Beauty and the Beast 's Wedding Invitation Would Definitely Look Like This

We found the perfect wedding invitations for every Disney princess

Updated 03/17/17

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Disney's live-action Beauty and the Beast film is finally, finally, finally hitting U.S. theaters today. And we're so excited, we almost ditched work to go see it. (Don't tell our boss...) But instead, we did what we do best: wedding planning! While we've yet to see the flick, it's no secret that at the end of the traditional story, Belle ends up marrying her beloved Beast/Prince and lives happily ever after, big ball gown and all. So who would we be if we weren't dreaming of the princess's big-day details?

And apparently, we weren't the only ones! Amber Harrison, style and etiquette expert at Wedding Paper Divas, also couldn't help but envision Belle's wedding day—and came up with the PERFECT wedding invitation for the beautiful bookworm and her sweetie.

Now this is definitely how Belle and the Beast would invite you to "Be Our Guest."

Harrison chose Wedding Paper Diva's Gilded Scrollwork wedding invitations (available here) for their clean simplicity and golden touch of grandeur—a vibe that would seamlessly suit the Beauty and the Beast couple.

After a girls' night out with your bridesmaids to see Emma Watson don that golden yellow ball gown, we wouldn't blame you if you start referring to your almost hubs as your Prince and fall a little harder into your Disney obsession. (There should be a support group for this type of thing.)

Luckily, Amber Harrison enabled our Disney addiction by dreaming up the wedding invites of not only Belle, but the other princesses as well! Swoon...

Browse below to get a peek of what the wedding invitations of your fave Disney princesses might've looked like...

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Belle & Beast

There's no doubt that this royal duo's nuptials would be very traditional (well, as traditional as you can get when you're marrying a former mythical monster) and obviously opulent—they do live in an enchanted castle, after all! Taking place in the library (of course) of their sprawling estate, the guest list would be quite long as well, with an entire kingdom and a castle's worth of candlesticks, clocks, and teapots to invite, hence the formality of this gorg invite.

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Ariel & Eric

The Little Mermaid Wedding Invitation

Courtesy of Wedding Paper Divas

Ariel wanted to be a "Part of Your World," but we just want to be a part of this (surely seaside) wedding! The blueish-green hue of this foil-stamped invite would be a great callback to the bride's sea-folk fam.

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Rapunzel & Flynn

Tangled Wedding Invitation

Courtesy of Wedding Paper Divas

The intricate laser-cut design of these metallic cards is a beautiful homage to the bride's magical golden locks—those tresses did bring these two crazy kids together, after all!

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Anna & Kristoff

Frozen Wedding Invitation

Courtesy of Wedding Paper Divas

A winter wedding for the Frozen couple is obviously a given. And what better way to invite the kingdom of Arendelle to their snowy nuptials than with an on-theme snowflake invite?

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Jasmine & Aladdin

Aladdin Wedding Invitation

Courtesy of Wedding Paper Divas

Who needs a wedding planner when you have a genie? This blue-hued invite fits the tone of their "I dos" among the sand dunes and desert stars.

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Mulan and Li

Mulan Wedding Invitation

Courtesy of Wedding Paper Divas

Something tells us that this badass bride was inspired by the blooming trees outside her family's home when selecting these cherry blossom wedding invitations.

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