Bridal-Party Gift Ideas for Your Destination Wedding

Say "aloha!". to your bridesmaids with one of these thoughtful gifts

Updated 02/10/17

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Destination weddings are still the rage, and while they're sometimes a far better option than the traditional banquet-hall wedding, these far-flung nuptials can offer a host of their own planning considerations.

Part is simply fundamental: You are asking your bridal party to not only prep to be very involved in your wedding but also to make a trip—for some even a great distance. Show your bridesmaids just how much you truly value them by gifting your gals care packages of gifts to use during the destination-wedding festivities. Trust us, the gesture will be very appreciated!

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"I Do Crew" tank

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Courtesy of Tipsy Elves

How cute would it be for your whole squad to wear these tanks as they land at the airport? ("I Do Crew" tank top, $28, Tipsy Elves)

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Pearl Bath Bombs Lavender Ring Bomb

<p>Pearl Bath Bombs</p>

Courtesy of Pearl Bath Bombs

Once your bridesmaids arrive at the destination, they will be wiped and ready for a good night's sleep before all the celebrating begins. Or maybe the bridal party had a little too much fun during the rehearsal dinner and needs to detox before the big day. Pearl Bath Bombs's lavender bath bomb is the perfect relaxer. Not only does lavender prepare you for sleep, but it has therapeutic qualities that will calm the mind and body. This is also a great gift for a bridesmaid who's secretly jealous of the bride's ring, since each bomb comes with a cocktail ring inside! (Lavender ring bath bomb, $14.94, Pearl Bath Bombs)

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Leather charging clutch

<p>Leather Charging Clutch</p>

Courtesy of Olive & Cocoa

When you are running from day to night—as your bridal party is—your phone battery needs to keep up. This leather clutch features a cleverly hidden built-in battery for keeping devices powered up to two full charges and comes complete with a variety of charging cords and adapters to accommodate any device. ("Hayden" leather charging clutch, $198, Olive & Cocoa)

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Lancer Volume Enhancing Lip Serum

<p>Lancer Lip Serum</p>

Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue

Spoil your bridesmaids with a touch of chic luxury! An airplane cabin can be very dry, so they'll appreciate Lancer Skincare's Volume Enhancing Lip Serum when traveling. It's an advanced treatment that creates lush, youthful-looking lips with hydration for visible plumpness, and it provides a smoother foundation for your girls' favorite lipstick, glosses, and lip pencils too. (Volume Enhancing Lip Serum, $42, Lancer; available at Saks Fifth Avenue)

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Ban.Do "Back Me Up!". rose-gold charging cord

<p> Phone Charger</p>

Courtesy of Francesca's

Those phone wires always fray at the worst of times. A great gift is a backup for their travels, and that it is snazzy in rose gold doesn't hurt! ("Back Me Up!" rose-gold 60-inch charging cord, $18,; available at Francesca's)

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Linda Lauren Room Energy Clearing Spray

<p>Room Energy Clearing Spray</p>

Courtesy of Linda Lauren

Weddings can be stressful, and "The Vibe" spray is the perfect way to make sure your bridesmaids get a dose of positive energy during their travels. Especially if their lack of positive energy brings you down. It comes in a travel size and should be sprayed anywhere from hotel rooms to taxis and wedding venues to keep the positive energy flowing. ("The Vibe" room energy clearing spray, $9.99, Linda Lauren)

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Skyroam personal Wi-Fi hot spot

<p>Skyroam Wifi Hotspot</p>

Getty Images

Besides an external battery, here's a must for those international destinations: Skyroam, the personal Wi-Fi hot spot that enables travelers to connect up to five devices at a time in over 100+ countries with zero roaming fees. Since you can connect multiple devices, you may even consider getting one or two for the group to share (but the price is right to add one to each girl's gift bag!). (Personal Wi-Fi hot spot, starting at $8 per day, Skyroam)

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Aubío Cold Sore Treatment Gel

<p>Cold Sore Treatment Gel</p>

Courtesy of Target

This should be in every bridesmaid's beauty survival kit, since more than 170 million Americans suffer from pesky cold sores (with stress being a main contributor)! Luckily, this natural fix (formulated and developed by derms) offers cold-sore salvation so your girls can look and feel their best on your big day! (Cold sore treatment gel, $29.99, Aubío; available at Target)

