32 Best Friend Gift Ideas for All Your Holiday Needs

Perfect for your bridesmaids or wedding workout buddy

Updated 12/15/18

Photo by Elizabeth LaDuca Photography

Best friend gifts for your girl squad? Done and done!

With a laundry list of wedding planning chores in front of you (guest lists, dress fittings, finally deciding between roses and peonies...), finding that extra special present for everyone on your gift list can feel near impossible. As if you didn't have enough on your plate as a bride already, amiright? So did we the legwork for you! Okay, ladies, now let's get in formation, cause you're about to slay with these 32 ahh-maze-ing gifts, hand-picked especially for your BFFs.

What better time than the holidays to thank your special gal pals for all they've done throughout your wedding adventure, anyway? After all, these are likely the ladies planning your bachelorette party and bridal shower, the ones who always let you rant about your mother-in-law to-be without question, and the ones who'll be supportively standing by your side on your wedding day. Trust us, they deserve it. And any of these perfect presents are just the thing to say "Thank you!" right along with "Happy holidays."

We've rounded up this year's most gorgeous gifts that any 'maid or member of your posse is bound to love — from your wedding workout buddy to your mani/pedi pal. The best part? Brides on a budget will also flip for these finds. Our best friend gift guide covers a wide range of price points so whether you have an entire army of 'maids or a small bridal party consisting of just your very closet girls, these glam goodies are totally within reach.

From jewelry to beauty must-haves, these presents will without-a-doubt make your crew smile. Browse our best friend gifts below, and feel free to thank us later.

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Speckled Beaded Drop Earrings

Courtesy of COS

No one knows your best friends' unique styles better than you, and this is one set of earrings your whole girl gang can get behind. A classic drop style meets modern speckling for an easy gifting win. Just be warned: You'll be setting the bar high for any future jewelry bridesmaid presents with this one.


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Chanel Highlighting Powder Compact

Courtesy of Chanel

You're not the only one who can pull off that coveted bridal glow. Say hello to the highlighter of highlighters, decked out with a dash of shimmer for an easy, luminous look.

SHOP NOW: Nordstrom, $58

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Urban Green Makers Terrarium Kit

Courtesy of Anthropologie

Hello, bridesmaids bonding activity. Have your pals, armed with wine and clad in the coziest of attire, head over to DIY their own mini terrariums. Combined with a few pizzas and a holiday rom-com, you've got the recipe for an utterly epic girls night in.

SHOP NOW: Anthropologie, $36

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David Mallett Australian Salt Spray

Courtesy of David Mallett

It's beach waves in a bottle—the spray adds just the right amount of texture to help your best friends look like they've just been seaside with a frozen daiquiri in hand (if only...).

SHOP NOW: Need Supply Co., $40

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LOVESHACKFANCY Velvet Scrunchie Set

Courtesy of Shopbop

Colorful and velvet—what's not to love? Gift your go-to wedding workout buddy with a set of these '80s-esque accessories. Because we've all lost more hair ties in our days than we'd like to admit.

SHOP NOW: Shopbop, $35

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Pai Zodiac Gift Boxes

Courtesy of Free People

With the power of the stars on your side, you obviously can't go wrong with this gift idea for your best friends. Whether air or fire, personalize each skincare set based on your girls' zodiac signs.

SHOP NOW: Free People, $40

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Ouai Mercer Street Eau De Parfum

Courtesy of OUAI

Think light, fresh floral scents through a combo of Turkish rose, Italian lemon, iris, lily, and white musk. Enough said.

SHOP NOW: Sephora, $56

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The Woman Cards

Courtesy of Anthropologie

Every girl boss needs a little inspiration, even in the playing card department. Whether used for drinking games or a good old round of solitaire, your crew can dole out a deck complete with hand-drawn portraits of influential American women.

