47 Wedding Hairstyles Perfect for Your Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids wedding hairstyles

Photo by JILLIAN MITCHELL / Design by Michela Buttignol

You've probably had dozens of wedding hairstyles saved to your Pinterest board for months, or if you've already had your hair trial, you might have your own style planned down to the very last curl. But what about your bridesmaids? Much like you helped them choose bridesmaid dresses, you might want to help them choose a wedding hairstyle, too.

We know it's another thing to add to that wedding planning checklist. But before you fret, just know that we've already done all the hard work for you! Whether you want your 'maids to match perfectly or wear a complementary mix of styles, you've come to the right place. Ultimately, what you're looking for is something that will complement their wedding day ensembles—whether matching or mismatched, and that goes for dresses and hair—as well as fit with the overall look and feel of your wedding.

Ahead, we've rounded up the best bridesmaid hairstyles, from tousled curls to elegant updos.

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Go Ahead, Rock a Bold Bloom

Bridesmaid with flower in hair

Photo by Judah Avenue Photography

A single statement bloom is all this gorgeous gal's curls need—wouldn't you agree? The asymmetry and whimsy of her hairstyle—plus that expression of pure joy—is the perfect counterpoint to the clean, tailored shape of her light-blue sleeveless sheath dress.

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Embrace Loose Barrel Curls

Bride with bridesmaids in matching dresses on steps

Photo by Larissa Cleveland Photography; Event Planning by Every Elegant Detail; Hair by Patty Perez

These bridesmaids opted for side parts and big, glossy barrel curls, which works well as a hairstyle that's consistent but still adaptable for different hair lengths, styles, and textures, too. In matching shoes and dresses, these ladies make a serious case for uniformity.

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A Sleek Chignon Is Always Elegant

Bride and bridesmaids on bed

Photo by Lisa Poggi; Event Planning by Exclusive Italy Weddings; Hair by Styles by Omar

A sleek, chignon without any embellishments feels so elegant and perfectly poised—especially with that sweeping bang. There's beauty in this timeless simplicity.

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Play Off the Bride's Style

Bride and bridesmaids with similar half-up, half-down hairstyles

Photo by Katch Silva

This bridesmaid opted for a simplified version of the bride's half-up, half-down hairstyle, which we love. It instantly ties the two looks together along with their matching florals and the black-and-white yin and yang of their gowns...and their obvious affection for each other, of course!

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Weave Braids Into a Gentle Updo

Bridesmaid with undone braids in an updo

Photo by Duffy Photo & Film

With undone braids here and there, this updo is just too pretty. We love how it feels classic but still so soft and delicate, which only further emphasizes the inherent romance of this pale-pink gown with lace cap sleeves.

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Relaxed Can Still Be Elegant

Bridesmaids surprising bride

Photo by David Bastianoni; Event Planning by Events by Paulina

Don't discount a low and loose style! These ladies rock matching relaxed 'dos and we love that they're not too tightly pinned or rigid. The result is timeless yet still young and fresh.

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And Classic Can Still Be Cool

Bride with sparrow tattoo on shoulder

Photo by The Sanadas; Hair & Makeup by 1011 Hair & Makeup

Whoever said updos are stuffy obviously never saw this fabulous styling. In fact, the French twist updo is an extremely versatile look that pairs particularly beautifully with body-skimming column gowns.

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Give Your 'Maids One Ultra-Flattering 'Do

Bridesmaids with half-up 'dos and bride

Photo by Carmen Santorelli 

While mismatched styles are still going strong (and don't worry, we have plenty of beautiful inspiration below), these lovely ladies are positive proof of how matching gowns and hairstyles can be truly stunning. To complement the effortless half-down waves, deep center parts, and voluminous crowns, creamy cold-shoulder dresses complete the uniform look but still flatter each bridesmaid individually—and that's the key.

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Say Yes to Bombshell Curls

Bridesmaids and bride looking out at ocean with bouquets behind their backs

Photo by Ashley Jensen

It's hard to go wrong with bombshell curls with any dress style where there's some serious back (or backless) exposure. We love how the long curls here maintain uniformity among the group while the gowns have a subtle color variation to complement each lady's skin tone, which sets up the prettiest picture of the bridesmaids as they look out at the ocean.

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Shiny Waves Work for Different Lengths

Bride and bridesmaids with shiny waves

Photo by Melissa Marshall

As shown by this bridal party, shiny touchable waves look stunning on varying hair lengths and colors. While cohesive, they still feel naturally styled.

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Have We Mentioned We Love Soft Curls Yet?

Bridesmaids gifting the bride

Photo by Chaz Cruz

Less structured than barrel curls or va-va-voom bombshell curls—but still with more volume than natural waves—many brides find that soft curls are a happy medium that best suits their bride tribe. (And seriously, who doesn't want to have this much fun?!)

