Boho Brides Will Love These Butterfly Hair Embellishments

Enchanting ways to accent your coif

Updated 08/07/17

Courtesy of Wild & Free Jewelry

Your wedding is the start of a new phase. In some ways it could even be considered a metamorphosis (from fiance to spouse), much like that of a butterfly. These winged wonders have long been symbols of transformation, representing change, joy and life—all of which are befitting of such an occasion. What better way to celebrate this next chapter?

Whether you connect with their symbolism, are drawn to their vibrant hues and ethereal beauty or vibe with their free-spirited nature, say “I do” to butterflies. There are plenty of ways to incorporate these enchanting creatures into your special day—from closing your ceremony with the release of live butterflies to decorating your ‘do with faux flutters (our favorite!).

Truth be told, butterfly hair embellishments may not be for every bride. But for those with a bohemian sensibility, they’re nothing short of magic. And when it comes spreading your wings, the sky’s the limit.

Below, six butterfly embellishments sure to set your heart a flutter.

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Painted Desert Fairy Crown

Courtesy of Wild & Free Jewelry

Channel your inner fairy princess with this ethereal headpiece, composed of pastel butterflies and a lace ribbon closure. (Painted Desert Fairy Crown, $70, Wild & Free Jewelry)

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Meadow Monarch Crown Set

Courtesy of Free People

To describe this Monarch masterpiece as eye-catching, doesn’t do it justice. This vibrant beauty is bound to stand out in the crowd. And that’s the goal, right? (Meadow Monarch Crown Set, $128, Wild & Free Jewelry for Free People available at Free People)

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El Cielo Fairy Crown

Courtesy of Wild & Free Jewelry

And the bride wore floral...and a heavenly halo of hand-painted feather butterflies. Added bonus: This enchanting crown counts as your “something blue.” (El Cielo Fairy Crown, $75, Wild & Free Jewelry)

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Fly Away Floating Hair Clips

Courtesy of Free People

A trio of delicate, laser cut, metallic clips is a more modern way to add whimsy to both long and short styles. (Fly Away Floating Hair Clips, $18, Free People)

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Monarch Fairy Hair Clips

Courtesy of Wild and Free Jewelry

Planning a woodland wedding? Give your tresses The Secret Garden treatment with a flock of colorful Monarch clips. Perfect with a side-swept plait or fishtail braid. (Monarch Fairy Hair Clips - Set of 20, $45, Wild & Free Jewelry)

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LED Butterfly Crown

Courtesy of Free People

Featuring glitter-dusted flutters and LED light-up wires, this stunner is perhaps better suited for the runway than the aisle, but it’s so wow-worthy we had to include. ​(​LED Butterfly Crown, $​248​, Viva Delfina available at Free People)​

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