10 Creative Details Inspired by the Royal Wedding Reception

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While we weren't invited to the ultra-exclusive royal wedding reception, we are thankful that details are (finally!) emerging from it—and they do not disappoint. Epic toasts? You know it. Fireworks? Naturally. Basically, Meghan and Harry's royal wedding reception sounds like the best reception ever.

And surprisingly, it's not the stately venue or celebrity guests that made this party the talk of the town. Instead, it's the creative touches the couple put on their own celebration. From a signature cocktail inspired by their first meeting to late-night burgers (a nod to the bride's American roots) and more, it's clear that Harry and Meghan, like any bride and groom, were quite involved in the planning and personalizing of their wedding reception. Which is good news, because even if you can't get Elton John on stage or George Clooney to RSVP, you can copy the 10 creative ideas below. And, of course, you don't want to emulate Harry and Meghan exactly, however tempting that may be.

Instead, think about highlighting an aspect of your relationship, serving your go-to drunk-munchies, and showcasing your favorite cocktails to throw an epic celebration that feels customized to you and your partner. We think Harry and Meghan would agree that your wedding day is all about just that—showcasing your love, your relationship, and your future life together—whether you're a royal or not!

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A Signature Cocktail

Photo by Liz Banfield

Make like Harry and Meghan, who created personalized cocktails for the evening. They served one rum variety and another made of gin, but feel free to customize yours to your favorite spirit (or spirits!). Just make sure to give each a creative name like theirs: "When Harry Met Meghan."

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A Tequila Bar

Photo by Sara Lobla

We hear that there was a tequila bar and that at one point, Mr. Clooney may have taken on the role of bartender. While we aren't sure if this is quite true (or if it's all a fantasy), we do know that tequila makes any party all the more fun. This is why we're giving you nine creative ways to serve the party-inducing liquor. You can thank us later.

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Food Stations

Photo by Liz Banfield

It's said that the reception took place on the grounds of Frogmore House, where a tent was set up in the beautiful gardens. As much as we love a tented wedding, we love to hear that the couple embraced the setting by arranging bars and food displays throughout the space. You can do the same by having multiple food stations at cocktail hour or even late-night snacks after dinner has been served, the cake has been cut, and dancing has begun.

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Cold Brews & Burgers

Word on the street is that the party evolved into a beer pong tourney late in the night. How fun, right? But even if that's not your thing, it's a new idea to embrace a college pastime sure to be enjoyed by all. Do so in a more elevated way by serving cold brews paired with mini burgers (which the couple also did!) in an effort to wow all of your guests.

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A Sit-Down Dinner

Photo by Liz Banfield

Apparently, the couple embraced their black-tie vibe by serving a formal three-course meal. We are going to assume this (undoubtedly amazing) menu included seasonal and locally-sourced dishes. Yum!

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Late-Night Pizza

Photo by Birds of a Feather

Someone apparently ordered a cart of pizza at the royal wedding reception, meaning they'll forever be known as the favorite wedding guest. Take the success of this gesture and tailor it to your menu with bite-size slices for all (personalized boxes are not required but they're definitely encouraged).

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Cotton Candy Snacks

Cotton Candy

Photo by Eva Lin Photography

In line with the event's carnival-themed atmosphere, we hear that Harry and Meghan served candy floss, known in the U.S. as cotton candy. Again, proof that the happy royals were playing to their (and their guests') inner kid at heart. Serve the sweet by the bundle or cater the dessert to adult revelers by pairing it with sparkling rosé or champagne.

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Champagne Toasts

champagne tower

Photo by Logan Cole

We hear that the royals served vintage Pol Roger Champagne—but we're not sure in what form. That said, we love the idea of a champagne toast to begin the night or a champagne tower (instead of a cake cutting) to end it.

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Photo by Thomas Papaterpos; courtesy of Vanessa Monnet

The night reportedly ended with a spectacular display of fireworks. We're all for this idea, especially when they're launched over a castle as an epic surprise!

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A Classic Ride

Bride and Groom Exit Ceremony

Photo by Polina Vinogradova

Make like the newlyweds, who traveled to their royal reception in a Jaguar with a license plate personalized with their wedding date. And with a ride that sweet, know that it's more than okay to make both a grand entrance and exit.

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