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Or, Choose One Hue and One Hair Theme

Bridesmaids in beige with bride

Photo by KLC

We count 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 different styles of twists, updos, braided looks, and more that the women of this bridal party are all wearing so fabulously. And since they were each able to choose a style for themselves (within the updo theme) but are wearing very similar hues, they ultimately complement each other—without being too matchy-matchy.

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Go for Subtle Mismatched Styling

Bridesmaids in black dresses with bride

Photo by IVASH 

Love the idea of the mismatched look, but not sure how far you want to really take it? Pair one style of dress in one specific color—in this case, a floor-length black cocktail gown—with a couple of different hairstyles divided equally among your bridal party and free rein for each lady to inject her own personality into it. (Here they went for two ponytails, two half-down 'dos, and two down 'dos although our favorite is that cool-girl bun.)

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Coordinate 'Dos With Hues

Bridal party with mismatched hairstyles

Photo by Brumley & Wells

Just like their mismatched dresses, this bridal party also went for mismatched hairstyles—all breathtaking, of course. But upon closer look, these bridesmaids aren't so mismatched. Did you notice how the 'maids in pink in the middle all have updos while the two in blue hues have long, tumbling, half-down curled locks? Those little details are what ties a mismatched bridal party together, ultimately.

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Florals in a Fishtail Braid Are Just So Pretty

Braid with Flowers

Photo by Kristen Kilpatrick

Full of whimsy and bohemian vibes, a fishtail braid dotted with baby's breath is a pretty, less-is-more alternative to having your bridesmaids walk down the aisle wearing a full floral crown.

Other small florals that also work beautifully include spray roses, jasmine, some orchid varietals, and mini-daisies, known as feverfew daisies.

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Add Some Boho Magic

Bridal hairstyle

Photo by Tom Leung Photography

Loose waves meet sweet buds and ribbon for the ultimate boho style—just make sure you don't wait until your wedding day to discuss the practicalities of how the look's going to actually be styled with your hairstylist (and your bridesmaids!).

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Tuck In a Few Peekaboo Florals

Bridesmaid hairstyle with curly hair and florals

Photo by Jillian Mitchell

For a bridesmaid or maid of honor with a full head of beautiful natural curls, why not let her have some fun on your wedding day with strategically placed flowers? We love how the shimmery pink satin of her gown makes those tiny pink flowers pop.

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Buns Are Anything but Basic

Matching bridesmaids robes and matching buns

Photo by Collective by Concept Photography

You might be surprised at the versatility of the simple bun, which can be styled in tight or loose configurations in high, mid, or low positions—even off to one side. A clean and elegant design, it's a style that will last all day and night with hardly a hair out of place.

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Side Buns and Florals Are Picture-Perfect

Bridesmaid hairstyle featuring a side bun and pink blooms

Photo by Lauren Gabrielle

A stunning side bun gets even prettier with the inclusion of pink blooms and is a match made in heaven for brides wanting a classic, yet romantic wedding style. We love how this hairstyle photographs—in candid, pre-wedding shots, ceremony shots, and posed wedding portraits.

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Make Accessories a Focal Point

Bridesmaid hairstyles elevated with hair accessories

Photo by Sally Pinera

The right hair accessories can infuse any wedding-day look with a serious dose of glamour. These minimal, mismatched gold headbands are all kinds of romantic without being too overstated. (Note that they work with all sorts of wedding-day hairstyles, too!)

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Go for Boho Beach Glam

Bride with bridesmaids in beachy looks

Photo by Laurken Kendall; Hair & Makeup by Los Cabos Makeup; Floral Design by Emporio Arte Floral 

Soft waves plus beachy textures and playful braids? This is how to pull off mismatched hairstyles while maintaining a common theme on the wedding day—for all the ladies in the bridal party, including the bride herself. The end result looks relaxed and natural, thanks to the styling and accessories.

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Place a Floral Headband Front and Center

Bridesmaid wearing a floral-adorned headband

Photo by Katherine Dalton

A beautiful flower-adorned headband worn closer to the front of the face imbues an almost a princess-esque quality to a look—no tiara required. Loose, beachy waves (and a peekaboo headband braid!) keep the look young and fresh.

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Baby's Breath Crowns Are Sweet and Sentimental

bridesmaids with baby's breath flower crowns

Photo by Echoes and Wild Hearts

Flowers have their own language of symbolism, and it should come as no surprise that baby's breath represents everlasting love and purity. These dainty florals can be used at weddings in so many versatile ways, but as flower crowns, they look cloud-like, almost heavenly. Which makes perfect sense now, doesn't it?

