28 Double Band Engagement Rings

Two Is Better Than One

Courtesy of Après

When Joe Jonas put a ring on it with Sophie Turner, we were seriously awestruck by the stunning pear-shaped sparkler. The megawatt diamond accented with pavé stones is beyond breathtaking no matter how you shake it, but the double band engagement ring setting is what truly got us—it perfectly sets off the teardrop diamond appearing unique as ever (and costing a real pretty penny, to boot).

What Is a Double Band Engagement Ring?

A double band engagement ring simply has two bands that are connected by a stone in the middle.

Clean and modern, we’ve become obsessed with double band engagement rings akin to Turner’s one-of-a-kind design. The beauty of this band style is that it perfectly showcases any stone shape whether you’re one for an angular emerald or Asscher cut, traditional oval or pear, or a vintage-inspired shape like a marquise or a stone cluster. Designers are privy to the aesthetic with options on the market ranging from simple to ornate at an array of prices.

Opting for stones apart from diamonds is another way to stand out with a double band—gemstones appear fresh and unique, a moonstone or opal feels super cool and modern (both incredibly affordable, too), and even a pearl looks contemporary when centered between two slim pavé bands.

Now, not all double bands are alike. Some stones come situated between a top and bottom band appearing pressurized between the two, while others sit atop a split shank to create a similar amount of space around the stone with the bands coming together in the back of the ring. The latter stems from a more traditional setting if you want to keep things modern, but with a skosh of conventionalism. There’s also the option of a double band ring sans center stone—we love this for minimal brides-to-be or for those not into major bling. Set with smaller diamonds on both bands, the look is just as striking.

Another fun fact of a double band ring? It can serve as both an engagement ring and a wedding band if you’re not into wearing more than one ring after your wedding. Modern brides (and budget-conscious ones) will love this. Or, if you are the ring stack type, the double band will give you a head start on your nesting.

Think you’re on board with a double band? Here, scroll through our favorites coming in a variety of stones, silhouettes, and metals. Besides, two is better than one, right?

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K. Birnbach 1.15 Carat Total Marquise Diamond Frame Ring

J. Birnbach

$3,990 (SHOP NOW)

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J. Birnbach 1.57 Carat GIA E VVS2 Antique Asscher Diamond Platinum Ring

J. Birnbach

$20,400 (SHOP NOW)

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Mark Broumand 1.98ct Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

Courtesy of Mark Broumand

$13,950 (SHOP NOW)

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Harry Koltar Arabesque Platinum Ring

Courtesy of Harry Koltar

$45,315 (SHOP NOW)

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Anna Sheffield Attelage Ring Yellow Gold & White Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Anna Sheffield

$8,630 (SHOP NOW)

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McTeigue & McClelland Diamond Thread Asscher Cut Diamond Ring in Platinum

Courtesy of McTeigue & McClelland

Available By Special Order (SHOP NOW)

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Diamond and Tanzanite White Gold Double Band Ring

Courtesy of 1stdibs

$4,000 (SHOP NOW)

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Kwiat Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Courtesy of Kwiat

Price Upon Request (SHOP NOW)

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Bliss Lau Illuminate Ring

Courtesy of Bliss Lau

$6,315 (SHOP NOW)

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Erica Courtney Emily Ann Ring in Platinum

Courtesy of Erica Courtney

Price Upon Request (SHOP NOW)

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Noor Fares Opal Rhombus Ring

Courtesy of Noor Fares

Approximately $4884.98 (SHOP NOW)

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Kat Kim Pear Duo Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Kat Kim

Price Upon Request (SHOP NOW)

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Rebecca Overman Rose Cut Marquise Pavé Platinum Ring

Courtesy of Rebecca Overman

$13,775 (SHOP NOW)

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ILA Phoenix 14K White Gold And Diamond Ring

Courtesy of ILA

$2,585 (SHOP NOW)

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Allurez Round Diamond Split Shank Engagement Ring 14K Yellow Gold

Courtesy of Allurez

Was $3,560, Now $2,225 (SHOP NOW)

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Gemvara Samantha Ring Emerald Cut Diamond

Courtesy of Gemvara

$3,085 (SHOP NOW)

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Repossi Serti sur Vide Module Ring in White Gold

Courtesy of Repossi

Price Upon Request (SHOP NOW)

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Diamondère Stephne Round SI Diamond Sidestone Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold

Courtesy of Diamondère

$6,452 (SHOP NOW)

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Après The Beatrix Ring in Emerald Cut

Courtesy of Après

$3,250 (SHOP NOW)

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Blanca Monrós Gómez Vena Amoris Ring

Courtesy of Blanca Monrós Gómez

$2,950 (SHOP NOW)

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Nikos Koulis Yellow Gold Ring With White Diamonds

Courtesy of Nikos Koulis

Price Upon Request (SHOP NOW)

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L'Amour Crisscut Diamond Engagement Ring

Courtesy of L'Amour

Price Upon Request (SHOP NOW)

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