The Top 5 Bridesmaid Dress Trends in 2023

The freshest colors, prints, and silhouettes for a stunning lineup.

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Fashion choices for modern bridesmaid dresses have been vast and varied for the past several years. We're in an era of individuality when it comes to bridal party looks, and there are tons of style options to choose from when it comes to dressing for the big day. “We’ve been moving away from the very traditional look of bridesmaids wearing identical dresses, with matching hairstyles, makeup, shoes, and accessories,” says Kate Halfpenny, founder and designer of Halfpenny London. “The modern style of different outfits, but in the same colorway, is a very welcome change.”

Meet the Expert

Kate Halfpenny is the founder and designer of the luxury British-based bridalwear company Halfpenny London. Launched in 2005, her brand and designs are renowned for their incredible fabrics, detailing, and silhouettes.

What's more, we're also in the age of sustainable fashion, and the idea of being able to re-wear a bridesmaid dress should be a key consideration when shopping for a look. For Halfpenny, the concept of re-wearing a bridesmaid ensemble, and incorporating it into one's everyday wardrobe, was the inspiration behind her collection, Sister. “This is a collection for bridesmaids, and all of the pieces can be worn again,” the designer explains. “I believe well-made, lovingly crafted clothes are made to be worn and loved for many, many years.”

Ahead, with the help of Halfpenny, we share more thoughts on what’s stylish and chic for bridal party dresses and break down the top trends that are sure to dominate in 2023.

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The Classic Black Dress

Who can’t use another black dress in their wardrobe? This closet staple adds an instant air of elegance and polish to any wedding party. Halfpenny says without question that the classic black dress is a look that will be worn again, and one that'll be unanimously adored by all bridal party members. “Invest the time finding the right style and they will love it and feel great wearing it," she adds.

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Garden Party

Think fanciful-like details like watercolor florals, ruffles, floral appliques, and gowns with a sweeping swoosh factor. We’re also talking about bridal party dresses in super-soft and subtle shades like blushing nudes, pale grey, and garden greens. While not a completely new trend, this style of bridal party attire is set to really dominate in 2023, especially as it pertains to spring and summer nuptials.

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Bold Hues

Dresses in bold hues are a smart choice for brides looking for an alternative look for their bridal party. It’s a very fashion-forward option that brings tons of character to wedding photos, and a trend that truly allows bridesmaids to embrace their personal styles. As seen in the above photo, this bride asked her squad to wear long gowns in various bold hues, which ultimately added personality and charm to her tropical, bohemian Miami wedding.

bride and bridesmaid portrait

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Gorgeous Glam

The love of Old Hollywood aesthetics has emphasized a surge in glamourous looks for bridesmaids, including sequin gowns, jewel tone hues, sumptuous embellishments, and velvet dresses. This trend also complements a variety of body shapes and sizes, as there are hundreds of retailers that create lavish and glam-focused ensembles fit for a Hollywood-inspired event.

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Airy Silhouettes

In 2023, expect to see a return to silhouettes that feel at once airy and ethereal. These are dresses that fit a variety of body types, and ones that are perfect for outdoor and romantic nuptials. For instance, this bride donned her bridesmaids in chiffon dresses that effortlessly flowed as they walked down the aisle and posed for photos.


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