11 Fall Wedding Hairstyles That Are Totally Gorgeous

Cheers to the prettiest hairstyles of the season

Photo by Melissa Marshall

Prepping for a fall-themed wedding fete and want the perfect hair to match the aesthetic? Look no further. We've found the prettiest fall wedding hairstyles of the season!

Whether you have naturally curly hair but want to switch things up a tad or long beach waves that need an enchanting touch of fall, there are plenty of autumnal options out there. All you have to do is narrow down a look that suits your style. Bring the photo along to your wedding hairstylist and you'll be all set for the big day.

Below, we've put together a list of lovely hairstyles that totally work for fall weddings. Keep scrolling to get some inspiration for a festive wedding ‘do you will feel good about forever.

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Short Layers

Photo by Melissa Marshall

Get creative with a layered short cut and lots of greenery for a unique look guests won't forget.

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Fall Flower Crowns

Photo by Melissa Marshall

Now here’s how brides can effortlessly make those bright pastel floral crowns appropriate for fall: Simply choose your blooms in toned-down, rich autumnal colors.

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Pulled-Back Ponytail

Photo by Jamie English

For fuss-free fall brides who like to keep things sweet and simple, this voluminous pulled-back ponytail is a really gorgeous go-to.

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Cascading Curls

Photo by Melissa Marshall

This beautifully adorned hairstyle screams two words—“fall and fabulous.”

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Textured Updo

Photo by Jasmine Alston Photography; Hairstyling by Joy Johnson

Newlywed Aliah Gibson went for a regal updo that’s perfect for brides who want their hair pinned up, but still like to show off lots of gorgeous natural texture.

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Warm Low-Lights

Photo by Pat Furey Photography

A mix of warm low-lights and brushed curls is a fall-focused spin on summer highlights and beachy waves.

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Braid & Barrette

Photo by Whiskers and Willow Photography; Hairstyling by Onorina Jomir Beauty

While flower-strewn braids usually are a hit for summer, a pulled-back braid paired with a glitzy barrette—like this one from Romantic Art Life—feels more fitting and glamorous for the fall season.

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Adorned Updo

Photo by LaJoy Photography

Add eye-catching rhinestones to a textured updo for an unforgettable fall look that will make everyone stop, stare, and smile.

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Braided Bun

Photo by Melissa Marshall

You really can’t go wrong with a braided bun complete with a little fall-esque floral arrangement.

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Fanned Out Bun

Photo by Whiskers and Willow Photography; Hairstyling by Beauty by Stacey and Hautefetes

Twist hair into a fanned out bun and add a few delicate gold accessories, like these dainty buds from Acute Designs, for an ultra-elegant style.

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Voluminous Curls

Photo by Calvin Gavion

Go full-on glam with this voluminous curly look that transcends seasons.

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