19 Creative Wedding Welcome Bag Ideas

Max Wanger

It's important to take care of out-of-town guests traveling a long way to attend your wedding—starting with their arrival. So what better way to greet your guests than with a welcome bag full of goodies? And these welcome bags aren't just there for show. They provide a glimpse of the festivities to come—allowing you and your groom to highlight the most important parts of the weekend with thoughtful, personalized details.

While a typical welcome bag consists of basic wedding-day essentials like water bottles and mints, more couples are finding ways to incorporate their personality into the details. Start off by highlighting the locale's unique offerings with a re-useable map tote filled with postcards and brochures while making note of your favorite eateries and attractions. Next, if your hometown is known for a specific food or beverage, be sure to include them to add some local flavor (think: Florida oranges or Cape Cod chips in the northeast).

Hosting beachside nuptials? Throw in sunglasses or beach towels marked with your wedding-day hashtag. Welcome bags also allow you to mix-and-match complimentary items like olive oil and bread or even whiskey and chocolate (a nice compromise for you and your groom). Finally, for couples looking out for their heavy-imbibing guests, opt for a hangover kit that's packed with all the first-aid necessities.

From the arrival to the send-off, you can be sure that your guests feel right at home with these creative welcome bag ideas. Scroll through to see our favorite wedding welcome bags that will leave you inspired to create your own!

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Give Guests a Taste of the Local Cuisine

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Go for a homemade gift basket with your favorite olive oil and locally made condiments.

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Include a Map of Your Wedding Destination

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Create a personalized printout map of the area for a take-home memento.

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Get Custom Flasks

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If you can't decide between chocolate and whiskey, why not include both? Throw in personalized flasks for a stylish upgrade, styled by Amber Housley Weddings.

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Add in Regional Brochures

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Katie Stoops

Showcase your locale's famous eats and attractions with tour guides and samples of your favorite foods.

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Don't Forget the Welcome Note

Max Wanger

Don't forget to add a welcome note from you and your partner, thanking your guests for their attendance.

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Consider a Mix of Fruits, Jams, and Spirits

Marisa Holmes

A rustic tray featuring local fruits, jams, and spirits.

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Stock Up on Snacks

Corbin Gurkin

Highlight your local foods by providing snacks and famed treats.

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Provide City Guides for Weekend Activities

Marisa Holmes

For coastal couples, highlight the city's beaches by providing a city guide for a fun weekend activity.

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Toast With Local Spirits

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A destination-wedding welcome bag full of personality with local spirits like tequila and Corona beers.

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Include Area Maps for Additional Adventures

Corbin Gurkin

Give guests with maps of surrounding attractions like state parks or the historic downtown district.

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Use Wooden Crates for a Rustic Vibe

Austin Gros

Instead of a bag, opt for small wooden crates tied in ribbon to hold your wedding-day goodies.

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Consider Hangover Kits

Be Collective

If you're anticipating some heavy imbibing over the weekend, provide your guests with a hangover kit with eye drops, aspirin, and other thoughtful necessities.

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Remember That Everyone Loves Comfort Food

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Jen Fariello

Fill your custom tote with snacks for your guests to munch on like popcorn and animal cookies.

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Embrace Fresh Fruits

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Jessica Charles

Add your state's most recognizable fruits like Florida oranges to provide an easy taste of home.

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Personalize the Bag Itself

Judy Pak

Add a custom illustrated map to your canvas totes—it's a perfect way to introduce your guests to the area.

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Ensure No Guest Goes Hungry

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Rebecca Yale

Keep your guests from going hungry by providing snacks like popcorn, nuts, and sweet treats.

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Opt for Simple Paper Bags

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Katch Silva

Don't judge a welcome bag on its size. Opt for custom stamped paper bags filled with a couples' note and a fan for a smaller, intimate ceremony.

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When In Doubt, Go Back to Basics

Liz Banfield

Along with welcome notes and unique gifts, make sure to provide basic essentials for the weekend like bottles of water.

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