30 Impossibly Pretty Wedding Chair Decorations

From floral garlands to wooden signs.

Chairs with laser-cut seat assignments


When it comes to your wedding, you and your partner are the irrefutable stars of the show. So, why not take every opportunity to stand out? That includes the very chairs on which you sit! At your wedding reception, make sure you and your partner's seats are as special as your union with these impossibly pretty wedding chair decorations.

From floral garlands to "bride" and "groom" signs, there are endless ways to make your wedding chairs stand out from the rest of your guests'. And while any of these wedding chair decorations are an ideal way to designate the newlyweds' chosen spots, these fun decor ideas are more than just practical details. They also serve as a way (and a budget-friendly one at that) to further decorate for your wedding theme. Plus, they make for some seriously stunning reception photos.

No matter what your wedding style or budget, there are endless options for your wedding chair decorations. If your nuptials have a more rustic or vintage vibe, hang wooden seat signs that bear your new nominal prefixes on the backs of your chairs. Throwing a springtime or summer soirée? Drape your seats in garlands of greenery and bright blooms. If you prefer a more modern look, opt for clear acrylic ghost chairs with gold laser-cut signs.

With so many custom materials to choose from and every sweet saying imaginable, it’s inspiring to see just how creative a couple can get with these reception markers. Ready to plan your own reception seating? From tartan blankets in a winter wonderland wedding to macrame sashes and love notes written in elegant calligraphy, these are our favorite ideas for your wedding chair decorations.

Keep scrolling for 30 of the prettiest wedding chair decorations.

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Matching Leather Jackets

wedding reception sweetheart table

Photo by Chris and Ruth Photography

This too-cool couple threw matching leather jackets over their chairs at the reception. Was this planned? Maybe not, but it certainly works and definitely fits the pool-party vibe.

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Macrame With Painted Wooden Signs

Macrame on back of wedding chairs

Photo by Iluminen

Intricate macrame wall hangings are perfectly repurposed as chair covers for an earthy wedding. This couple had "Mrs." and "Mr." painted in elegant white calligraphy on wood slabs, matching the table linens and seat cushions.

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Rustic Wood

Photo by Alison Dunn Photography

If your wedding has barnyard vibes, rustic wooden markers fit right in. These simple signs have the florals already attached, so all you have to do is drape the piece over the backs of the chairs and all the decorating is done.

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A Simple Ampersand

Photo by Catherine Ann Photography

Ditch the prefixes. A vintage ampersand and swags of blooms will do just fine. In the same way the symbol bridges together words, here, it's connecting the two chairs, and we think that is utterly adorable.

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Green Garland


Photo by Sanaz Photography

Drape garlands of flowers and greenery on the backs of your chairs for a garden-fresh feel. Cheery summer blossoms are complemented by dusty rose linens and pink table florals, inviting an elegant, tea-party scene.

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Flowers Behind the Chairs

Bride and groom kissing in reception chairs

Photo by Nicole Leever Photography

Instead of adorning the actual chairs, place large floral arrangements on the floor just behind the chair backs to create the appearance of decorated seating. Be sure to get some good elevation in the flowers for the illusion to really work.

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Wool for Warmth

Photo by Alicia King Photography

Winter wedding? Red plaid blankets double as both place settings and a cozy, warm wrap. And if your reception is outside? You'll definitely need them.

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Bed of Blooms

flowers on chair

Photo by The Hons

Add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral setting by nestling your chairs in a bed of blooms. Go for florals in varied shades of one color and then add diversity while remaining cohesive.

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Framed Phrases

Photo by Weddings By Sasha

Solidify your new spousal status in your favorite language. At this wedding, the bride and groom’s chairs were hung with signs that read, "mi queridita esposa" (my darling wife) and “mi cariñoso marido" (my darling husband).

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Macrame and Floral Arrangements

Back of wedding chairs with macrame

Photo by Lott's

Level up some already statement-making wedding chairs with an arrangement of florals and macrame. We're loving the simplicity of the three blossoms on varying lengths of greenery.

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Romantic Roses

Wedding chair with garland and sign across the back

Photo by Vienna Glenn Photography

How romantic! In addition to pretty pink roses and draped silky ribbon, this chair bore a sweet sign reading "his forever." We're also loving how the sign has little painted rose detailing in the corners to match.

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Teak and Tropical Flowers

Photo by Kallima Photography

At this tented wedding on the beach, tropical flowers in a hot pink hue and driftwood signs on teak folding chairs were part of the special island touches. Don't forget the centerpiece to complete the tablescape!

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Laser-Cut Signs

Photo by Curtis Wiklund Photography

All you need is love—and some eucalyptus leaves with laser-cut seat assignments. Calligraphy and wedding decor go hand in hand, but there's something extra special about the elegant letters when carved to perfection in wood.