SHOP NOW: Anthropologie, $20

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Gorjana Power Gemstone Calming Charm Ring

Courtesy of Shopbop

Dress fittings and shoe shopping and bridal showers, oh my! Help your bridesmaids (and maybe even yourself) keep their cool throughout wedding planning with a bauble that's intended to ensure the wearer stays relaxed.

SHOP NOW: Shopbop, $38

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COS Metallic Socks

Courtesy of COS

Name one person who couldn't do without an extra pair of socks. Nothing says "I love you" to your closest pals over the holidays better than a cozy piece of footwear—that's metallic, mind you.


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Joanna Vargas Twilight Sheet Mask


If there's one gift your best friends or bridesmaids need once blistering winter temps hit, it's this. Five deep-conditioning masks reverse winter wear and tear for camera-ready complexions (cough wedding photos cough).

SHOP NOW: Need Supply Co., $75

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ba&sh Music Speaker

Courtesy of ba&sh

Gift your go-to dance partner (aside from your future spouse, of course) an at-home audio essential for busting a move. Bonus points if your bachelorette is on the horizon...because a group dance party is a given.

SHOP NOW: Orchard Mile, $55

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The Qi Rose Flower Tea

Courtesy of The Qi

It's the best of both worlds—tea and flowers. The soothing pairing actually draws inspiration from traditional Chinese medicine, and this highly curated herbal blend does wonders to promote healthy skin and hair, reduce anxiety, and lead to a better night's sleep. Every woman's dream concoction, discovered.

SHOP NOW: The Qi, was $25, now $22

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Juniper Ridge Incense

Courtesy of Free People

To show that your gifting creativity knows no bounds, ditch the candle idea for an equally scent-sible (and amazingly affordable) present for your friends. Encapsulating the essence of a campfire, it's ideal for any city slickers on your gift list.

SHOP NOW: Free People, $12

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COS Changing Profile Hoop Earrings

Courtesy of COS

No jewelry collection is complete without a simple set of hoops, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Gift your girls the goods to sport at your bridal shower or rehearsal dinner (and everywhere else, of course).


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Sunny Life Pina Colada Cocktail Party Kit

Courtesy of Shopbop

Set the tone for your tropical bachelorette getaway, courtesy of a three-in-one cocktail shaker, cup, and shot glass. Obviously, no cocktail kit would be complete without a few decorative straws, coasters, and stirrers thrown into the mix as well. Although alcohol isn't included, gift to your besties with the promise of numerous refills during your last fling before the ring.

SHOP NOW: Shopbop, $25

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Bar Game Coasters

Courtesy of Shopbop

Another must-have for your 'maids to pack on the bachelorette, this boozy coaster set kicks the party into high gear through a series of games and puzzles...to be paired with alcohol, of course.

SHOP NOW: Shopbop, $12

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Two's Company Chill Out Stumbling Blocks Game

Courtesy of Two's Company

Another must-have for your 'maids to pack on the bachelorette, this boozy game set comes with four shot glasses and blocks printed with drinking challenges. Proceed with caution.

SHOP NOW: Lord & Taylor, $22.50

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Make Alabaster Glitter Eyeshadow

Courtesy of MAKE

There's no better time than the holidays for your best friends or bridesmaids to experiment with a little beauty glitz and glam. Consider their NYE makeup looks solved (finding plans is another ordeal...).

SHOP NOW: Need Supply Co., $25

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Harper + Ari Exfoliating Sugar Cube Brunch Collection Gift Box

Courtesy of Anthropologie

For the bridesmaids who brunch—this set of six scrubs draws from one of the best meals of the day. With coffee, rosé, and juice cleanse-driven scents, your brunch-obsessed besties will be in bath-time heaven.

SHOP NOW: Anthropologie, $12

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Solaris Laboratories Amethyst Facial Roller

Courtesy of Solaris Laboratories

Prove to your BFFs that the crystal facial roller fad truly lives up to the hype. Aside from this rendition's pretty gold hardware, the purple gemstone that ignites tranquility and reduces puffiness is all the evidence they'll need to hop on the bandwagon.

