Win Your Weekend With These 7 Brunch Essentials


What’s a weekend without a proper brunch? Beyond bagels and coffee, weekend brunching is now on a whole new level thanks to Instagram and the onset of "Sunday Funday." Instead of heading out to a crowded hotspot, why not conquer the brunch game from the comfort of your own home? Here are some of our favorite items you can add to your wedding registry to help nail brunch hosting.

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Keurig K-Elite Single Serve Coffee Maker

Courtesy of Keurig

When it comes to coffee, some like it hot, some like it iced, some need the caffeine, and others are better off without it. Thanks to this Keurig model, you can please every palate with ease by allowing your guests to DIY their own coffee to their preference. Available in Brushed Slate or Brushed Silver, you can customize the strength of the brew or opt for a pre-set Iced option within five brew sizes, 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12oz. With a huge assortment of flavors and styles of K-Cups to choose from, you’ll be your very own barista crafting something special for everyone to sip.

SHOP NOW: Target, $169.99

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Brunch & Bubbly Champagne Flute

Courtesy of Bed, Bath & Beyond

If you don’t have a mimosa (or three), is it really a proper brunch? These adorable and affordable stemless champagne flutes read “Brunch & Bubbly,” the perfect home for the simple (but sweet) mixture of OJ and champagne.

SHOP NOW: Bed, Bath & Beyond, $4.99

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All Clad Waffle Maker

Courtesy of All Clad

What’s brunch without waffles? This trusty waffle maker by All-Clad makes perfectly round waffles with deep pockets for holding the good stuff like butter, syrup, cinnamon—you get the idea. Thanks to its heating technology, this gadget boasts consistent baking and browning all while preventing condensation for the perfect waffle texture. BPA free to boot—move over frozen waffles, and make room for delicious homemade waffles in your brunch spread instead.

SHOP NOW: Crate & Barrel, $129.99

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Afternoon Delights “We Brunch” Framed Artwork

Courtesy of Afternoon Delights

A little bit of decor can go a long way, and for true brunch aficionados, we love this print from Pottery Barn by Afternoon Delights. Illustrated with pancakes and berries, the simple “We Brunch” text says all you need to know. Already framed and ready to hang, it will look adorable in any kitchen, dining area or gallery wall.

SHOP NOW: Pottery Barn, $129

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Crock-Pot 6-Quart Programmable Cook & Carry Slow Cooker

Courtesy of Crock-Pot

Overnight oats with a toppings bar is a surefire way to be both healthy and creative at the same time. One of the best ways to make them, and a slew of other dishes, is by using a slow cooker to free up your time for, well, anything else. This 6-quart programmable slow cooker by Crock-Pot can easily serve 7+ people and automatically switches to a warming setting once the cooking time is completed. It’s also easy to transport when it’s your turn to be the guest.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $35.47

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PancakeBot 2.0 Pancake Printer

Courtesy of PancakeBot

If you REALLY want to kick it up a notch, there’s a pancake printer—yep you read that right—that makes old pancake molds look like child’s play. A 3D food printer that can print pancakes through an automated batter dispenser, you can create designs using software and then load it to the machine via a handy SD card. Made with KICKSTARTER, it’s easy to operate, and is a sure-fire way your to ensure your brunching skills will be the talk of the town (or Instagram) for years to come.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, was $299.99, now $229.99

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Presto Griddle, Jumbo Cool Touch

Courtesy of Presto Griddle

Cleaning a stove is no easy task, especially for a host. Instead, rely on this electric griddle to do all your cooking. Easy to clean and space-saving, this 1500-watt system can cook all of your breakfast staples, from the fluffiest pancakes to the crispiest bacon, all in one spot. It’s fully immiscible for cleaning and has built-in features to help drain any grease to make things a bit healthier, too.

SHOP NOW: Macy's, $29.99

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