8 Super-Chic Desk Accessories to Add To Your Registry

Because you deserve a sexy tape dispenser. Yes, we said sexy

Updated 03/13/18

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Although it may not be at the top of your list of registry priorities, having super sleek and chic desk accessories can make all the difference in a home office or even just a small work space. For those times you just aren't in the mood to sit down and plug away, having a cheery and stylish space in which to do that work makes things just a little easier.

Maybe you've had your eye on some rose gold scissors, an acrylic stapler, perchance a modern brass file folder holder, but just couldn't bring yourself to pay over $30 for something so utilitarian. That's the beauty of your registry! You can put some truly dream items on it that will be perfect for group gifting (bigger things, like bikes or a large piece of furniture), but you can also put things that are smaller extras that you wouldn't buy for yourself.

Plus, we are big proponents of having everything (or as much as you can) that is useful in your home not only serve a purpose, but also be beautiful enough to leave out on your counter, desk, or coffee table. To that end, here are eight super-chic accessories that will add both beauty and function to your workspace.

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Concrete Desk Set

Photo Courtesy of Area Ware

We're into concrete everything these days, and the beauty of this is that it's not too feminine or fussy. Just the right amount of industrial cool.

Concrete Desk Set, $50, MAGNUS PETTERSEN available on Area Ware

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Giles & Brother Push Pin Set

Photo Courtesy of Anthropologie

Who needs those ugly plastic push-pins of old? These all look like they're made of found objects, so you won't be embarrassed to display them.

Push Pin Set, $16, Giles & Brother available on Anthropologie

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Modern Type Calendar

Photo Courtesy of Zaffre Press on Etsy

A minimal desk calendar that you won't get sick of, and perfect for the graphic design loving couple.

Modern Type Calendar, $15.95, Zaffre Press available on Etsy

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Whimsical Scissors

Photo Courtesy of Anthropologie

Whimsical scissors you'll definitely want to show off.

Longwood Scissors, $26, available at Anthropologie

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Lucite Pen Holder

Photo Courtesy of JR Williams

We know you probably don't have only beautiful pens (hey, we all need some gel rollers) but if you have a couple that are special, you naturally have to make sure you display them properly.

Pen Holder, $25, JR Williams

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Solid Brass Tape Dispenser

Photo Courtesy of CB2

This may be one of the most beautiful tape dispensers we've ever seen. You could even hang it next to your desk by a nail or hook to save space!

Solid Brass Tape dispensers, starting at $24.95, available at CB2

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Design-Forward Scissors

Photo Courtesy of Needs Supply Co.

When you have some serious cutting to do, these will do the trick. Heavy duty and beautifully designed.

Scissors, $61, Craft Design Technology available at Need Supply Co.

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Business Card Tin Cans

Who says you need to keep your business cards (or other odds and ends) crammed in a desk drawer?

Syuro Rectangular Tin Cans, starting at $56, available at Muhs Home

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