SHOP NOW: Need Supply Co., $45

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Stance Call Me Bev Invisible Socks

Courtesy of Shopbop

Your girl gang deserves to be pampered, especially if they're offloading some of the wedding planning burden. Say thank you with one of the best gift ideas we've encountered. May your squad reach the same level of peak relaxation as this dog.

SHOP NOW: Shopbop, $12

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Boy Smells Cinderose Scented Candle

Courtesy of Boy Smells

Androgynous Los Angeles–based line Boy Smells takes the cake for both overall presentation and scent selection. Expertly crafted to embrace both masculine and feminine allures, each fragrance in the collection melds divine scents with glossy black and pink packaging. Take the founder-invented fragrance Cinderose: a seamless integration of rose and smoke notes that everyone on your wish list will be able to identify with.

SHOP NOW: Nordstrom, $29

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Rodin Mermaid Luxury Lip Oil

Courtesy of Need Supply Co.

Of all the cruel winter beauty woes, chapped lips remain firmly fixated at the top the list. Instead of flying through tubes of chapstick to no avail, direct your squad to a lightweight lip oil, made from sunflower oil, olive fruit oil, safflower seed oil, jojoba seed oil, and vitamin E. The finishing touch: a slight shimmer, ideal for solo wear or paired with lipstick. No more shying away from the mistletoe this season.

SHOP NOW: Need Supply Co., $38

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Daughter of the Land Iris + Rosehips Bath Soak

Courtesy of Daughter of the Land

Organic! Cruelty-free! Packaged with 100 percent recycled paper! Rivaling all other bath soaks, Daughter of the Land's creation hits all the checkmarks and combines rosehips, French gray salts, and jasmine for extra nourishment your gal pals all deserve this upcoming winter. Plus, the concoction's soothing scents can cure holiday stress induced by shopping and family-time overload.

SHOP NOW: Daughter of the Land, $33

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Beaches: Gray Malin

Courtesy of Shopbop

Packed with beautiful imagery from world-renowned photographer Gray Malin, the hardcover offers a taste of summer, highlighting aerial shots from seaside locales in six continents. Your main beaches can fantasize about their next escapes from the comfort of their couches.

SHOP NOW: Shopbop, $40

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Saskia Diez Papaya Sling Ring

Courtesy of Saskia Diez

For all your impossible-to-shop-for besties, this papaya-inspired ring is absolutely adorable, a little bit quirky, and a gift you can guarantee they don't already have.

SHOP NOW: Need Supply Co., $165

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Anthropologie Snowflake Beanie

Courtesy of Anthropologie

It didn't earn its "Snowflake" title for nothing—this bad boy gently embraces all your BFFs' noggins for cozy protection until spring.

SHOP NOW: Anthropologie, $48

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Winky Lux Flower Balm

Courtesy of Free People

Each floral-infused tube works with your crew's specific pH levels, so it creates a personalized pink pout once applied. Tell your 'maids to stash these in their bags on the wedding day!

SHOP NOW: Free People, $14

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Hidrate Spark 2.0 Smart Water Bottle

Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Another must-have for the bestie who can never pass up a barre class—a friendly reminder to drink more water. This high-tech bottle pairs with an app on her smart phone to track her daily H20 consumption.

SHOP NOW: Urban Outfitters, $45

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Kate Spade New York 'Idiom - Find the Silver Lining' Bangle

Courtesy of Kate Spade New York

Sure, your best friends probably have a collection of stackable bracelets stashed away in their jewelry boxes, but it's a safe bet that none have a motivational message engraved on the inside. A daily pick-me-up will be as simple as glancing at their wrists.

SHOP NOW: Nordstrom, $32

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Kitsch Silk Eye Mask

Courtesy of Shopbop

Beauty sleep done right. A silk eye mask means uninterrupted snoozes, plus the soft material will be kind on her skin throughout the night.

SHOP NOW: Shopbop, $34

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