8 Creative Ways to Serve Your Favorite Drink at Your Wedding

Your go-to beverages will never look better

Updated 04/27/18


Nothing kicks off a wedding and gets guests in the true wedding spirit quite like spirits themselves. Whether you and your future spouse fancy a craft brew or a bottle of red wine for two, your go-to beverage(s) should be aplenty at your wedding to truly personalize cocktail hour and beyond. Or, you can also brainstorm a handful of specialty signature drink options to further customize your unique nuptials. However, figuring out the best way to serve and display said cocktails requires yet another department of meticulous consideration.

As with all things wedding-related, presentation is truly key, even in terms of your drinks. Yes, your guests will still get their drink fixes no matter how they're displayed, but what's the fun in just whipping out a beer from the open bar when there are so many ingenious alcohol serving methods in existence!? To take your favorite boozy concoctions from merely just drinkable to truly Instagram-worthy, we rounded up eight creative ways to serve your favorite drink. Whether it be bourbon, Moscow Mules, or even frosé, your beverages of choice will (almost) look better than they taste. Be warned—these examples are SO good that your cocktail displays might just get more photo time than you and your partner on the big day.

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Photo by Gayle Brooker, Design by Tara Guérard

If you and your soon-to-be spouse consider yourselves self-proclaimed bourbon snobs, make your love for this brown-hued booze even more apparent by designating an entire station to it.

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Photo by Erin McGinn Photography

For weddings during the warmer months, a refreshingly cool beverage like frosé is practically a given. Up the ante by serving in champagne coupes with a garnish for the finishing touch.

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Photo by Christy Wilson Photography

Bubbly just got a million times sweeter (and even more fun to drink). Dip popsicles (preferably boozy) into your favorite sparkling wine to give guests drinks and dessert all in one.

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Photo by A Bryan Photo

For another creative way to serve your favorite drink, consider arranging for a DIY beer bar with an on-tap station. Guests will get a kick out of pouring their own brews, and this makeshift structure adds a decidedly more formal feel to your beers of choice.

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Photo by Tim Willoughby

It's hard to top a plain old jalapeño margarita to begin with, but ask your caterer if they can be condensed into mini portions inside Patrón bottles and your margs will be light years ahead of the rest. Quirky straws add an extra wow factor and make for easier consumption. These will be flying off the trays before you and your partner can get your hands on one.

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Photo by Greer Gattuso, Cocktails by The Grand Bevy

Set your signature cocktail apart from just any old gin and tonic or martini. With a creative beverage design this beautiful atop your favorite gin drink, it can (sort of) turn drinking into an art form.

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Photo by Carrie Patet

Your beverage presentation doesn't have to be dedicated primarily to alcohol. Cross two things off your checklist in one fell swoop by incorporating mini copper mugs into the seating chart display. Your nearest and dearest will be instantly prepared for whatever drinks you throw their way, whether Moscow Mules or even Mint Juleps.

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Photo by Logan Cole

Turn your cocktails into the focal point of the reception with none other than a glorious champagne tower. You will face quite a bit of spillage while pouring the tower, and you'll also need to circulate separate champagne while the tower is in intact so guests can get their bubbly fix. But, regardless, this structure is an undeniable show stopper, and you can make it as tiny or as tall as you please.

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