51 Creative Calligraphy Signs for Your Ceremony and Reception

<p>Two Brides with Calligraphed Wedding Sign</p>

Photo by Rachel Elaine Photography; Event Design and Coordination by Maxwell + Gray Events and Laura Cadenhead

Nothing adds a personal touch to your wedding décor quite like beautiful hand-lettered signage. You can use it to help point guests in the right direction, inform them about the festivities to come, or even share you and your beau's favorite quotes.

No longer relegated to just the stationery suite, brides are turning to calligraphy to ramp up their decor for unexpected pops on chair signs, ceremony backdrops, and more. This classic art form is getting a modern upgrade for 2020, with artists taking advantage of unusual materials such as agate slices, glass, and ferns. As a result, the lettering goes above and beyond the traditional.

Give your guests something to write home about with the following calligraphy signs!

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Start Things off With a Welcome Sign

Bride and groom standing next to a hand-lettered welcome sign

Photo by Eleise Theuer Photography; Event Design and Coordination by Antonia Christianson Events

Make your guests feel right at home with a hospitable welcome sign displayed at the entrance.

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Use the Local Language

Custom calligraphy sign at wedding

Photo by Flora + Fauna

If you're hosting a destination wedding, add some cultural flair with decorations in the local language.

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Ramp up the Excitement

Unique wedding sign listing order of events

Photo by Meghan Christine Photography; Event Design and Coordination by Harmony Creative Studio

Rather than simply listing the wedding events, this sign by Sophia Loves Letters features friendly cues to ramp up anticipation (e.g. "generally awesome speeches," "we promise it's worth the wait").

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Introduce Your VIPs

Sign listing the wedding party

Photo by Emily Wren Photography

Skip the individual programs and cut costs with a ceremony sign honoring your wedding VIPs. The rainbow effect is optional but oh so gorgeous for a whimsical theme.

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Go Phone-Free

Sign that says "Welcome to our unplugged ceremony"

Photo by Rebecca Yale Photography

If you want an unplugged wedding or simply don't want guests taking photos and videos during your ceremony, clue them in with a sign like this one.

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Make a Grand Entrance

Large sign on top of two days leading to outdoor wedding ceremony

Photo by m three studio photography

Add an entrance to your outdoor wedding ceremony with reclaimed wood doors and a short (but sweet!) quote using DIY calligraphy.

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Post Your Seating Plan

Sign indicating free seating at wedding reception

Photo by Flora + Fauna

An open seating plan is perfect for a relaxed backyard wedding, and any potential confusion can be avoided thanks to this handy wooden sign.

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Choose a Clever Chalkboard Sign

Chalkboard sign that reads, "Can I get a witness?"

Photo by Rachel Elaine Photography

A cheeky chalkboard sign like this one by Proper Letter adds a humorous touch to the ceremony proceedings.

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Surround the Ceremony Aisle

Ceremony aisle lined with signs reading different romantic quotes

Photo by Verola Studio

Line the ceremony aisle with a series of swoon-worthy quotes.

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A Ring Bearer Banner

Ring bearer holding a sign with a Judy Garland quote

Photo by Vicki Grafton Photography

For a unique alternative to a "here comes the bride" banner, take a cue from this ring bearer, who carried a sign by Meant to Be Calligraphy featuring a lovely quote from Judy Garland down the aisle.

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Customize Your Ceremony Backdrop

Babies in a wagon in front of wedding ceremony backdrop

Photo by Dyanna LaMora Photograph

For the ultimate ambiance, ask your calligrapher to design a custom-made ceremony backdrop with a brief passage from a book, movie, or song that has special meaning for you. This wedding even showcased calligraphy (the & symbol) on the flower girl and ring bearer's wagon!

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Screen Print Your Vows

Vows printed on a long sign hung from a tree

Photo by Kaity Brawley Photography

A couple printed their marriage vows onto fabric as their ceremony décor—how dreamy is that?

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Light It Up

Bride and groom next to neon wedding sign

Photo by Kaity Brawley Photography

If your wedding style is eclectic, then add a quirky touch to your nuptials with a neon calligraphy sign.

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Embrace Your Locale's Color Palette

Beach wedding with a wedding sign and couple

Photo by Manda Weaver Photography

A rose gold and sky blue sign by Jenn Heller Design Co. played up the stunning scenery of this beachside celebration.

