6 Boards You Have to Follow on Pinterest

The prettiest wedding (and life!) inspo from some of our favorite boards

Updated 09/25/17

Olivia Rae James

In the vast, wide, and sometimes daunting world of Pinterest, it can be extremely hard to find people to follow who curate boards that are actually worth following (and maybe even checking on periodically if you follow enough people that they may be getting lost in your feed). Similar to Etsy, it’s a real needle-in-a-haystack situation, and oftentimes the amount of, let's say, bad imagery (or at the very least, uninspiring) that lives on Pinterest can outweigh and drown out the beautiful and unique. When a Pinterest board is good—like, really good—it is immediately evident by the consistency of the overall photos in the larger grouping. Meaning, when you click on someone’s board, you should immediately feel a sense of ease at the flow of the board instead of something all over the place and disjointed.

There are a few rules of thumb we have when on the hunt for some grade-A inspiration on Pinterest. One of our favorite tools for discovering new people is going to a tastemaker’s Pinterest page that you vibe with aesthetically and seeing who he or she follows. Some may be friends and family, but if that tastemaker is well-followed, chances are he or she follows back only a select few (that may mean a couple of hundred versus several hundred) fellow tastemakers or under-the-radar interior designers or bloggers who just happen to also have an excellent eye. Of course, this can (obviously) take a lot of work, which isn’t exactly what you want to be dealing with on top of wedding-planning stress! That’s why we’ve done the work for you and pulled some of the best curated and inspiring boards for everything from interiors (registry inspo!) to florals to reception and ceremony decor.

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Gretchen Jones’s Pinterest page is full of boards brimming with artfully shot modern photos. Understated and minimal, her wedding board “If Ever” has dress after dress for the bride looking for cool-girl, unique wedding inspo.

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Food & Drink

For recipe ideas as you embark on your first year of marriage, Another Feather’s “eat+drink” board has over 800 recipes that cover the full gamut of meal prep—from making homemade pasta to fresh summer salads and pastries. Of course, every photo is shot and styled beautifully and makes us want to make everything she posts.

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If you want some help with honeymoon ideas, Fig + Salt’s “Travel” board has the prettiest pictures of some beautiful destinations for some true eye candy. From winding roads on the coast of Italy to misty beaches in Trinidad and Tobago and colorful markets in Morocco, there’s travel inspiration for every couple.

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Not quite sure how you want to do your hair for your big day? They All Hate Us’s “Locks” board has tons of modern, natural, and loose hairstyles for perusing. From fun looks off the runway that could easily translate to your wedding ‘do (messy waves with little pieces of baby's breath randomly scattered in) to braided updos and noncheesy hair accessories, you’re sure to get some ideas.

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Needing some ideas for your first place together as newlyweds? Olivia Hawk Moore’s “Homely” board has over 13K pins, all of which are beautiful, carefully curated, and inspiring interiors.

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For gorgeous, lush bouquet and centerpiece inspo, we love the Blondielocks's “Flowers” board. We would take just about each and every one of her pinned arrangements and plop them (delicately) on our own wedding tables!

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