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A Love Note on a Loveseat

Photo by Josh Elliot Photography

Who needs separate chairs when you can cuddle up together in one? The larger seatback creates space for a grand display of lush greenery, crisp blooms, and a sweet message on display. This couple’s “you are my treasure” wedding theme hits a high note with their poetic loveseat for two.

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Simple Wreaths

wreath sweetheart chair decorations

Photo by Sarah Falugo

When was the last time you saw a good cerulean ribbon strung through a green needle wreath? We don't recall either, but this couple is making a compelling case for the combo. The small wreaths mark the newlyweds' chairs—simplicity at its best.

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Romantic and Rustic

Photo by J. Ashley Photography

The bride and groom's chairs at this romantic, Southern wedding were adorned with greenery, drapey ribbon, and antique mirrors. Rustic vibes tiptoe on the side of fantasy with a grand tiered cake and elegant candelabras, which go oh-so-well with the antique chairs.

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Custom Wedding Crest

Two acrylic wedding chairs with wreaths on the back

Photo by KT Merry

This couple commissioned a custom wedding crest and created a three-dimensional version based on the painting. Wreaths of greens and white blossoms are tied with a bow to their acrylic reception chairs.

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Oversize Palm Leaves

Wedding reception chairs with Monstera leafs on the backs

Photo by Zibetti Photo and Film

Massive palm leaves secured the backs of the bride and groom chairs at this destination wedding in Mexico. The couple loved how the leaves looked on dark wood and extended the combo throughout their tablescape.

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Diagonal Delphiniums

White wedding ceremony chairs with delphiniums tied across the backs

Photo by Jennifer Young Studio

For this Italian celebration, stems of vibrant purple delphiniums clung to the sweetheart chairs. With the color wheel in mind, strands of marigold ribbon secured each of the flowers' ends to crisp white chairs.

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Draped Foliage

Wedding reception chairs draped with foliage

Photo by Holly Clark

Another example of how chair decor can link the couple's seats, this bushy garland joins the two by simply lying across the tops rather than tying them together in a knot or bow. A perfectly laid-back yet elegant vibe for a Lake Como wedding.

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Wheat Bouquets

Ceremony chairs with dried botanicals and greenery

Photo by Cassidy Carson Photography

This Tennessee wedding was brought to life with bundles of boho wheat decor. Use a green twine to secure the bouquet and tuck in long leafy stems for the appearance of vine-tied bundles.

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Woven Fans

Photo by Alyssa Luzaich Photography

A rustic wedding in the rolling hills of California calls for woven fans and mismatched chairs from Pleasanton Event Rentals. Not only do these make adorable boho wedding decorations, but they can also be kept as souvenirs and incorporated into your home.

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Banner Cutout

Bride and groom kissing in reception chairs

Kristen Marie Parker

A strand of simple garland and strung banner letters drape beautifully together across the backs of this couple's chairs. The foliage is kept on the small side, which creates perfect balance with the oversized gold letters.

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Giant Garlands

Back of wedding chairs with foliage and signs

Photo by Ashley Meagan Photography; Florals by By Bloomers

Go big with huge, fluffy garlands of greenery and dainty accent botanicals. This paired with natural wood "bride" and "groom" signs makes for a fresh boho feel.

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Monstera Leaf and a Single Protea

Reception seating with protea flower and monstera leaf on the back of a chair

Photo by O'Malley Photographers

Get tropical with a deep green monstera leaf topped by a pale pink protea flower. This couple repurposed their ceremony aisle seating for decorated reception seat designation.

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Blush Garden Roses and Spray Roses

Blush Garden Roses and Spray Roses


For a dramatic finish, this couple draped exquisite blush garden roses and spray roses over gold Chiavari chairs. With the goal of making everything feel lived-in, the gorgeous flowers were the perfect complement to this wedding's rustic yet gilded decor.

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Personalized Signs

Bride's Chair Adorned With "Sláinte" Sign


Planning on having a sweetheart table for the newlyweds? Let the couple's heritage shine through by decorating their chair backs with signs. To honor the bride's Irish ancestry, a sign with the Gaelic toast sláinte (or "good health") appeared on the back of her chair while the groom's read salute, the Italian translation.

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Statement Chairs

Statement-making rattan peacock chairs at head table


Variety is the spice of life! We love how this couple incorporated statement-making rattan peacock chairs into their island nuptials for a tropical twist. Not only did the chairs complement the palm tree decor, but they made the newlyweds feel like royals when seated at the head table. 

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Personalized Monograms

Ghost Chairs Personalized With Couple's Initials


It's all in the details. This couple cemented their newlywed status by personalizing a set of ghost chairs with their new initials. Bonus: When seated at the head table, the monogrammed chairs made for memorable reception photos.

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Greenery and Flowers

Chairs adorned with “Mr.” and “Mrs.” signs and garlands of greenery and flowers


Plan a surf-inspired reception by adorning the backs of your chairs with garlands of greenery and flowers—just add "Mr." and "Mrs." signs for good measure. The laidback ambiance and location for this couple's destination wedding in Bali truly set the scene.

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