30 Ways to Wear Your Hair Down for Your Wedding

<p>groom kissing bride on forhead</p>

Heather Kincaid

One of the biggest decisions you'll make when it comes to your bridal look is your wedding hairstyle, and it is a big one. From classic updos to bridal braids (or even a messy bun if you're Meghan Markle), you've got options. But there are plenty of brides out there who'd rather let their hair down on their wedding day, too—and for those brides, we've gathered some seriously fab wedding hairstyle inspiration for you!

Whether you're thinking about embracing your hair's natural texture, glamming things up with curls or waves, or topping off your locks with delicate fresh flowers, a hair accessory, or even nothing at all, we've got you covered. Free-flowing strands are effortlessly romantic and can look gorgeous with a veil or without one, too. And if you think your hair is too short (or too long) to pull it off, think again. Countless brides have nailed the look with bridal lobs and bobs in addition to super-long locks.

Keep reading for some stylish wedding hairstyle inspiration from real weddings.

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Embrace a Natural Look

<p>bride and groom traditional clothing</p>

Kristin Sweeting Photography

From the floral embroidery on her spectacular lehenga to that serious stack of bangles and delicate henna, this bride's wedding day ensemble has so many lovely details worth admiring. As a counterpoint, we love that she kept her locks (and her makeup) so fresh and relaxed. Her natural beauty just radiates, and we're swooning, for sure.

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Create the Illusion of a Half-Up Hairstyle

Bridal portrait with embellished cape

Stephania Campos; Event Planning by Daryl Wilson of D Concierge Events; Hair by Nikki Garcia; Makeup by Stacy Kent

Love the finished look of a half-up, half-down wedding 'do, but also really want to keep your locks loose and voluminous? One ever-so-slightly more undone option (than a formal 'do) is to have your stylist comb back and pin just a top section of your hair or place your veil in the center to give the illusion of a half-up style.

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Consider a Loose Side Braid

<p>Bride in Sarah Seven</p>

Mirelle Carmichael; Hair by Playacar Palace Spa

Yes, we know, a braid might not technically be a let-your-hair-down wedding hairstyle—but it's definitely worthy of consideration. And what's not to love about a loose side braid that's paired with side-swept long layers or bangs, face-framing tendrils, perhaps even a delicate crown or garland? There are so many ways to make this wedding 'do all your own.

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Contrast a Lob With Length

<p>Bride in window with veil</p>

Kelly Anne Berry; Hair by Nikki Wright, Celeb Hairstylist, The Wright Salon

We absolutely adore how this bride's floral-embroidered, floor-length veil cascades over her side-parted, shoulder-grazing tresses. Paired with such a classic bridal accessory, her unfussy, wavy 'do infuses the whole look with a chicness and lightness that's no less timeless.

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Dress Up a Classic Pony

bride and groom at altar

Kate Headley; Hair by The Village Parlor

Finished with delicate florals (which the bride gathered herself that morning!) plus cascading curls and face-framing tendrils, a ponytail works beautifully as a hair-down wedding style that's fresh, relaxed, and romantic.

The key is to keep those strands ultra-straight and sleek and gathered in a low pony that can be worn straight down your back—or casually tossed over your shoulder.

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Go for Classic Glamour

<p>bride at altar hair down soft waves</p>

Giuseppe Marano

Styled with a deep center part, perfectly coiffed waves that show off that stunning balayage, and finished with a traditional bridal veil—in both style and placement—this bride was going for classic glamour, clearly. She totally nailed it, and you can, too, as this wedding hairstyle is a stunner paired with all sorts of gown bodices and necklines, too.

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Say Yes to Bombshell Curls and Easy Elegance

<p>kiss on the cheek two brides</p>

Katie Edwards Photography; Hair by Adrienne Flores

Looking for proof positive of the versatility of hair-down wedding hairstyles? How about these beautiful brides, one of whom went for classic bombshell curls and the other an easy, sophisticated elegance? What can we say...we love 'em both!

