30 Ways to Wear Your Hair Down For Your Wedding

Go ahead and let your hair down—in the most literal sense!


Photo by Emilie White

One of the biggest decisions you'll make when it comes to your bridal look is your wedding hairstyle. Many brides opt for a classic updo (or even a messy bun if you're Meghan Markle), but if you prefer to let your hair down in the most literal sense of the term, we've got some wedding hairstyle inspiration for you—straight from real brides.

Whether you embrace your hair's natural texture, glam it up with curls, or top it off with a hair accessory, free-flowing strands are effortlessly romantic and can look gorgeous with or without a veil. Plus, you'll definitely appreciate how fuss-free wearing your hair down can be—there's no need to worry about a lopsided 'do or losing bobby pins when you hit the dance floor. And if you think your hair is too short or too long to pull it off, think again, because countless brides nailed the look with bobs, lobs, and super-long locks.

Below, 30 ways to wear your hair down for your wedding, straight from the real brides who went for it. These ladies truly make a strong case for letting your hair down on the big day!

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Try Sweeping Back with Pins

Jenn Emerling

Sweep back the front of your hair to show off your cheekbones and smile, without giving in to an updo.

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Consider a Side Braid

Anna Roussos

A simple three-strand braid is another easy way to pull hair away from your face while committing to wearing your hair down.

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Complement Your Veil

Caroline Lima Photography

Comb back your long locks and pin your veil in the center to give the illusion of a half-up-style.

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Add a Fresh Florals

Photo by Ashley Sawtelle

Make a visual impact with a gorgeous floral hair accessory to help show off your beautiful highlights.

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Stay Classic

Greer Gattuso

Go for classic glamour with a center part and shoulder-sweeping curls.

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Opt for a Side Part

Alea Lovely

A deep side part makes way for a statement barrette that perfectly matches your wedding gown.

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Go for Timeless

Carrie Patterson Photography

A simple, timeless gown calls for a minimalist blowout with curled ends.

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Be Beachy

Ana Lui

Beach wedding or not, tousled strands are the perfect base for a flower crown.

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Complement a Strapless Dress

Chaz Cruz

Long, cascading locks are a lovely complement to a strapless neckline.

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Accentuate Long Hair

Lucy Cuneo

Shiny, long waves add an undeniably romantic vibe.

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Go for Soft Curls

Echoes and Wild Hearts

You can never go wrong with classic curls and a side part.

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For the Boho Bride


Emilie White

For a boho bride, loose waves and a lush crown are the perfect hair pair.

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Experiment with a Side Part

Hailley Howard Photography

Glam up a shorter 'do with sophisticated curls and a deep side part.

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Add Small Blooms

Jamie English

Now, this is the ultimate bridal trifecta: Small blooms, soft curls, and a simple veil.

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Try Sleek and Straight

James Katsipis

We envy the bride who wakes up with such a good hair day, she's ready to walk down the aisle—gorgeous!

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Finish with a Headband

Katherine Rose Photography

A delicate headband only heightens the beauty of long blond locks.

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Showcase Beautiful Thick Hair

Hannah Costello

With hair this beautiful, it would be almost wrong to wear it up.

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Try a Sleek Blowout

KT Merry

A high neckline and voluminous veil call for a simple style, like this sleek blowout.

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Go for Romantic

Lauren Fair Photography

There's something so romantic and effortless about long curls and a simple gown.

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Try Pulled Back with Texture

Sasithon Photography

Stay true to your personal style by maintaining your regular part and just adding a bit of texture to the length.

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Experiment with Volume

Meghan Kay Sadler

Who doesn't love a bouncy wedding day blowout like this?

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Sweeten with Tiny Florals

Blue Rose Pictures

Dress up those gorgeous curls with a half-up style that incorporates your favorite tiny florals.

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Go for Effortless

Olivia Rae James

There's nothing we love more than a chic, minimalist wedding dress and similarly effortless hair.

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Stay Sophisticated

Rachel May Photography

For a sophisticated style, look no further than classic movie star curls parted to the side.

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Fall for Face-Framing

Tim Willoughby

A crisp, white gown looks even better with a simple, pinned-back hairstyle and face-framing tendrils.

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Go gor Glamour

Terri Diamond Photography

Voluminous curls are the epitome of glamorous wedding day hair.

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Sweep Back Wind-Swept Waves

Tim Leung Photography

Who knew wind-swept waves and a simple bobby pin could make such a romantic style?

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Laidback Meets Flirty

Tim Ryan Smith

We love a wispy, laid-back blowout—especially when paired with a stunning column wedding gown.

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Complement a Dramatic Veil

Whyman Studios

Bouncy long hair and a dramatic veil make the ultimate power couple if you ask us.

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Try Tousled Beachy Waves

Un Cercle

You can never go wrong with tousled, beachy waves that bring out hair's shine and lustrous color.

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