Trend Alert: Canned Wines (and Other Libations) You Need At Your Wedding Parties

Prepare yourself (and your party) for crisp sips and show-stopping packaging

Nomadica wine can

Emma Toshack

Alright, it's official—we are jumping on the canned wine bandwagon. I mean, what's not to love? It checks all the boxes: portable, eco-friendly, durable, affordable—throw in some fresh artist-driven packaging and the sweet boozy nectar and you've got yourself a slam dunk, my friend. Make use of this trending wine delivery system when planning any of your wedding party functions—luckily, vino is a universal unifier, spanning the palates of the sexes and the ages.

Taking your ladies on a relaxed poolside bachelorette weekend? Think outside the bottle and grab one of the many succulent rosés on offer in canned convenience. Opting for a more rugged, outdoorsy hiking situation? Reward yourselves at the summit with a crisp and effervescent white you pulled from your pack. Guys—we wouldn't leave you hanging. Gather the dudes for an impromptu bachelor party and sip on some full-bodied blends while taking breaks from your friendly soccer match, or cheers on the bow with some canned sangria after a successful waterski turn.

Thinking of throwing an outdoor BBQ, a beach bash, or an old-fashioned house party with all your friends and family (think engagement party, rehearsal dinner, or Jack and Jill bachelor/bachelorette party)—look no further than your canned compatriots, most of which come in several varieties and in packs of four or more for easy top poppage. TBH, many of these cutie cans are stylish enough to serve at your reception; just think how much your guests will thank you for the spill-safe booze when they're shakin' it on the dance floor.

Ditch the corkscrew and the stemware and even your classic red Solos—because it's 2017 and #yeswecan.

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Una Lou

Photo by Land

The newest babe to come out of California's Scribe Winery, Una Lou canned rosé embodies all things feminine and free. Named after husband-wife winemaking team Andrew Mariani and Lia Ices' first daughter, their rosé of pinot noir blends hints of wild strawberry, grapefruit pith, and sea salt. For an extra dose of feel-good, a percentage of wine purchase proceeds will go to two organizations that support youth, food, and agricultural education: the Edible Schoolyard and the Center for Land-Based Learning.

4 pack, $40.

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The Drop

Courtesy of The Drop

Surfer girls and their guys get stoked—The Drop's got your back. The wave breaking on the narrow can represents what surfers call "the drop"—that make-or-break decision to paddle directly into a wave as it’s breaking behind you. Also adorned with a frothy pink lobster crackin' a corkscrew in two, the pink within is pure liquid summer—light and fruity, giving way to first class-crispness, finished with a "high-five of minerality." Choose from a four-pack of Cali rosé, Cali red, or Cali white.

4 pack, $20.

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Portland Sangria

Photo by Carly Diaz, courtesy of Portland Sangria

Leave it to Portland to take on the challenge of reimagining the age-old sangria recipe. With flavors like raspberry loganberry cardamom, lemon ginger rosemary, and blueberry basil, Portland Sangria shakes up the sangria game with good wine mixed with eclectic spices, herbs, fresh juices, and never any additives. It’s light, but not too light, fizzy, but not too fizzy—just right.

4 pack, $20.

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Mermaid SpikedSeltzer

Photo by Edward Garrity for SpikedSeltzer

Don't be surprised if you're suddenly tossing your MOH for a new best friend: SpikedSeltzer. Gluten-free, naturally flavored, and containing only five grams of carbs and 6% alcohol, these cheeky cans are a day drinker's BFF. Cape Cod Cranberry, West Indies Lime, Valencia Orange, and Indian River Grapefruit are just a few of the juicy flavors, each made exclusively from purified water and natural ingredients including cold-pressed citrus essence. Fermentation of this citrus essence and sugar naturally produces alcohol—the result: clean and clear without the sugary sweetness of wine or the heaviness of beer.

12 pack, $16.

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House Wine

Courtesy of House Wine

Minimalist and iconic, the House Wine was created by acclaimed winemaker Charles Smith. Robust and crisp while keeping an air of approachability and unpretentiousness, the canned versions come in the original red blend, a juicy rosé, and a citrusy chardonnay. Easy and effortlessly chic, House Wine goes great with any and all chill brides.