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Incorporate Wooden Elements

Wood wedding sign next to rustic-style flower displays

Photo by Feather and Stone Photography; Event Design and Coordination by A Good Affair Wedding & Event Production

A rustic affair calls for lots of wooden décor accents grouped together, along with lush greenery.

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Choose Sweet and Simple Sayings

Brides holding a decorative sign at their wedding

Photo by Rachel Elaine Photography; Event Design and Coordination by Maxwell + Gray Events and Laura Cadenhead

This banner designed by Pink Champagne Paper says it all.

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Consider a Monochromatic Palette

White sign on a white wall at a wedding

Photo by Lisa Renault Photographie; Calligraphy by Atelier Imagine Joy; Event Design by Unikevent and Prune les fleurs

A quote framed by greenery on a whitewashed brick background is a cool choice for an industrial-chic venue.

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Repurpose a Glass Frame

Glass frame with romantic quote

Photo by Emily Sacco Photography

Repurpose a glass frame by printing a sweet saying by on it. After displaying it at your wedding, you can hang it in your home and be reminded of the special day every time you pass it in the hall. We love this one by Whimsy Design Studio.

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Think About Tanned Leather

A leather sign with a romantic quote

Photo by Cassie Rosch, Photographer

Boho brides, check out this nontraditional sign from Whimsy Design Studio, crafted from fabric and suspended in a tree.

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Frame Smaller Signs

Small picture frame with a romantic quote

Photo by Rebecca Yale Photography

Add a dose of charm to your bar or another area in your reception venue where guests tend to congregate with multiple small frames.

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Illustrate Your Relationship

Chalkboard displaying a couple's relationship journey

Photo by Mike B Photography

Reflect on your journey together with an illustrated sign that showcases major highlights (where you met, said "I love you" for the first time, etc.).

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Include Your Favorite Song Lyrics

Sign with Zac Brown Band lyrics being used as wedding decor

Photo by O'Malley Photographers

Country music lovers will appreciate this fun shoutout to Zac Brown Band.

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Get the Party Started

Song lyrics displayed on small rustic sign as wedding decor

Photo by Rachel Elaine Photography; Event Coordination and Design by Maxwell + Gray Events

Fig & Flourish used hip-hop lyrics as the inspiration behind this sign, letting guests know they were in for an awesome dance party.

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Scroll-Style Seating

A scroll with a wedding reception's seating chart

Photo by Vicki Grafton Photography

Meant to Be Calligraphy's scroll-style seating chart display is ideal for an intimate affair.

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Create a Calligraphed Trio

Three large signs displaying a seating chart

Photo by Jenny DeMarco Photography

For a supersize guest list, ask your calligrapher to design three separate seating charts that you can piece together.

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Design a Mirrored Seating Chart

Wedding seating chart displayed on a tall mirror

Photo by Rebecca Yale Photography

Mirror seating charts are all the rage right now, and this one is exceptionally pretty thanks to the lattice design.

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Mix up Your Materials

Extra large framed seating chart sitting on grass

Photo by Vicki Grafton Photography; Event Design and Coordination by Ashlee Virginia Events; Rentals by Paisley & Jade; Florals by LèRoy French Flowers

This seating chart uses a combination of different materials to make a bold statement.

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Write Guests a Thoughtful Note

Individual notes pinned to a "welcome" sign

Photo by Belle Ombre Photography; Event Design and Coordination by Oak & Honey Events

For an ultra-personalized touch, pin custom calligraphy notes for each guest to a wooden board, like this gorgeous sign by Baci Designer.

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Embellish Your Escort Cards

Slices of wood as escort cards

Photo by Flora + Fauna

Add a pop of color to your event with wooden slices emblazoned with guests' names.

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Everything's Better Edible

Edible escort cards

Photo by Flora + Fauna

Edible escort cards are popular with guests, and we adore this citrus setup for a summery wedding.

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Toast With Calligraphy Coasters

Coaster that reads "Please don't take my drink I'm dancing"

Photo by Tim Halberg; Event Design and Coordination by Anais Events

These coasters are a clever way to prevent guests' drinks from being cleared from the table while they're busting a move on the dance floor.

