15 Fresh Ways to Use Potted Plants in Your Wedding Décor

These lush arrangements are the perfect wedding décor addition for plant enthusiasts.

Potted plants used as wedding decorations at a summer wedding.

Photo by Gracie Byrd Jones

Sure, we all love fresh flowers at a wedding—but what about plants? Whether it's the main attraction or just a supplement to your wedding day florals, potted plants can add a fresh and unexpected look to your décor.

One of the biggest benefits of using potted plants at your wedding is that all your pretty greenery doesn't end up in the trash a few days after the event. That means if you and your fiancé(e)—or any of your friends and family—love to garden, you'll have lots of fun swag to take home, and quite possibly have for years to come. And if you're a couple who loves to cook, an herbal centerpiece (think rosemary, basil, flowering thyme, or oregano) is perfect as something that both represents your personality and tastes delicious in your next pasta sauce.

In addition to the eco advantage, using potted plants can also be less expensive, especially if you do some of the legwork yourself by sourcing at your local garden center. All those pretty peonies and roses can come with a hefty price tag. So if you're looking for more volume without breaking the bank, greenery can be the way to go.

Here are 15 of our favorite ways to use potted plants for your wedding centerpieces and décor to get you inspired.

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Use Potted Plants as Escort Cards

Small potted plants used as escort cards at a wedding.

Photo by KT Merry

For an especially fresh and verdant look, create a lush plant wall and use small, potted plants as escort cards. You can place the name cards right into the pots among the leaves, as this couple did.

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Mix Heights and Shapes

potted plants

Thanasis Kaiafas / Stella and Moscha

Cluster small, low plants around taller ones to get a range of heights and shapes. You can even decorate with a whole tree to celebrate your marriage. A ball-like topiary like this olive tree sets the stage (and its tall, thin trunk won't block conversations) while the smaller pots add texture and fullness.

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Incorporate a Seating Chart

Pink flowers potted in a clay pot used as wedding decorations.

Photo by Gracie Byrd Jones

We love the idea of using the pots for potted plants to incorporate a seating chart! Use large pots as a canvas to write your seating chart on and place the plants on a tiered table or a bench—guests can peruse the lush plants on their way to their table!

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Create Garden Vibes

Large potted vine plants at a wedding space.

Photo by Ari Simphukham

If you want an abundant greenery look for your ceremony or reception space, opt for large, leafy potted plants to line the perimeters. The greens will accent the floor, chairs, and tables, and all those leaves will make the atmosphere feel totally lush.

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Use Small Trees in the Reception Area

A wedding reception open-air clear-top tent with long tables and potted trees.

Photo by Perry Vaile

Using small, potted trees can be an excellent way to frame your reception space. Especially in an open-air dining area, like this open-side, clear-top tent space, small potted trees are used to frame the water feature. The lushness mimics the trees outside, too, which makes for stunning photos.

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Add a Woodland Vibe

potted plants

Heather Waraksa

Asymmetrical leafy plants and delicate ferns lend a woodland vibe to this rustic table centerpiece. Mix up the scale and shape of the planters to keep things interesting, and add in some candles to create a soft, moody glow.

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Use Succulents as Escort Cards

succulent place cards

Lauren Fair Photography

Petite succulent plants are super cute as escort cards. Use the same size pot and keep the scale similar throughout, but mix up the types of succulents so each one feels unique.

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Consider Fresh Herbs


Docuvitae / Villa Catureglio

Fresh herbs in whitewashed planters lend a quintessential summer vibe to this outdoor table. Plus, you can double these pretty pots as tasty favors for your guests.

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Select Plants With Subtle Scents

subtlety scented plants

Braedon Flynn / Jessi Haack

Plants and herbs with pleasing smells help create a serene, romantic atmosphere. Rosemary and lavender are good choices for both their subtle scents and their hardiness.

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Line the Ceremony Aisle

potted plant décor

Pat Moyer Photography

A mix of potted herbs and cut branches placed next to chairs during the ceremony can help incorporate color and texture into the ceremony space. Play with arrangements of different heights, sizes, and types of plants to add endless interest.

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Use an Herb Cart for Table Assignments

Herb cart escort card display

Photo by Megan Gielow

Tiny potted herbs are an adorable way to help guests to find their assigned tables. These simple geometric white pots look extra inviting on an industrial rolling cart.

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Gift Succulent Wedding Favors

succulent wedding favors

Rebecca Yale Photography

Tiny potted succulents are also great as favors for guests to take home with them at the end of the night. They're super easy to take care of, so your friends don't have to worry if they don't have green thumbs.

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Utilize Metal Structures

Christian Oth Studio

Architectural metal forms can help create a structure for trailing vines. Use ones with small- to medium-scale leaves, like eucalyptus, to help keep the plants from overwhelming the table.

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Go Big With XL Potted Plants

Potted Succulent Wedding Aisle Decor

Nick Radford Photography

Oversized potted succulents make a sweet statement as aisle décor. Mix in a few smaller pots for accents or let the grand piece shine as the main attraction.

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Consider Cacti Centerpieces

Potted Cacti Wedding Centerpieces

Marcos Sanchez

A grouping of cacti as a centerpiece steals the show on this earth-toned tablescape. Match a variety of cacti with different types of succulents to complete the ultimate boho desert tablescape.

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