6 pack, $32.

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Photo by Emma Toshack, courtesy of Nomadica

Born out of a crazy idea in the mind of a Harvard MBA and former Snapchat employee, Emma Toshack created Nomadica to celebrate great wine in the company of modern lifestyles. The brand works alongside small winemakers around the globe and partners with painters, illustrators, photographers, designers, and street artists to create a series of limited-edition beautiful cans, filled with serious wine, which you can take with you anywhere. Pink rivers, moody palms, and ethereal beach scenes are just some of the gorgeous artwork that adorns Nomadica's pinot noir, rosé, chenin blanc, and Oregon white.

From $5 per can.

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Field Recordings

Photo by Christine Baker-Parrish, courtesy of Field Recordings

For the bookworm bride, Field Recordings' limited-run Bookclub Sauvignon Blanc is a soulful, tropically spicy, and ethereal option to add to your collection. Notes of raspberry otter pop, white pepper, and aloe vera mingle in sweet succession with each deliberate sip, the winemakers infusing each iteration with a sense of place and personality. We also love their Alloy Wine Works label with spirited canned offerings of varietal wines and the Fiction spinoff label's canned red. We can't wait to taste the soon-to-be-released Alloy Wine Works Weissland (wine with hops!).

$15 per can.

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Union Wine Co.'s Underwood

Photo by Jules Davis, courtesy of Union Wine Co.

The classic (OG, if you will) canned wine, Union Wine Co.'s Underwood label is approachable, vibrant, and ready-to-travel anywhere, anytime. Made in Oregon, the wines have a distinct flavor profile—they can be found in "Rosé Bubbles" (wild strawberry, fruit cocktail, tart cherry), "The Bubbles" (ripe citrus, tropical fruit, white flowers), Pinot Noir (cherries, raspberries, chocolate), non-bubbly rosé (strawberry, watermelon, peach), and pinot gris (peach, grapefruit, pear). The Underwood motto: rooted in craft but less stuffy. #pinkiesdown

4 pack, $28.

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Photo by Steph Goralnick, courtesy of Nomikai

Nomikai roughly translates in Japanese to "a drink in the company of friends." And Nomikai California Rosé should be drunk in just such a fashion. The fledgling beverage just launched this month from the makers Lost Generation, in partnership with Warren Red—it's petite, sleek, and lives and dies by the "rosé all day" way of life. Infused with a little fizz, it only hints at sweetness while staying on the dry side.

$5 per can.

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Courtesy of Social Sparkling Wine

Definitely for the bride with a sweet tooth AND a commitment to clean eating, Social sparkling wines create their island-life flavors with all-natural superfood extracts. Social is certified organic, has 88 calories per can, is gluten-sulfite free, and has only one gram of sugar and four carbs. For something feminine, flirty, and crisp, try the hibiscus cucumber; for something more rich and nutty, grab the toasted coconut almond; if you're going for zesty and bold, reach for the pink grapefruit ginger.

4 pack, $10.

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Porch Pounder

Courtesy of Porch Pounder

With a zippy name to accompany its insides, Porch Pounder comes to you straight from the central coast of California and is currently only available for our west coast brides-to-be. The varieties come in packs of tall boys or shorties of apple-y, mango-y, pineapple-y chardonnay, cherry, cinnamon-y pinot noir blend, or the strawberry/watermelon rosé. We recommend going with the tall boy, because why not?

4 pack, shorty, $24. 4 pack, tall boy, $30.

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Companion Wine Co

Courtesy of Companion Wine Co.

Reisling lovers rejoice! Companion Wine Co. celebrates Riesling, sunny days, the beach, the park, granite boulders, spicy food, and good friends. It was born out of the idea that delicious, terroir-driven, natural wine from California could be sold at a cost and in packaging that is accessible to all. A member of the Cali Grapes movement, Companion celebrates historic vineyards and sustainable viticulture in the state. By supporting dry farming, organic and biodynamic practices, as well as heritage vineyard sites the mission is to improve the overall quality of grapes statewide and ensure the longevity of California viticulture both economically and environmentally. Tasty and good for the environment? We're in.

$9 per can.