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Spell It Out

a "cheers" sign on greenery

Photo by Ben Pigao Photography; Event Design and Coordination by Bridal Bliss Event Planning

Use wooden letters to spell out a celebratory message against a wall of greenery.

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Display Menu Cards

Detailed display menu at wedding reception

Photo by Flora + Fauna

Get guests excited about the decadent meal to come by displaying a menu card at each table.

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Get Guests Hungry

Large display menu at wedding reception

Photo by Emily Wren Photography

Or hang one oversized banner with all of the entrée choices instead.

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Use Natural Elements

Fern with wedding menu painted on it

Photo by Chris J. Evans Photography

At this tropical affair, the menu was printed on a giant fern.

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Make It Multicultural

Dinner menus at a wedding reception in different languages

Photo by Lisa Renault Photographie; Calligraphy by Atelier Imagine Joy

If you're throwing a multicultural wedding, honor both families' backgrounds with dual menu signs printed in each language.

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Utilize Modern Lucite Details

Glass sign with a list of cocktails

Photo by Erin McGinn Photography

Showcase your signature cocktails on a colorful sign. We're crushing on this lucite design by Anne Robin Calligraphy.

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List Allergy Information

A small sign displaying food ingredients in case of allergies

Photo by Flora + Fauna

Food and drink pairings are one of the hottest trends for cocktail hour. Use petite signs to explain the offerings, along with any key ingredients guests should be aware of for allergy purposes.

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Spotlight Your Favorite Food

Two large signs displaying the bride and groom's favorite foods

Photo by Jenny DeMarco Photography

Highlight your favorite food with a playful calligraphy display.

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Pay Mind to Your Theme

Three signs with a long 'Anne of Green Gables' quote

Photo by Danielle Coons Photography

Incorporate your wedding theme into your dessert table, like this whimsical Anne of Green Gables décor created by Momental Designs.

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The Perfect Finishing Touch

Calligraphy label on a bottle of wine

Photo by Perry Vaile Photography

Calligraphy labels add an elegant finishing touch to your favors.

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Adorn an Alfresco Space

A banner sign hung in a tree at a wedding reception

Photo by Shelby Lea Photography

An outdoor wedding featured this simple but stunning banner by Sea & Sun Calligraphy.

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Create Calligraphy Chair Decorations

Chairs adorned with names of the wedding party

Photo by Flora + Fauna

Differentiate guest-of-honor chairs with beautiful laser-cut calligraphy signs.

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Don't Forget About Your Hashtag

A sign that reads "Oh snap, if you Instagram tag #OrenandBecs"

Photo by Lisa Renault Photographie; Calligraphy by Atelier Imagine Joy

Instruct guests where to send all of those hilarious candid snapshots with a hashtag sign.

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Calligraph Agate Slices

Agate slices as table numbers

Photo by Anne Kim Photography

Agate slices are quickly becoming one of the hottest wedding trends of the year—check out these steal-worthy table numbers by Laura Hooper Calligraphy.

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Add Elegance to Table Numbers

Vase-like table numbers

Photo by Kristen Joy Photography

These glass table numbers designed by Schin Loong from OpenInkStand Calligraphy Studio would make an elegant addition to a black-tie wedding.

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A Fabulous Favor Display

a sign displayed over blanket favors

Photo by Sloan Photography; Event Design and Coordination by All You Need is Love Events

Display a sign to accompany comforts like blankets or flip-flops so that guests know they're welcome to take them.

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Explain Your Exit Strategy

A sign that reads "Wave a wand of good wishes for the Mr. and Mrs."

Photo by Kaysha Weiner Photographer

If you're having a sparkler exit, give guests a heads up with a sign prominently displayed at the reception.

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Add Some Personality

A small sign with a quote from 50 Cent

Photo by Chris J. Evans Photography

Don't be afraid to get silly with your wedding signs—guests will get a kick out of them!

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A Sign of Thanks

A tall chalkboard sign with a thank you note to wedding guests

Photo by Eric & Jamie Photography

This couple expressed their gratitude with a chalkboard sign thanking loved ones for celebrating their big day.

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Announce Your Elopement

a "just eloped" sign

Photo by Lisa Renault Photographie; Calligraphy by Atelier Imagine Joy

Even if you're eloping, you can still get in on the signage fun with a "just eloped" photo prop.

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