10 Boho Ceremony Tent Ideas For The Flower Child Bride

A tipi-inspired tent creates a beautiful backdrop and stunning focal point.

Updated 03/04/18

Photo by Phil Chester

Bring some laid-back, free-spirited flair to your wedding day by exchanging vows in front of a tipi-inspired tent. The tall, cone-shaped structure will help serve as a focal point in your wedding ceremony setting—an especially good idea when you’re marrying in a wide, open space.

You can choose to add tent fabric to the sides or opt to simply leave the poles unadorned—but then you could also add fresh greenery or flowers for a bright pop of color. Ahead, you’ll find 10 of our favorite takes on this stylishly boho ceremony trend.

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Ceremony Tent with Pampas Grass

Savan Photography

This couple tied the knot at the bride’s family’s summer home in Michigan, overlooking a placid lake. The aisle was lined with pampas grass and her father built the ceremony tent structure, which their florist decorated with greenery, flowers, and a pair of antlers.

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Lantern-Lined Ceremony

Lauren Fair Photograph

For a ceremony look that’s equal parts rustic and boho, we love this ceremony backdrop fashioned out of branches, mix-and-match vintage rugs, and Moroccan-style lanterns.

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Ocean-View Ceremony

Betsy Blue Photography

When the Pacific Ocean is your ceremony backdrop, you don’t really need much additional decor. The bride built the three-pole tent structure herself so that it served as a focal point during the ceremony without detracting from the ocean views.

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Beach Ceremony

Olive Photography

Mark your ceremony spot on the beach with a wooden ceremony structure adorned with fresh palms (spray a few palms with gold paint for some extra shimmer in the sunlight).

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Boho Ceremony Tent with Peace Petals

A Sea of Love

If you’re trying to evoke a bohemian, 60s-inspired aesthetic for your wedding day, skip the sprinkling of aisle petals and use them instead to create a large peace sign at the altar.

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Cozy and Colorful

NBarrett Photography

To create a similar ceremony look, combine colorful vintage rugs (to add softness to the outdoor space) with bright-pink bougainvillea trailing upwards along the poles of your tent-style backdrop.

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Wooden-Dowel Tent

Studio Castillero

For their ceremony, this crafty couple handmade their tent structure using long wooden dowels; they decorated the front with ferns to complement their woodland ceremony setting.

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Copper Ceremony Tent

Erin J. Saldana

For their vow exchange, the bride’s father fashioned this ceremony backdrop using copper piping; strands of cut geodes were hung from the top to create a curtain behind the bride and groom. The structure was later moved to the reception and was placed behind the cake table.

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Whimsical Ribbon Tent

Lydia Rachel

In keeping with their summer camp-themed wedding, this couple exchanged vows in front of a ceremony tent dressed up with colorful ribbons.

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Camp-Themed Wedding Ceremony

Pat Furey

This couple’s wedding celebration featured a quirky, Wes Anderson theme filled with camping-inspired details, like their handmade ceremony tent and the mix-and-match chairs.

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