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Courtesy of Quello

Perhaps the cutest of the bunch, Quello sparkling wine is elegant and sophisticated both inside and out. Refreshing, zesty, and exhilarating, the sparkling white comes from a blend of Trebbiano and Pagadebit grapes, both from the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, which are allowed to ferment naturally. Only available to our UK-based brides, the can comes adorned with the unicorn of founder Roberta Sergio's childhood dreams.

6 pack, £18.00.

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Courtesy of Sans Wine Co.

Sans literally means "without" in French; as such Sans Wine Co. comes to you without chemicals, additives, or pretense. The Sans repertoire comprises fresh, vibrant, and approachable “wines of place," sourcing premium wine grapes from organic and environmentally conscience growers to craft natural and accessible wines. The Rosé of Carignan holds aromas of persimmon, rhubarb, orange, and Fuji apples with flavors of watermelon, plums, and blood orange. The sauvignon blanc: aromas of sweet pineapple, Meyer lemon skins, and kiwi with flavors of quince, Granny Smith apple skins, citrus pith, and lemon oil. The zinfandel: aromas of rose petals and violets, ripe strawberry, red cherries, and pomegranate with flavors of black cherries, red licorice, rose, strawberries, and cream. Put them together and you have a roster of beautiful complexities.

6 pack, $60.

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Essentially Geared

Courtesy of Essentially Geared

Essentially Geared Wine Co. urges their drinkers to "search for the everyday uncommon." Ready and willing to go the extra mile, their canned wines are crafted for the adventurer, the rambler, the free spirit. The chardonnay is crisp, spunky, and captivating (EG suggests pairing with rooftop parties and fried chicken); the red is bold, smooth, and lush (pair with campfires and grilled cheese); the rosé is bright, fresh, and playful (pair with BBQ and punk rock). Simple and unpretentious, these wines are as fun as you are.

$8 per can.

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Courtesy of Mancan Wine

Better known as the wine with the dog on the can (the owner's dog Gracey, to be exact), MANCAN is for the low-key, wants-to-drink-wine-but-not-in-stemware couple. Made with California grapes and paying homage to the founders' childhood hometown's Ohio City Firehouse in Cleveland, the MANCAN philosophy aims to take the fuss out of ordering wine at a bar and create a more fun alternative to the bottled wine ritual. The perfect wine for a Jack and Jill bachelorette or an outdoor BBQ engagement party, MANCAN comes in a red blend, a light white blend, and a fizzy white.

4 pack, $18-20.

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Courtesy of Swish Beverages

From the social-media famous personality who brought you White Girl Rosé, Josh Ostrovsky (aka the Fat Jew) and business partner David Oliver Cohen have added Babe Rosé with Bubbles to their Swish Beverages roster. Party with your favorite cool girl wine, built for summer soirées and poolside bachelorette bashes. With notes of honeydew and cantaloupe, Babe has rich earthy undercurrents topped off with a healthy dose of fizz. #staybasic with Babe.

4 pack, $19.

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Courtesy of Joiy

Billed as "sparkling wine to release your inner mischief," Joiy is the patron saint of summer days—irreverent and savvy, dare-devilish and audacious. Aromatic and effervescent, the Prosecco-style sparkling wine is delicate with soft bubbles, 100% natural with no added sugar. Right now only available to our brides down under and in Canada, Joiy bursts with ripe fruit with a citrus finish, creating a lovely balance that is not too sweet and not too dry.

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We Are California

From Ron Rubin Winery and exclusive to Total Wine, the We Are California canned blends are made from exceptional, distinctively California grapes from Sonoma County. Perfect to stick in your Cali-centric welcome bag, the ice-blue chardonnay dances on the palate with bright lime and lemon notes with the slightly sweet and refreshing flavors of ripe pineapple, tangerine blossoms, and Asian pears. The red blend is chock full of juicy dark fruit flavors of plum, blueberry, cherry, and boysenberry, followed by a slightly spicy finish. For a truly California experience, look for the can with the iconic Cali bear.

$3 per can.

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Courtesy of RUZA

Spritzy with a subtle pop, Ruza rosé is brought to you by the wine connoisseurs behind Winc. The small-lot rosé is made with Lodi grapes—abundant raspberry, cherry, and strawberry meet peppy brightness and a dry finish for a cool, distinctly contemporary, thoroughly American wine. Chill, pop, repeat!

