These Brushstroke Wedding Cakes Are Legit Works of Art

Consider these the new watercolor wedding cakes

Updated 05/04/17

Photo by Lauren Gabrielle Photography; Cake Design by Philomena Bake Shop

Watercolor wedding cakes have been hugely popular lately, but all good things (ahem, trends) must come to an end. And we think we've found the next big thing when it comes to your sugary center of attention: Introducing "brushstroke" cakes—painterly confections that feature visible brushstrokes, either hand painted directly onto the cake tiers or made from brushed chocolate.

The overall look is part impressionism and part painter's palette, combining smatterings of broad sweeps and dabs of saturated color. Brushstroke wedding cakes work for all types of celebrations, from feminine and romantic weddings to more bold and edgy styles. But the end result is always the same: a stunning, artful wedding dessert that is almost too pretty to eat.

Need some inspiration? Check out some of our favorite hand-painted brushstroke wedding cakes taking dessert to the next level.

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Painterly Pinks and Blues

Photo by Katrina Louise; Cake Design by Hey There Cupcake

For a soft, romantic look, have your tiers painted a soft pastel shade, like the pretty pink and blush hues pictured here. Go for a perfectly imperfect look with visible brushstrokes, then contrast the pastels with a deeper shade, like navy blue. A single wafer-paper magnolia blossom completes the artful look.

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Chocolate Brushstrokes

Courtesy of Kalabasa

We're obsessed with Moscow-based bakery Kalabasa. In addition to beautifully piped buttercream flowers and classic eclairs, this Russian bakery is doing crazy-cool things with colorful brushstrokes made from chocolate. To create them, the cake designers melt modeling chocolate until it's soft enough to spread, then use a pastry brush to swipe it onto parchment paper. Once the edible brushstrokes have hardened, they're carefully placed on cake tiers to create this striking, edgy look.

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Handpainted Brushstrokes

Photo by Sylvie Gil; Cake Design by the Whole Cake

The hand-painted brushstrokes on this two-tiered confection convey an artistic, playful vibe—perfect if you're hosting a colorful and whimsical wedding reception in a modern setting. See: loft of art gallery (natch!).

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Different Strokes

Photo by Jessica Kettle; Cake Design by Hey There Cupcake

For a bright and modern take on this idea, opt for a single tier that's decorated in painterly brushstrokes, paired with vibrant wafer-paper flowers and a verdant kelly-green bottom tier.

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Blue and Gold

Photo by Kristina Adams Photography; Cake Design by Elise Cakes

The combination of blue and metallic gold brushstrokes on the bottom tier creates a wonderfully textured effect reminiscent of ikat textiles.

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Square Tiers

Photo by Soul Child Photography; Cake Design by Sweet Fix

This geometric take on the trend combines modern square tiers hand-painted in shimmery, fall-toned brushstrokes with a delicate pattern of white piped icing, bringing imagery of a woven dreamcatcher to mind.

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