8 Bridal Parties That Looked SO Glamorous in Their Winter Wedding Wear

When it comes to picking out a color palette, the season lends a bevy of inspiration

Photo by Megan Wynn

A bit of wind and snow outside doesn't mean your girls have to freeze to get that perfect, stylish bridal party shot against an enchanting snowy landscape. When paired with the right dress, outerwear such as fur stoles and elegant shawls can act as the ultimate accessory. Not only do they combat chill and make sure everyone's warm and bundled up, they instantly transform any bridesmaid outfit into winter magic. Bonus — they also make for a great bridesmaid gift!

When it comes to picking out a color palette, winter lends a bevy of inspiration. Deep hues, such as navy, and rich jewel tones, such as plum, are perfect for a rustic wedding. And there's always emerald and crimson for those brides opting for a festive tribute. Cooler tones, such as slate grey or an icy periwinkle, mimic winter's chilly vibes and look gorgeous in a traditional ceremony. And while whites and ivories are a summer dream, a neutral palette is arguably soft and romantic next to a blanket of snow — ideal for a whimsical, bohemian style.

These winter bridesmaid looks are as warm as they are fashionably beautiful. Dress your girls in a similar assemble and let it snow!

<p>Wintery Silver Bridesmaid Dresses</p>

Melina Wallisch Photography

Frosty silver bridesmaid dresses accented with white faux fur shawls make these bridesmaids look snow-kissed.

<p>Wintery Sequin Bridesmaid Dresses</p>

Lauren Fair Photography

Rustic meets glam in faux fur stoles and sequined mini dresses in shades of gold. The mix of textures creates a mountainous vibe with a bit of holiday sparkle while earthy tones evoke a cozy winter feel.

<p>Green Bridesmaid Dresses and Shawls</p>

Brianna Wilbur Photography

Jewel tone evergreen dresses and snow-white shawls combine for a classic and elegant look that is both gorgeous and timeless

<p>Berry Bridesmaid Dresses with Cropped Fur Jackets</p>

Cory Ryan Photography

Cropped jackets in varying shades of brown faux fur complement berry-hued dresses, bringing out winter's rich, deep tones.

<p>Grey Bridesmaid Dresses with Red Shawls</p>

Danielle DeFiore

Slate gowns and red shawls play up both the cool and warm sides of winter, inspired by snowy days and yuletide cheer respectively. The resulting look is colorful and stylish.

<p>Blue and Silver Beaded Bridesmaid Dresses</p>


An icy palette of wintry blue and silver would certainly make Elsa proud. Glittering crystal beading embellishments make these vintage-inspired gowns glamorous and romantic.

<p>Vintage-Inspired Winter Bridesmaids</p>

Jordan Brian Photography

Mismatched furs over matching dresses create a cohesive look while exemplifying each bridesmaid's personality. Paired with retro wavy hairstyles, this cozy warm and trendy look emits vintage vibes.

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