10 Creative Ideas for Your 2019 Wedding

Straight from industry pros and ahead-of-the-trend couples

Updated 12/06/18

Photo by Ana Hinojosa

Here at Brides, we like to dedicate the month of December (hello, engagement season!) to brainstorming creative wedding ideas for the year ahead. What will the dress trends be? Is baby's breath still back? Is there a new food truck? But here's the secret: We're not inventing these ideas out of nothing! Instead, we look to real couples who are throwing real parties, and planners who are doing the same for inspiration. (That is, after all, the whole point of the real weddings on our site.) So while we could easily tell you to scroll through pretty pics from now until 2019 for all the best inspo, we thought we would instead do you a favor by highlighting some of our favorite ideas right here.

Below, you'll find 10 trends/things/thoughts that we're excited for in 2019. And we're revealing all of our best secrets! You'll find decor moments we're obsessed with, practices we want to steal (um, we mean politely borrow), and concepts we can't wait to see couples execute. Basically, these are the ideas that could take your wedding from "cool wedding" to "wedding of the year." And not to brag, but we kinda know our stuff: We look at wedding pictures All! Year! Long!

Keep reading to see exactly what we're talking about, but we hope you take these ideas and create some of your own as well. We'll be right here ready to swoon over your wedding pics when you do!

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"The Last Dance"

wedding first dance

Photo by Chris and Ruth Photography

At the end of the night, kick all our guests out and take one last swing, just the two of you. But don't worry, this is not a rude move. In fact, it has an added bonus as it gives everyone else time to get in place for your sure-to-be-perfect sparkler exit.

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Dyed Flowers & Grasses

Photo by Our Labor Of Love; Floral Design by Of The Flowers

If Mandy Moore's wedding photos are any evidence, this is the floral trend to copy. Felisa Funes of Of the Flowers is responsible for creating that dreamy altar and aisle so we asked her how to take it to the next level for your own ceremony. She recommends playing with different dye colors and textures like pampas grass, genestra, gypsophila or even phalaenopsis orchids. As for what hue to use? "So far, I've played with shades of red and pink but I also love the look of soft blue pampas grass, turmeric or soft yellow," she says.

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Wallpaper Accents

bride and groom kissing wedding ceremony

Photo by Mon Soleil; Planning by Sapphire Events; Art by Alexandra Kilburn

It's no secret that wallpaper can transform a space at home—and it's the same when used at a wedding. We're seeing planners use prints on statement walls (behind the head table, as an escort card display) or even as the ceremony altar itself, as this couple did with a de Gournay-inspired design. Feel free to get creative!

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A Photo-Lined Jacket

Groom opening coat

Photo by Kate Headley; Planning by Pineapple Productions; Jacket by STITCHED

We're excited to see guys have fun with their looks! This year, we saw a select few rock green tailored suits (the new navy!?) and add hidden surprises like custom fabric lining to their jackets...and we can't wait to see more. Take this photo of Nationals player Trea Turner, who wore a suit jacket by STITCHED that featured his engagement photos on the inside. We've also seen this using funny childhood photos of the bride, but you've got to get her stamp of approval for that one...

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A Mid-Ceremony Shot

pre I-do tequila shots

Photo by Danielle DeFiore

No, we're not talking about a squad pic. Instead, make like this couple, who actually took a shot during their ceremony. Talk about a great way to start the party—and a lifetime of adventure together. (And, yes, that's Joe Jonas the Wedding Officiant.)

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Personalized Pet Details

signature drinks

Photo by Rebecca Yale Photography

Couples are now including their pets in every single detail—even if they're not actually there on the big day. We love this idea and can fully endorse a custom illo on fun day-of items like cocktail napkins, bar signs, and more. Also popular? Custom cookies and lapel pins as guest favors.

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A Touch-Up Bar

Photo by Ashley Sawtelle

There's always a helluva long line in the ladies room as girls (by nature) love to fix their hair and makeup mid-party. Thankfully, planner Tara Guérard gave us an idea for a solution: Hire some pros and have a few touch-up stations at the ready. We're not talking full makeovers here, but a fresh gloss or curl can go a long way—especially when your guests know there's a photo booth nearby!

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Turn-Down Service

Photo by Jessica Blex; Design by Lovestruck; Calligraphy by Miranda Writes; Wax Seals by Wax Seals; Ribbon by FrouFrou Chic

If you're having a destination wedding, forget stacking your favors on a random table at the end of the night. Instead, surprise your guests by leaving a personalized treat (like these pretty chocolates) in each of their hotel rooms. We think this makes for a five-star experience, even after the party is over.

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Mini Wedding Cakes

Photo by Lacie Hansen; Planning by Callista & Co.; Cakes by The Butter End Cakery

Speaking of sweets, this is another idea we're into: mini wedding cakes. After all, mini food is all the rage at cocktail hour, so why not make it that way at the reception too?! Take this to the next level, as this Cali couple did, by adding each guest's name in icing and personalizing the flavor to his or her liking. Gwyneth Paltrow did—and we're not hating it!

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Private Vows

exchanging love letters before ceremony

Photo by Hannah Costello

After obsessing over the guest experiences and all the ways to make them go "wow," you can't forget to think about yourselves. That's why, as our final tip, we want to highlight one of our favorite new rituals: sharing vows in private. This is an especially great solution if you're not an A+ public speaker (because, who is!) or if you want to exchange traditional vows during the ceremony. Also, exchanging vows in private gives you more time to focus on your partner and your love...and at the end of the day, what more do you want than that?

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