7 Incredible Caves Where You Can Spend the Night

You won’t be believe the tricked-out caverns you can call home for the evening

Courtesy of La Dimora di Metello

Luxury hotel rooms have long been the gold standard. However, these days, many travelers are stepping outside the box in search of more unique accommodations, from underwater suites to transparent orbs. The latest craze? Caves. Join us on our journey to uncover the most gorgeous grottos, where you can actually spend the night.

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Kelebek Special Cave Hotel | Cappadocia, Turkey

Courtesy of Kelebek Special Cave Hotel

The fairytale volcanic landscape makes Cappadocia the most popular hot air balloon destination in the world. After a day spent soaring above the pinnacles and pigeon houses, get cozy at Kelebek Special Cave Hotel. Hunker down in a triple room with your gal pals or spark romance in a honeymoon suite.

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Beckham Creek Cave Lodge | Parthenon, Arkansas

Courtesy of Mallory Jane Photography

The majesty of the Ozark Mountains is on display at Beckham Creek Cave Lodge. This cavern turned exclusive retreat attracts adventurers with a penchant for nature and the finer things (who also have $1,200 bucks to shell out). Each of the five bedrooms boasts stylish finishings, exposed walls, and rain showers.

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Desert Cave Hotel | Coober Pedy, Australia

Courtesy of Nancy Yuan

Expect to catch some restful zzzs at the Desert Cave Hotel in Coober Pedy, a tiny town 526 miles north of Adelaide. Cavernous accommodations are cool and quiet (AKA sublime for snoozing). This hidden gem is also home to the only underground bar and game room.

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Kokopelli’s Cave | Farmington, New Mexico

Courtesy of Bruce H. Black

Seeking an unusual overnight? Built into sandstone bluffs, Kokopelli’s Cave invites guests to sleep in beguiling bunker-esque setups 70 feet beneath the surface. Also, the owner is a real-deal geologist. How neat is that? (Keep in mind this property is closed from December to February due to weather, so plan accordingly.)

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Les Hautes Roches | Rochecorbon, France

Courtesy of Les Hautes Roches

Poised on a tufa cliff, overlooking the Loire River, Les Hautes Roches (which is a member of the Relais & Châteaux family, so you know it's fabulous), promises one of the most sophisticated and serene subterranean stays on the planet. Perhaps, that’s because this limestone landmark was previously inhabited by monks.

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La Dimora di Metello | Matera, Italy

Courtesy of La Dimora di Metello

For an unforgettable evening in historic Matera, check into La Dimora di Metello. Tucked inside the ancient caves, this atmospheric hotel marries old-world charm and modern amenities. You’d be hard pressed not to fall in love with the spacious suites, while the spa is an extra posh perk.

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Iconic Santorini | Santorini, Greece

Courtesy of Iconic Santorini

Considering a Grecian getaway? Subterranean bliss awaits at Iconic Santorini. Guest quarters are caved into the famous caldera and individually designed to resemble Greek residences. Full-blown vacation mode means unwinding in your own personal outdoor jetted plunge pool and watching the sunset over the sparkling waters of the Aegean.

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