9 Church Wedding Decorations to Enhance Your Ceremony

Baby's breath lining pews in church wedding, selective focus

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Once you've pegged the perfect parish to wed your sweetheart, next up comes finding corresponding church wedding decorations for the big day that can compete with timeless architecture, stained glass windows, and grandiose chandeliers that could (almost) upstage your wedding dress. Unlike other wedding venues, churches demand a certain degree of respect and appreciation because of their sacred affiliations, meaning your visions of oriental rugs lining the aisle or a ceremony backdrop are probably ill-suited for this incredibly intimate and religious setting. In fact, your parish may even have certain restrictions when it comes to wedding decor.

But, the good news is that you can still maintain a fresh, modern vibe in your church wedding venue that speaks to yours and your future spouse's styles. Another bonus—from the altar to the pews to the aisles, you have no shortage of spots to beautify. No matter how big or small your church of choice is, put your own spin on the space with greenery (think plenty of garlands, wreaths, and even faux leaves), signage, lanterns, and more. Check out our roundup of nine church wedding decorations to enhance your religious ceremony that will personalize the venue without detracting from its preexisting appeal.

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Faux Eucalyptus Garland


Courtesy of Whichgoose via Etsy

Garlands are about to become your church wedding decoration best friend—there's truly no spot you can't adorn. But, do keep your garland decorations to a minimum, and stick to either lining the church door frames, the aisle, or the altar with these lush greens.

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Landen Small Black Metal Lantern

Lantern with candle inside

Courtesy of Pier 1 Imports

Set the ambiance with some mood lighting, if your church allows additional candles. Line these lanterns along each pew to brighten the venue and give the space more of a cozy feel.

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Simple Wedding Welcome Sign

Wedding welcome sign with flowers

Courtesy of Lilac & White via Etsy

Welcome guests without taking away from the natural appeal of your wedding venue. A simple white sign with your names and date will do just the trick. Station this in the back entrance of the church so that it's the first thing guests see before they find their seats.

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Wooden Box Planters

Wooden box with candles and flowers

Courtesy of Copley and Pine via Etsy

Or, for a more feminine feel, opt for florals to line the aisle. The boxy shapes of these planters mean they'll line up perfectly with each pew without taking up too much aisle space (and there's less worry about knocking them over). The whitewashed hue also makes for a pretty contrast against dark wood church interiors.

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Small Woven Wire Basket

Two wire baskets

Courtesy of Wrought Studio via Wayfair

Neatly arrange your church ceremony programs in these upscale baskets, then reuse them at the reception to store your wedding favors.

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Large Faux Monstera Leaf

Monstera leaf in white vase

Courtesy of CB2

Make a huge statement that's not too overbearing. By scattering a few large botanicals around the front of the church, you can get your greenery fix for less than the cost of multiple smaller arrangements. Plus, guests won't even know these are faux versions.

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Spin Glossy Vase

Courtesy of CB2

Reserve your taller greens and florals for either side of the altar, stored in tall, stoneware vases. Plus, the bigger the blooms the better—you can relocate them to the reception for decor that does double duty.

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Baby's Breath Wreath

Mr. and Mrs. green wreath with baby's breath

Courtesy of Southern Cottage Decor via Etsy

Put your personal design touch on the outside of the church, too. Decorate the doors of the venue with wreaths of baby's breath, which have been known to symbolize everlasting love (the more you know). It doesn't get more wedding-appropriate than that.

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Eucalyptus Gold Ring

Gold hoop wrapped with eucalyptus with W in center

Courtesy of Blooming Bouquet via Etsy

Or, add a modern spin to your church door decor with a minimalist hoop, sprinkled with sprigs of eucalyptus. Personalize this decoration by adding wooden cutouts of your monograms within the wreath. If your church has double doors, you can even feature one wreath with your first initial and another with your future spouse's.

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