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Add a Beautiful Floral Comb

Rose gold floral pin in chignon

Photo by Sargeant Creative

We love the combination of this loose, low bun paired with a delicate floral hair accessory—it instantly elevates the look. Plus, the rose-gold color of this comb is essentially a neutral color that will look amazing tucked into a wide range of hair shades. (As a bonus, it's a beautiful keepsake for your bridesmaids after the wedding day!)

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Add Fresh Flowers (In Lieu of a Crown)

Hair gathering with roses tucked in

Photo by Anna Kim Photography

A new spin on a flower crown, this swoon-worthy look features roses and ranunculuses—we love how organic and delicate it feels, as if suddenly, these flowers were blooming in this bridesmaid's locks.

Definitely consult with your hairstylist on this one. This intricate 'do will take some time to complete, and your stylist will likely want to know about the type of hair (and length) your bridesmaids have to ensure they can make this magical look happen.

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Opt for Greenery

bridesmaids in white walking up stairs

Photo by Olivia Rae James

Up, down, short, long, wavy, natural—one of the reasons why floral crowns and wreaths of greenery, too, have been so popular in recent years is that they instantly give the bridal party a signature, identifiable look. (Not to mention, these statement headpieces photograph fabulously.)

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A Hint of Greenery Works, Too

Bridesmaid hairstyles with greenery

Photo by Logan Cole

A head-encircling wreath of greenery might not fit with how you envision seeing your bridesmaids on your wedding day. But if you love the greenery trend—so much so that you're making greenery a major part of your florals—there's no reason why you can't add a bit of greenery to their 'dos. Tucked into this half-up style and paired with your florals, you definitely still get that boho effect.

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Unfussy and Elegant

Bride and bridesmaid with low buns

Photo by Ross Oscar Knight

Paired with a statement pearl necklace, pearl earrings, and an embellished, champagne-colored satin gown, a low bun wrapped in ribbon is the perfect choice here. The casual je ne sais quois styling infuses youthfulness into what's otherwise a very elegant, formal look.

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Beachy Waves Are Always a Good Idea

Bride with bridesmaids in black dresses

Photo by Tamara Gruner; Event Planning by Isabelle Kline Design; Hair by Melanie Ortiz of Priv; Makeup by Amy Park; Bridesmaid Dresses by Halston & Vera Wang

Long hair isn't necessarily required though to embrace smooth, beachy waves—another classic style that works for so many hair cuts, lengths, and textures. Even if your bridesmaids have layers or bangs, this look will be gorgeous!

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Combine Waves With Volume

Bridesmaids in pink walking with bride

Photo by Melissa Jill Photography; Hair & Makeup by Anna Nuet

Easy waves and tons of volume up top give a seaside wedding an added dose of glamour. The best part? This ultra-classic look works well for all women with mid- to long-length hair—and with so many seasons, locations, and bridal styles, too.

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Waves Are Perfect for Daytime Soireés

Bridesmaids in blue with bride holding bouquets

Photo by Molly Peach

With their carefree, effortless appearance—even though they'll still take some time in the stylist's chair to perfectly coif—tousled waves are an easy choice for a whimsical, garden-party wedding or rustic, autumnal fête. Let the lawn games commence!

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A Sleek Pony Fits Right In

Bridal Party

Photo by Liz Banfield

Do your bridesmaids have hair of varying lengths? Have your girls with shorter locks wear their hair down while your long-haired ladies rock a sleek pony. Done!

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Less Is More

Bridesmaids with half-up ponytails

Photo by 2 Brides Photography

Eyeing a custom, artistic, or otherwise specialty print for your bridal party gowns? These half-up ponytails—or any other more simple, natural look—will ensure that those beautiful dresses will have their moment in the spotlight.

Even for such understated, deceptively simple looks, it's a good idea to book a wedding-day hairstylist for your bridesmaids, which ensures consistency in styling and flawless finishing.

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Channel an Ethereal Vibe

Bridesmaid hairstyle with a flower crown

Photo by Katherine Ann Rose

Beachy waves and a flower crown of wedding-white blooms—coupled with that pretty white halter dress—give this bridesmaid an ethereal feel. Plus, we love how the white lace of her dress ties in with the beautiful white lace overlay on the bride's gown!

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Relax Things a Bit

Bridesmaid with a relaxed hairstyle assisting the bride

Photo by Virgil Bunao

Similarly, a messy updo is formal, but the furthest thing from fussy. This look is versatile and works for almost any wedding style or location—urban, desert, and mountains included. (Just be mindful of rocking this look in a breezy, tropical destination, where the winds might make a bit of an actual mess.)

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Embrace Her Natural Beauty

Bridesmaid embracing her natural hair

Photo by Lauren Methia Photography

Sometimes, less is more, and with such gorgeous natural texture and a mile-wide smile—what more could a bride ask for from her bridesmaid, really? The pretty-in-pink sweetheart neckline dress and delicate, rose-filled bouquet give her overall look an air of femininity and romance.

