24 Creative Wedding Welcome Bag Ideas

Wedding welcome bags

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Wedding welcome bags can come in all shapes and sizes. You may be opting for a sweet gift for your out-of-town guests, or you're hoping to add an extra special touch for those traveling a distance for your destination wedding. For some, you may have even chosen to put together a welcome bag for everyone attending your wedding.

But it's important to remember that welcome bags aren't just there for show. They provide a glimpse of the festivities to come—allowing you and your partner to effectively welcome your guests and highlight the most important parts of the weekend. Plus, they provide a thoughtful, personalized package of goodies.

While a typical welcome bag consists of basic wedding-day essentials like water bottles and mints, couples are finding ways to incorporate their personality into the details. Highlighting a locale's unique food and beverages, adding in helpful maps and guides, or pampering your guests with a few extra special touches can go such a long way.

Consider adding a personalized note or customized gift, such as an embroidered handkerchief, to each bag to truly make each recipient feel welcome.

Welcome bags allow you to get creative and to mix and match complementary items like olive oil and bread or even whiskey and chocolate. Plus, they provide the perfect opportunity to tuck a sweet note inside letting your guests know just how thrilled you are to have them with you to celebrate. And while there are so many options out there to put together a unique welcome bag, it all boils down to finding items that both you and your partner are excited to share with your guests

Read on to see 24 of our favorite ideas for wedding welcome bags to inspire your own.

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Embrace a French Vibe

French welcome bag


Planning a destination wedding in the French countryside? Or, keeping with a French theme while hosting your guests stateside? Embrace a French vibe with favorites such as a fresh baguette, mini jars of jam, and a little bit of bubbly.

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Serve Up Your Favorite Snacks

Snack wedding welcome box


Make sure all of those snacks you're incorporating are meaningful. We love the idea of serving up a huge array of you and your partner's absolute favorites for guests to enjoy.

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Keep It Small

Simple wedding welcome bag


Keeping it small and simple doesn't mean it's any less special. We love the idea of using miniature bags with just a few meaningful items tucked inside.

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Get Beach-Ready

Beach wedding welcome bag


Don't miss the beach essentials! Packing sunscreen, a fan, and sunglasses into a nautical-themed bag can go such a long way for guests. This is the perfect option for those hosting a beachside destination wedding.

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Put a Map on a Tote Bag

Custom wedding welcome bag

Photo by Judy Pak

If you don't want to add all of your goodies to a dull, blank bag, don't! Add a custom illustrated map to your canvas totes. What a perfect way to introduce your guests to the area.

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Provide City Guides

Coastal wedding welcome bag

Photo by Marisa Holmes

If you have guests coming in from out of the area, pop a guide to the city in each welcome bag. Of course, adding in a few snacks and essentials will make it that much better.

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Commission an Illustration

Wedding welcome bag with custom illustration


Why not add a little bit of art to the mix? If you or your partner love to draw or paint, adding an illustration could be the perfect touch. Or, commission a custom piece to showcase your ceremony's setting.

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Stick With Your Color Scheme

Green wedding welcome basket

 Photo by KT MERRY

Consider keeping your wedding's color palette going, even with your welcome bags. Opt for meaningful items that are packaged in like colors for a cohesive look.

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Include a Hangover Kit

Hangover kit as wedding welcome bag

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If you're anticipating some heavy imbibing over the weekend, provide your guests with a quick cure. A hangover kit with eye drops, aspirin, and other thoughtful necessities will go a long way.

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Embrace a Nautical Theme

Nautical wedding welcome bag

Photo by Corbin Gurkin

Planning a beach party or a destination wedding by the sea? Highlight local food by providing snacks and famed treats, such as bags of chips and cute lobster-shaped lollipops.

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Use Wooden Crates for a Rustic Vibe

Wooden crate as wedding welcome bag

Photo by Austin Gros

If bags aren't going to match your wedding's aesthetic, you can certainly opt for an alternate solution. Instead of a bag, fill small wooden crates for a rustic look. Tie a ribbon around it to hold your wedding-day goodies.

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Opt for Simple Paper Bags

brown paper welcome bag

Photo by Katch Silva

Don't judge a welcome bag by its size. Opt for custom stamped paper bags filled with a couples' note and a fan for a smaller, intimate ceremony.

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Make It Sweet

Sweet welcome bag


If you and your partner always have sweet tooths, there's no shame in celebrating it. Add in treats like saltwater taffy and kettle corn to gift your guests a sweet surprise.

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Embrace Fresh Fruits

Orange in wedding welcome box

Photo by Jessica Charles

It doesn't all have to be snacks and sweets. Add your state's most recognizable fruits like Florida oranges to provide a fresh taste of home.

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Celebrate With Tea Time

English tea welcome box

Photo by Kate Headley

For a smaller ceremony, you can really go all out on your welcome bags or boxes. Embrace a love for specialty teas with two cute mugs packaged in a beautiful box.

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Incorporate Local Beer

Welcome box with beer


If you and your partner are craft beer lovers, share your passion with guests. Incorporate a few of your favorite brews along with a bottle opener as a special thank you.

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Add Area Maps for Additional Adventures

Maps in wedding welcome bag

Photo by Corbin Gurkin

Want to make sure your guests don't get bored in between festivities? Give guests maps of surrounding attractions like state parks or the historic downtown district. Pair them with a few sweet treats for an extra special touch.

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Stick With Simple and Fresh

Farmers market wedding welcome bag


Embrace a farmers market vibe with a simple grocery bag. Add a custom note and a few pieces of fresh fruit for your guests to enjoy all weekend long.

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Include a Fan

Welcome bag with personalized notes


Beachside weddings, destination weddings, or any other warmer locale certainly call for this welcome bag addition. Stash the essentials in your bags, such as a useful fan, and add in a few bottles of water.

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Embrace Local Fare

Italian wedding welcome bag

Photo by JEN HUANG

Destination weddings come with so many unique ways to celebrate the locale you're visiting. Bring together a little gift package for your guests, such as olive oil for an Italian wedding.

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Make It Indulgent

Wedding welcome with cookies


Go all out with your favorite indulgent sweets. We love the idea of incorporating cookies and chocolate for guests to treat themselves.

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Include Your Itinerary

Wedding welcome box with itinerary


Of course, wedding welcome bags or boxes can serve a purpose as well. It's not just all about the treats. Be sure to include a beautiful print-out of your itinerary so your guests don't miss a beat.

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Celebrate Your Pet

Pet themed wedding welcome bag


Incorporating your furry best friend into the festivities? Celebrate with custom cookies or other treats that feature your dog or cat.

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Don't Forget the Welcome Note

Welcome note in wedding welcome bag

Photo by Max Wanger

Adding a welcome note for your nearest and dearest will make your wedding bag all the more special. Pen or print a note from you and your partner, thanking your guests for their attendance.

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