25 Stunningly Fresh Wedding Centerpieces With Fruit

Floral centerpiece with orange on wood

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Bored with all the wedding centerpieces you’re seeing? Not to worry—you’ve just stumbled upon a cornucopia of creativity when it comes to livening up the focal point of your reception tables. Reception tables are increasingly becoming ripe with one sweet trend—wedding centerpieces with fruit. Some brides are opting to ditch the blooms altogether in favor of fruit as the crux of their table setting, while others are choosing to infuse their harvest goods amongst their florals.

It looks like both types of brides are on to something. When paired with lush flowers, fresh fruit can enrich a wedding centerpiece’s natural design and capture each blossom’s beauty. For example, succulent peaches in a bowl of gardenias can enhance the flower’s Southern charm. Fruits can also add texture and amp up color, whether by layering, contrasting, or blending with the hues of the petals. Pomegranates, berries, and cherries can work with red and fuchsia roses for shades of romance, or vivid limes can fill a vase of sunflowers for a lively look. Flowers and fruit are a dynamic duo—together they can elevate the senses through their combined fragrances, with fruit also evoking a titillating sense of taste.

But sometimes, fruit is at its best when it does all the talking itself. Run a garland of apples down the table’s center for a rustic vibe, or combine grapefruit and blackberries in a vintage vase for a charming taste of variety. If you really want to go all out, mix your fresh produce with other edibles—think herbs and spices and vegetables like carrots, or both!

Whatever style you go for, one thing’s for sure—fruit, whether deeply hued berries, sunny citrus goodness, or those in between, won’t fail to add a wow factor to your tablescape. Behold, 25 fresh and flavorful centerpieces that look good enough to eat.

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Red Pears

Elisa Bricker

An arrangement of red pears on a wooden stump has a rustic feel fitting for an outdoor country wedding.

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Blood Oranges

Joy Marie Photography

This jewel-toned centerpiece takes its inspiration from the Mediterranean with blood oranges, exotic leaves, and fuchsia flowers.

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Graham Terhune

Pretty peaches complete the muted tones in this soft and sweet centerpiece.

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Blackberries and Figs

Onelove Photography

With deep blackberries and rich figs, this centerpiece takes on dark, romantic hues, bursting with color.

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Wendy laurel Photography

A row of pineapples emits tropical vibes, perfect for a destination wedding.

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Katie Brock Photography

These DIY centerpieces are all sunshine, with buttercup yellow roses and a zing of lemon. Twine wrapped around the vases adds a bit of rustic charm.

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Fruits and Vegetables

Gideon Photography

Fruits and vegetables mix with bold blooms for some fresh farm inspiration, complete with carrots, tomatoes, herbs, apples, and lilacs.

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Lemon Vines

Nikole Ramsay

A vine of lemons running along the middle of the table pops against a white tablescape and creates a Tuscan feel.

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Limes and Roses

Elizabeth Lloyd

A vase stocked with limes and topped with lush roses in shades of magenta serves as a wildly vibrant centerpiece.

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Kiwi and Grapes

Phyllis Lane

We’re seeing green in this posh centerpiece. Half-cut kiwis and juicy grape clusters adorned with a string of crystals sit pretty on a distressed silver pedestal.

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Oranges and Greenery

Sunglow Photography

Bright and whimsical, this citrus centerpiece adorned with greenery looks picture perfect in a wooden box.

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Granny Smith Apples

Kelly Sweet Photography

Granny smith apples add a playful touch to a funky vase while mimicking the greenery surrounding it.

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Pink Pineapples

Anna Delores Photography

Palm Beach met California, and this tablescape was born. With palm leaf prints and pink pineapple centerpieces, courtesy of Margaret Joan Florals, the playful set-up pops with color and patterns.

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Berries and Plums

Julia Winkler

This centerpiece is dripping in berry gorgeousness with a berry, plum, raspberry, and fig color palette. A silver gravy boat acts as an alternative vase, shinning against the romantic colors of the fruit and florals.

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Apples and Blackberries

Gavin Farrington Photography

Christina of Glow Event Design combined dusty apples and blackberries in small wooden crates to create a rustic feel on the tabletop.

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Pastel Pears

Little Acorn Photography

Pastel pears play peekaboo among luscious centerpieces of roses for a look that’s both elegant and full of Southern charm.

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Lisa Marshall Photography

A vintage Art Deco-inspired gold tray houses vibrant limes for a simple but sophisticated look.

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Orange Slices

Rachel Smith Photography

With yellow roses and marigold gerbera daisies topping a vase filled with orange slices, this bright centerpieces brings energy to the table.

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Pomegranates, Figs, Apples, Plums, Physalis, and Cranberries

Heline Bekker Photography

Pomegranates, figs, apples, plums, physalis, and cranberries create a lavish look, especially when complemented by hydrangeas, dahlias, freesias, brassica, lisianthus, and roses. The style and deep color scheme of purples, deep greens, reds, and a hint of peach nod to the Victorian Era.

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Peaches, Grapefruits, and Cherries

Angela Cox

A bowl of plump peaches, tangy grapefruit, cherries, and coral florals add a punch of sweetness and warmth.

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Apple Orchard

Kristyn Hogan

Rustic pottery jugs, gray linens, fruit, and herbs take a cue from an apple orchard.

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Mixed Fruits

Raisa Zwart Photography

Did someone say fiesta? This trendy mix of fruits and décor has an eclectic Southwestern vibe.

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Apples, Grapes, and Pears

Honey Heart Photography

A beige linen tablecloth explodes with color thanks to a two-tiered bowl filled with decadent grapes, pears, and apples along with bold blooms, perfect for any summer fête.

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Cherries, Blackberries, and Tomatoes

Branco Prata

Rich cherries, blackberries, and tomatoes juxtapose against light peaches in antique holders for a bit of old-world charm.

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Green Apples

Helena and Laurent

Gleaming green apples and delicate pink blossoms in a dark wooden crate screams moody romance.

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