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There Is Beauty in Simplicity

<p>Bride with mother of bride</p>

A Heart String

We're all about this bride's fresh and modern wedding-day style, which pairs a sleeveless, open-back ball gown (that's completely free of embellishments or adornments) with an all-down hairstyle that's so regal and gorgeous all on its own, no crown or hair accessories required.

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Rock Bangs With Short, Tousled Waves

bride and groom walking in an urban destination

Ready Luck

Everything about this bride's wedding-day style is giving us serious vintage feels. We love the combination of her short and sassy tousled 'do and bangs paired with such a gorgeous lace-backed off-the-shoulder gown—plus, the length of her hair allows all of that beautiful lacework to be shown off properly. (Can we talk about how beautiful that scalloped edging is?!)

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Embrace Beachy Waves

Mom zipping bride into dress

Jenn Emerling; Event Planning by Ashley Smith Events; Hair by Katie Nash Beauty

Whether you're planning a warm-weather destination wedding or just love the look of beachy waves, here's the good news—it's a hairstyle that's going to look amazing on hair of almost any length. Style with a few flowers in your hair for added boho vibes.

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Experiment With a Side Part

Bridal portrait with soft romantic waves

Erich McVey; Event Planning by Paper Diamonds; Hair by Alexandul

One ultra-easy way to change up your everyday hairstyle so that it's wedding-worthy? Play around with how you part your hair! We love how a deep side part paired with soft curls instantly glams up any 'do.

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Pin Up a Few Strands With Fresh Florals

Floral adorned half-up, half-down style

Ashley Sawtelle

One step up from a completely unadorned, all-down wedding hairstyle is this fresh and pretty look, which finishes easy waves with a delicate botanical arrangement that your florist can design based on your wedding florals. Pinned (along with a few gathered strands) at the back of the head, this style does double-duty to also keep those strands in place and out of the way for the day.

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You Can't Go Wrong With Side-Swept Curls

Bridal Portrait

Kristen Lynne Photography 

No matter what your hair length or texture, side-swept barrel curls are always a good idea. This classic wedding hairstyle is equal parts elegant and glamorous—and works with all sorts of dress styles, too.

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Put a Crown (or Wreath) on It

Newlyweds kissing

Eva Lin Photography; Hair by Levi Jackson

Loose waves topped with a botanical crown is a classic boho wedding hairstyle for good reason. We love how the options these days are ever more creative, from full-on floral crowns to greenery-only wreaths to custom combos and even halos of pampas grass. Dream it up, and no doubt your florist can make it happen!

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Think Minimalist

Tim Willoughby

So simple, but still so pretty! We love this bride's low-key hairstyle, which pairs perfectly with her crisp, white sleeveless gown—a minimalist bride's match made in heaven. To achieve the look, strands are gathered from the crown of the head and simply pinned back, with a bit of curl given to the face-framing tendrils.

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When in Doubt, Blow It Out

Hair stylist putting hair spray in brides shiny blowout

Flora & Flauna; Hair by Seven Salon

Isn't this bride the essence of laid-back chic?! We love all the bounce and shine emanating from this photo. You don't necessarily need to have long tresses to own this look—that's the beauty of a blowout, which allows your stylist to work some serious hair magic for locks of all lengths and a wide range of textures.

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Loose and Tousled Two Ways

<p>Brides holding hands</p>

Mackenzie Neville

To crown or not to crown? Well, these two beautiful brides show that a loose and tousled wedding hairstyle can look just as gorgeous either which way. (Although, we know, that doesn't necessarily make your decision any easier!)

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Go for Maximum Volume

Bride with veil and parents

To The Moon; Hair by Karuna

Bouncy long hair and a dramatic veil make the ultimate power couple if you ask us. To achieve the look, ask your stylist for a big volume blowout finished with a strong-hold hairspray so that gorgeous 'do will last all day.

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Sleek and Oh-So Stylish

Newlyweds and vintage car

Gianny Campos; Event Planning by Rebekkah Rosado of Runway Events; Hair by Lacy Redway at The Wall Group

We love the casual elegance of this bride's sleek hairstyle, which starts with a middle part and finishes with just a bit of texture worked into her loose strands. It's the perfect blank canvas, so to speak, to showcase the intricate gown, which is simply stunning in its own right.