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LFL Smooth-slide sandal

<p>Black Slide Sandals</p>

Courtesy of Zappos

These slides are super comfy and great for both indoor and outdoor wear—perfect for slipping on between bridal-party portraits. (Smooth-slide sandals, $29.95, LFL; available at Zappos)

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Pond's Evening Soothe Moisture Clean Towelettes

<p>Pond's Cleansing Towelettes</p>

Courtesy of Walmart

Facial wipes are a good go-to for bridesmaids' travel kits. There's so much running around, changing outfits, etc. These little wonders are perfect for quick touch-ups or to remove makeup completely without the mess of splashing at the sink. (Evening Soothe cleansing towelettes, $4.66, Pond's; available at Walmart)

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Golden Door Silk & Diamond Eye Cream

<p>Golden Door Silk & Diamond Eye Cream</p>

Courtesy of HSN

An incredible blend of botanical extracts and lightweight yet effective emollients leaves the eye area looking radiant, refreshed, and youthful without leaving a greasy feeling. These provide 72 hours of hydration, which may just get you through the festivities looking bright-eyed and hangover free. (Silk and Diamond Eye Cream, $88, Golden Door; available at HSN)

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Skin Authority's "GO! Tie the Knot" kit

<p>Skin Authority Tie the Knot Kit</p>

Courtesy of Skin Authority

This is perfect for a destination wedding. The kit includes a complete skin-care routine with SPF, and the bride can customize its sleeve with any photo she prefers. If she wants to switch out the usual products—Daily Cleanser, Resurfacing Accelerator, Tri-Power Peptide Hydrator and Daily Defense SPF—she can do so as well. The base cost is $58, and the cost to customize varies based upon what is requested. ("GO! Tie the Knot" skin-care set, from $58, Skin Authority)

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Compressed travel towels

<p>Compressed Towels</p>

Courtesy of Ildi Pekar

These towels come with a travel kit and are so cool: You take a tablet and add water and it instantly expands into a cotton towel you can use for freshening up—an amazing option for those long-haul or red-eye flights. (Compressed travel towels, $20, Ildi Pekar)

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Knee-high compression socks

<p>Knee High Socks</p>

Courtesy of Tramps Hosiery

Compression socks help keep blood circulating and prevent deep-vein thrombosis on long flights. The last thing you want is swollen ankles—common after a long flight—in all those wedding photos, and these will help! ("Lonely Hearts" knee highs, $19.98, Tramps Hosiery)

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Living Proof dry shampoo

<p>Living Proof Dry Shampoo</p>

Courtesy of Living Proof

Now they don't have to ruin a perfectly good blowout post flight! This dry shampoo absorbs oil, sweat, and odor for ultraclean hair, and it has a time-release fragrance that delivers a light, clean scent all day. Plus, it comes in a TSA-friendly travel size. (Perfect Hair Day dry shampoo, $12, Living Proof)

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Fisher space pens

<p>Fisher Space Pen</p>

Courtesy of Fisher Space Pen

There's still a lot of organizing to do as you set out on the journey and get ready for the big day. These are perfect for travel because they don't explode in midair and spill ink, as many other pens do. They were developed for astronauts to use in zero gravity, so they can totally handle your bridal-party plans. ("Fuchsia Flurry" bullet space pen with golden rose, $34, Fisher Space Pen)

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Silk travel pillow and eye mask

<p>Silk Travel Pillow and Sleep Mask</p>

Courtesy of Shhh Silk

Your bridal-party besties will love these 100 percent silk-filled travel pillows and eye masks from Shhh Silk. Ideal for sleeping beauties on the go, these gifts will help keep preflight blowouts looking wedding-day ready and skin hydrated and wrinkle free. Choose from six dreamy colors, including white, black, pink, gray, black marble, and white marble, to fit your color scheme, then customize them with initials. We promise, each maid will be honored! (Travel-size silk pillow and mask, $209, Shhh Silk)

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Cabeau 4-in-1 universal adapter

<p>Universal Travel Adapter</p>

Courtesy of Cabeau

It's small, light, and durable, it keeps all your chargeables juiced up and ready to go, and it has functionality in over 150 countries. (4-in-1universal travel adapter, $19.99, Cabeau)

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