5 Colorful Wedding Exit Ideas We're Absolutely Obsessed With

These bursts of color will brighten your big day

Photo by Wild Whim Photography

When you think of wedding exits, you might imagine noisy tin cans tied to the bumper of the getaway car or showers of rice as you exit the wedding ceremony. These have been wedding traditions for decades after all; though they may not necessarily be the prettiest way to send off the newlyweds. These colorful wedding exits ideas, on the other hand, are some seriously gorgeous getaways!

Whether you want to give your wedding a festive pop or crave a perfect photo-op, these unique wedding exit ideas will have you leaving your ceremony or reception in a color-filled burst. Your guests will love sending you off in style, and might just snap the super stunning moment for their own Instagram, too.

Here are five of our favorite colorful wedding exit ideas.

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Photo by Geoff Duncan Photography

This low-maintenance wedding exit can be as colorful as you want it to be. We love the vibrant hues in the one above, but you can also select shades that match your flowers and venue for a complementary color scheme. Whether the confetti rains down overhead or is released through individual poppers (get your guests to participate!), there’s no wrong way to do confetti—especially if it's eco-friendly.

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Photo by Rebekah J. Murray

We love the pink, red, and white streamers at this wedding. The glossy ribbons really shine at nighttime! You can even display them in a basket or oversized jar for a little bonus decor, before using them to usher out the couple.

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Smoke Bombs

Photo by Wild Whim Photography

We love the dreamy explosion of sunset-inspired colors in this desert wedding. If you want to use smoke bombs at your wedding, the colors are pretty customizable so you can mix and match to fit your theme. These are perfect for an outdoor wedding (don’t set off your smoke bombs inside!), but since they can stain, mind your wedding dress.

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Cotton Candy

Photo by Jenn Emerling

If you’re known for your sweet tooth or are simply young at heart, this is the wedding exit idea for you. Cones of cotton candy come in so many beautiful pastel colors, so it looks great in photos and gives your guests a sweet treat to enjoy before the reception.

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Paper Airplanes

Photo by Steffen Harris Photography

We adore this playful wedding exit idea! Your guests are sure to get a little nostalgic throwing paper airplanes, and this is an incredibly easy and affordable way to bring color to the church steps.

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