Everything You Need for a Camp-Inspired Wedding

Inspired by a very pretty, woodsy wedding

Updated 05/01/18

One of our all-time favorite kinds of weddings to throw are camp-themed weddings (just like this adorable one from our June/July 2018 issue!). Harkening back to a classic vibe à la the original Parent Trap (added points for holding it on an actual campground), the idea of having all of your friends stay on one property with any number of fun activities to keep you busy all weekend (outside of the usual wedding-related activities) sounds very dreamy. Canoeing, capture the flag, bonfires and s'mores, maybe even a talent show in the mix? Take it a step further and have tee-shirts made with different logos for the weekend and assign everyone to teams for a little friendly competition! Take an extra step and have an awards ceremony at the end of the weekend with prizes for MVP, best overall team, and give out trophies and medals to your guests to commemorate your wedding weekend—favors they'll actually be proud to display!

To get you in the spirit, we've found 11 summer camp cool products that will work perfectly if you're having a wedding weekend of childlike fun and camaraderie in the woods to celebrate your love. Think: classic Americana branding (sans serif fonts, kitschy logos and an almost '50s vibe), lots of wood accents, and enamel camping mugs and plates.

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Walnut Stand

Photo Courtesy of Vendor

One of our favorite cake stand vendors, all of AHeirloom's sleek and modern stands are sleek but still have that wooden touch that makes it feel woodsy.

SHOP NOW: Food 52, $70

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Georgian Wood Candlesticks

Photo Courtesy of Vendor

We love how these candlesticks all have a slightly different shape and shade of wood, and they look so gorgeous all lined up next to each other.

SHOP NOW: Food52, $36-$78

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Safety Matches

Photo Courtesy of Vendor

Throw these beautifully packaged matches in everyone's welcome bags (left on bunk beds or on cabin doors, naturally)—they're perfect instagram fodder combined with whatever else you gift your guests before the weekend begins!

SHOP NOW: Slideshow Press, $12.50

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Arrow Cheese Markers

Photo Courtesy of Vendor

Playing a little archery? Use these adorable arrow cheese markers during your cocktail hour of a wooden cheese board!

SHOP NOW: Food52, $58/4

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Key Tag

Photo Courtesy of Vendor

Nothing more kitchy and cute than a vintage style key tag! Throw this in your welcome bags too, to ensure your guests have a sure-fire way of holding onto their room key all weekend (but then taking the tag home with them after!).

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $8

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Kings County Chocolate Whiskey

Photo Courtesy of Vendor

Give your groomsmen a little something to enjoy all weekend, in these sleek bottles to boot!

SHOP NOW: Mouth, $26

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Wood Paddle Coasters

Photo Courtesy of Vendor

It doesn't get more campy than this. Especially if your guests have been enjoying a canoeing around the lake during the weekend! Have these cute coasters at your cocktail hour or maybe during a special "canteen" lunch mid-day.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $14 for 12

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Glass and Wood Table Numbers

Photo Courtesy of Vendor

Sleek and modern but with that touch of wood, we love these glass and wood table numbers (pssst: they have other font and color options too!).

SHOP NOW: Ashley Buzzy, $20-$30

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Custom Watercolor Save the Date

Photo Courtesy of Vendor

Give your guests a taste of what's to come and set the mood with a custom watercolor save the date of your venue!

SHOP NOW: Etsy, $3

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Enamel Camping Mug

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A twist on traditional enamel camping dinnerware, this black speckled mug has fun and whimsical drawings on it—serve your guests spiked hot chocolate around a bonfire!

SHOP NOW: Etsy, $20.12

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Wooden Place Cards

Photo Courtesy of Vendor

These are just the cutest laser engraved wooden place cards—and another perfect gift for your guest to take home to remember your wedding!

SHOP NOW: Etsy, $0.75