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Think Soft and Ethereal

Lucy Cuneo

Talk about an angelic vision! If you've got gorgeous long locks, wide, soft waves is a classic hair-down wedding hairstyle worth considering—especially if you're looking to channel a dreamy, ethereal bridal style. Wedding photographers love to snap this sort of shot of their brides backlit in natural light, and it's easy to see why!

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Finish With a Hairpiece

Bride and mom

Larissa Cleveland Photography; Event Planning by Every Elegant Detail; Hair by Patty Perez

We love when brides go for a statement hair accessory, such as this sparkly hairpiece, which is adorned with tiny flowers and crystals. While this bride's rocking soft waves, tons of other down 'dos would pair just as beautifully.

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Go for Soft and Romantic Waves

<p>bride with bouquet</p>


We love the easy elegance of this bride's wedding style—from her soft waves to her barely there makeup, the whole look exudes such relaxed, understated natural beauty that you almost wonder, did she just wake up this way?

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Soft Curls Are Always So Pretty

Echoes and Wild Hearts

More shaped and bouncy than waves but still loose and relaxed in appearance, soft curls are a perpetually popular choice among brides because they're so versatile and also have staying power. While wavy 'dos are intended to have a natural look and feel (and may soften as the hours pass), curls are more likely to retain their shape and volume.

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Show Off Your Natural Volume

Wavy mid-length bridal hairstyle

Sandy SooHoo 

We absolutely love this hair length for brides with a thicker, naturally wavy and curly locks—it's that perfect balance of volume and length, without weighing down your gorgeous tresses either. Being such a stunning statement all on its own, accessories aren't even necessarily required.

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Dress Up Your Everyday

Terri Diamond Photography

Gorgeous gown aside, we can envision this bride exuding the same sort of easy sophistication in her daily life, which is why we love that she stayed true to her own personal style for her wedding day. Plus, her relaxed hairstyle is a refreshing choice when paired with such a dreamy gown...doesn't it feel like it's straight out of a fairy tale?

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Frame Those Gorgeous Curls

Textured Curls and Colorful Blooms

Gillespie Photography; Hair by Amy Merritt 

Such luscious ringlets (and natural curls of all sorts of lengths and styles) needn't be tucked away on your wedding day—although we do love the addition of a statement hair accessory of some sort, as it will help to compose your look and ensure you'll be photo-ready at every moment, from every angle.

When you find an accessorized look you love, two questions to ask are: Does this feel like it fits with your wedding-day style, and does it work with your overall wedding aesthetic?

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Pin It Back

Jenn Emerling

We love this look, which is the perfect solution for brides who appreciate the fresh face appeal of an updo but want to keep their locks down and loose in the back. Thanks to strategically placed pins, several topped with tiny pearls, this bride's hair is swept back from her face entirely—all the better to show off her gorgeous cheekbones and beaming smile.

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Sweeten Curls With Tiny Florals

Blue Rose Pictures

When it comes to wedding hairstyles, it doesn't get more sweet and romantic than a headful of curls cascading down your back! We love how this look is finished with a delicate spray of tiny florals tucked into some soft strands that have been woven together for an almost crown-like effect.

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Just Be Yourself

bride portrait at industrial Brooklyn venue

Chaz Cruz; Hair by Christine Ku of Zoku Salon

We love this bride's rationale behind deciding on a low-key, middle-part wavy wedding hairstyle—which is the epitome of understated elegance paired with the slim silhouette of her stunning strapless gown. “I decided to wear my hair down, like I do every day, to feel more like myself,” she told Brides. Cheers to that!

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Go (Ultra) Long

<p>portrait of bride from back view</p>

BFA for BFA Weddings

With hair this long and lustrous, it would almost be wrong to wear it up! This bride's ultra-long locks, paired with this vision of a gown, is giving us serious princess vibes. We say: If you've got locks that you already love to wear down, let 'em flow on your wedding day.

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