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Blowouts Make for an Easy, Breezy Style

Bridesmaids with a fresh blowout

Photo by Mariel Hannah

Give a bridesmaid a blowout, and she's instantly wedding ready! One word to the wise, though, you may want to plan for a trial run with all your 'maids in advance of the wedding day, as different hair textures tend to hold the volume and waves from a blowout better than others. Why not during your bachelorette party?

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It's All About Simple, Straight Locks

Bridesmaids and bride with simple, sleek hairstyles

Photo by Forged in the North

A full-volume hairstyle would have detracted from what's already a very curated (and very matching) bridesmaid ensemble with so many details to admire—those striking bouquets and cream-colored jumpsuits, even their shoes. So instead, the bride smartly kept things sleek and simple, starting with straightened locks and finishing with a mix of low-key, pulled-back hairstyles.

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Add a Twist

Bride and bridesmaid with elevated updos

Photo by Merari Photography

As much as we love them, all variations on updos don't have to be braids. One alternative we also love for a little something different? Twisting a thick strand of hair from your crown into an updo feels very regal and royal—but also so very chic.

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Go for Classic Side-Swept Curls

Bride with bridesmaids in emerald dresses

Photo by Stephania Campos; Event Planning by Daryl Wilson of D Concierge Events; Hair by Nikki Garcia; Makeup by Stacy Kent; Bridesmaid Dresses by Jenny Yoo Collection

At once refined and demure—a combination of sleek, face-framing strands that leads to a tumbling cascade of your ladies' locks gathered on one shoulder—side-swept curls are a wedding-day classic as the asymmetry of the hairstyle makes for striking group portraits (and many other shots, too).

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Introduce a Front Braid

Bridesmaid with a front braid

Photo by Michelle Lange Photography

Braids can be added to all sorts of hairstyles and have a lot of functionality. Specifically, a front braid helps to keep any given down-or-up hairstyle intact—while looking so pretty and framing your besties' faces for photo ops, too.

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Go for Drama With a Tousled Side Braid

Bridesmaid with a tousled side braid

Photo by Michelle Pullman

For a look that's both wildly romantic and full of drama, a thick, tousled side braid makes a head-turning statement. (Just envision a Jane Austen heroine riding her horse at full speed through the countryside.) We love this hairstyle precisely because it's unexpected and also looks wildly different from every perspective—although this is the Insta-worthy shot.

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French Braids With Jumpsuits Feel Modern

Bridesmaids with french braids

Photo by Katie Grant

These bridesmaids are rocking a French braid with their cool-girl jumpsuits, which pair perfectly with the bride's unadorned, floor-sweeping gown and barely there waves. The head-to-toe white color choice across all three looks gives this tribe a decidedly bridal vibe.

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Leave Your Mismatched 'Dos to the Pros

Bridesmaids with mismatched hairstyles

Photo by Briana Moore

This mix of beautiful blowouts, braided updos, and pretty curls is all kinds of gorgeous—and proof that mismatched hairstyles can work cohesively. The key is to make sure everyone has appointments with the same hairstylist (or team of stylists), as they'll ultimately be the ones who will know how to tie it all together.

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Showcase Her Personal Style

Bridesmaid with face-framing florals

Photo by Anna Kim Photography

We love brides who let their friends dress up in a way that suits them, yet it still works for their overall wedding style. Bridal parties of mismatched looks is a trend that's here to stay. But how about these face-framing florals for a friend with an ultra-short 'do that still tie into the bouquet? We're totally into it.

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Consider Your Wedding Location

Bride with bridesmaids rocking pretty updos

Photo by Jordan Voth

What sort of hairstyles you and your bridesmaids will be able to rock all day (and night!) varies dramatically depending on where—and in what season—you're getting married. In the case of a rugged wilderness location, these twisted, messy, and impossibly pretty updos are both functional (no one's going to notice a few flyaways) and so swoon-worthy.

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Think About Their Wedding-Day Roles

Bridesmaid helping bride dress

Photo by Laura Gordon 

Still uncertain about what direction you want to go when it comes to hairstyles for your bridesmaids? It never hurts to consider their responsibilities on the big day—especially for your maid of honor. A half-up, half-down 'do with some gorgeous greenery tucked above her curls is perfectly picture-worthy—and oh-so practical.

  • What is an appropriate hairstyle for a bridesmaid?

    With an array of options to choose from, each bridesmaid should be given the opportunity to select a hairstyle that is an expression of themselves.  

  • How do you decide what hairstyle your bridesmaids should have?

    Like most of your other wedding day decisions, you should meet with all of your bridesmaids to discuss potential hairstyles. Whether they're interested in mismatched 'dos or want to coordinate with the rest of the bridal party, you'll want to make sure that everyone feels included.

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