3 pack, $18 ($14 with Winc subscription).

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Flip Flop Wine

Courtesy of Flip Flop Wine

The portable pop-top Flip Flop wines make you the instant life of the party—fizzy, cute, and refreshing as can be. The packs come in six flavors (all sparkling) ranging from rosé to sangria, red to white. For brides with a sweet tooth, try the white sangria with zesty notes of orange and white peach, or the fruity and floral fizzy crisp white. For a dryer palate, go for the semi-sweet rosé, the chill red, or the fizzy sangria.

4 pack, $7.

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Courtesy of Ramona

Rebellious and in your face, RAMONA is the world’s first wine and grapefruit spritz made from organically grown Sicilian Zibibbo grapes and natural grapefruit. It's lightly carbonated and just sweet enough with the squeeze of grapefruit juice. Celebrating delicious taste, organic growing practices, and a belief that drinking wine can be spontaneous and portable, RAMONA wants to revolutionize the way people drink and think about wine. We wouldn't expect anything less from founder and wine-industry wildcat Jordan Salcito, who shook things up at wd~50, DANIEL, and Eleven Madison Park before becoming Wine Director for the Momofuku restaurants.

4 pack, $20.

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West Side Wine

Photo by Kelsey Stoulil, courtesy of West Side Wine

Another child of the California coast, West Side Wine Co. cans are streamlined and minimal, perfect for the mod bride. Crisp and fruity, the chardonnay is best chilled at the rooftop pool or after a bachelorette yoga class with your squad. The cabernet sauvignon is ripe with a smooth tannin finish—sip by the fire or after a day on the slopes.

$4 per can.

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Photo by Josh Rosenstein, courtesy of Hoxie

For a little taste of the sweet state of Missouri, Hoxie Spritzers come from the Mount Pleasant Winery (established in 1859 in Augusta, Missouri in pre-prohibition era) while the signature spritz is added in sunny Los Angeles. The anti-wine-cooler, Hoxie is gluten free, vegan, and only uses a very small amount of pure cane sugar. While on the hunt for the perfect "juice," founder Josh Rosenstein rediscovered the Catawba grape, historically known as America’s first sparkling grape. Created with cold filter-pressed natural extracts, Hoxie comes in two sparkling flavors: a rosé with lemon ginger blended with pink Catawba + Norton, infused with natural lemon and ginger, and a blanc with lemon linden blossom blended white Catawba.

8 pack, $28.

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The Infinite Monkey Theorem

Courtesy of the Infinite Monkey Theorem

The Infinite Monkey Theorem is an "urban winery," and claims to be "back alley winemaking at its finest." One of the only options in the canned game for those craving a cider, these cans are no-BS, nitty-gritty, fun, and a little wild. Grab the moscato for dried fruit and floral notes (apricot, grapefruit, and honeysuckle). Swing on over to the lightly carbonated merlot for flavors of blackberries, currants, and cinnamon toast, the acidic rosé for intense strawberries and raspberries, or the white for starfruit on the nose with white peach, citrus, and cardamom. Finally, for those more cider-inclined partygoers, try the dry-hopped pear cider—it's crisp and grapefruity with Citra and Nelson Sauvin hops.

4 pack, $15.

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Courtesy of Vinbroteca

Ah, the pièce de résistance—canned wine made specifically for the men in your life. Wine in a can for the "modern Millennial man," Vinbroteca is assuredly not a joke, but rather a project created by "a couple of bros and Carolyne" to solve the problem of wanting to switch it up from beer, but afraid of being "that guy" in a pub who orders a glass of chablis. The casual man's wine is sparkling white (cough, #brosecco) and comes from Germany; it's ideal for hangin' with whatever set of bros you chill with, on a boat, at the beach, at the BBQ—wherever. Basically, Vinbroteca is the perfect touch of humor and deliciousness to add to any bachelor gathering—and, hey, the ladies will probably flock to the can as well.

Vinbroteca is a brand new venture and not yet in stores—but if you email them, you're sure to get a timely answer to all of your bro's questions.

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