; Cake by Calli Marie Bakes

Slick gray icing thickly crowns a cotton-candy-pink tier, while echoing the slate hues of the bottom layer for a contemporary feel.

<p>Dark Watercolor Drip Wedding Cake</p><br><br>
Photo by Sarah Libby Photography; Cake by Amy Cakes

This confection literally takes the cake when it comes to looking bold and rad. Chocolate molded to look like copper adorns both top and bottom, while macaron accents and complementary drips cascade down each monochromatic watercolor layer.

<p>Blue and White Drip Wedding Cake</p><br><br>
Photo by Kristen Curette Photogaphy

This charming cake takes a cue from nature with baby-blue brushstrokes reminiscent of the sea, white icing drips that mimic icicles, and succulent adornments.

<p>Drip Wedding Cake with Flowers</p><br><br>
Photo & Cake by Foxtail Bakeshop

A gorgeous festoon of flora and fauna is just as lavish as the cake itself, serving as a statement piece that brings some southern charm.

<p>Berry and Chocolate Drip Wedding Cake</p><br><br>
Photo by Monique Serra Photography; Cake by The Sassy Cupcake

A cake has never looked as divine as this one. Blueberries and blackberries frame contrasting white icing and speckled chocolate frosting for an earthy effect.

<p>Drip Wedding Cake with Gold Metallic Foil</p><br><br>
Photo by Scarlet O'Neil; Cake by Truffle Cake & Pastry

This lone-tiered showstopper puts a modern spin on boho, with warm tones of ruby and orange, fresh pomegranate, and gilded metallic foil accents.

<p>Drip Wedding Cake Topped with Donuts</p><br><br>
Photo by Summer Taylor Photography; Cake by The Pear Blossom

This drool-worthy confection accented with doughnuts is an autumn wedding dream. A bottom tier of chocolate cake with a hint of pumpkin and cinnamon combines with a top tier of apple-spice cake for a warm flavor and two-toned look of ivory seminaked frosting and white glaze that pops.

<p>Mini Drip Wedding Cakes</p><br><br>
Photo by Justin James Muir; Cakes by Amy's Sweet Bake Shop

Why have one stand-alone cake when you can have six mini cakes dripping in golden goodness and topped with sumptuous fruit and flowers?

<p>Raspberry Glaze Drip Wedding Cake</p><br><br>
Photo by Darren Roberts Photography

A raspberry glaze brings a splash of color to a white-chocolate cake complemented by rings of berries, greenery, and blush and lavender organic florals.

<p>Drip Wedding Cakes Topped with Fruit</p><br><br>
Photo by Tenth and Grace; Cake by Belle Soule Weddings

This springtime concoction has a light and airy vibe, thanks to a bounty of summery grapes and a pastel palette.

<p>Nearly-Naked Chocolate Drip Wedding Cake</p><br><br>
Photo by Peppermint Photography; Cake by Cake That!

A waterfall of chocolate and barely-there frosting combine with strawberries and figs for a moody finish.

<p>Two-Tiered Drip Wedding Cake</p><br><br>
Photo by Mustard Seed Photography

Butter-colored drips, sprigs of green, miniature florals, and yellow roses make this two-layered cake look like a piece of sunshine.

Pink Champagne Drip Wedding Cake
Photo by Greta Tucker Photography; Cake by Mainely Wedding Cakes

A topper of roses and a blush shade bring classic romance to this pink-champagne drip cake.

<p>Drip Wedding Cake with Hand-Painted Watercolor Flower</p><br><br>
Photo by Alba Rose Photography; Cake by The Butterfly Cake Factory

This cake is all about the details, with a hand-painted watercolor flower, white glaze, and trickle of fruit seeds.

Dark Chocolate Drip Wedding Cake with Blueberries
Photo by Lisa Poggi; Cake by Roxane Floquet

A chocolate lover's fantasy: a drenching of dark chocolate, scattered with blueberries and figs, contrasts with white icing for an eye-catching look.

Nearly-Naked Drip Wedding Cake with Red Glaze
Photo by Emily Kirke Photography; Cake by Erica O'Brien

Moody but rustic, this rich fall-inspired mini cake swims with lush fruit and a heavy ruby glaze.

<p>Cherry Blossom Drip Wedding Cake with Macaroons</p><br><br>
Photo by Elisabeth Van Lent Photography; Cake by Sweet Appetite

Cherry blossoms and macarons contribute to the sweet springtime feel of this romantic cake.

<p>Drip Caramel Wedding Cake with Figs</p><br><br>
Photo by Maria Lamb; Cake by Foxtail Bakeshop

Simple but striking, this caramel delight focuses on a topping of figs to make a statement.

Watercolor Drip Wedding Cake
Photo by Rachel Joy Baransi

Wispy watercolors on this earthy cylindrical cake evoke a seaside escape. A white glaze with a subtle drip and a topper of daffodils complete the look.

<p>Drip Wedding Cake with Honey Glaze</p><br><br>
Photo by Melissa Marshall; Cake by The Round House Bakery

A waterfall of perfectly crafted honey-hued glaze and soft organic accents create an air of vintage romance.

<p>Violet Drip Wedding Cake with Geometric Details</p><br><br>
Photo by Katherine Dalton; Cake by Sweet and Saucy Shop

This petite cake sits pretty in shades of violet. Agate rocks and triangular fondant designs bring a crown of geometric flavor, while muted leaves encircle the bottom for a soft desert-boho vibe.

<p>Dark Drip Wedding Cake</p><br><br>
Photo by Michael Tallman

This enchanting tower captures the beauty of the transition between autumn and winter, resembling a lightly frosted birch tree. Scattered berries and ladyfingers complete the magic.

<p>Caramel Drip Wedding Cake with Fruit</p><br><br>
Photo by Petra Veikkola; Cake by Gaggui

Succulent fruits, moody florals, sprigs of leaves, and thin caramel drips call to mind a late summer's evening.

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