12 Creative Ways to Display Blankets at Your Winter Wedding

"To have and to hold in case you get cold."

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If you're a winter bride, you've probably spent some time thinking about ways to keep guests warm at your wedding (especially if you want to take advantage of some snow-covered scenery by hosting portions of the celebration outside). Whether you're exchanging vows alfresco or opting for an open-air venue, one thing is for sure: You don't want your guests shivering in the cold.

Keeping your guests warm and comfortable can be a bit of a winter-wedding conundrum, but one of our favorite ideas is to have plenty of warm blankets at the ready. That way, guests can grab one whenever they're feeling a chill. If you like the idea but are stumped on how to make bulky blankets look elegant and chic, keep reading.

We've rounded up some of the most creative and elegant ways to display blankets at your winter wedding below.

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Welcome Guests


Photo by Kate Headley; Planning by Pineapple Productions

It's no secret that guests need direction on a wedding day! Know this going in and use your signage to elevate your overall wedding decor. We love that a basket of blankets—placed at the ceremony entrance—can be both beautiful and practical.

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Keep It Simple

ceremony with blankets

Photo by Ashley Brown of Shining Light Photography

Blankets can be ordered in any shape, size, and color, but we must admit that beige throws feel right at home at this rustic-chic wedding ceremony. As one of the only pieces of ceremony decor, the simplicity of neutral blankets allows the venue to really do the talking. After all, it's about enhancing the ceremony setting...not taking away from it!

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Mix Styles and Colors

<p>Wedding ceremony seating, benches</p>

Photo by Carrie Patterson Photography

That said, we also love the idea of using blankets to hammer in a wedding's color palette. At this couple's Wyoming wedding, blankets were used to add a pop of color and, since they were draped over each bench, they contributed to an overall laid-back and welcoming atmosphere during the ceremony.

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Roll Them Up

<p>Rolled Blankets on Wedding Ceremony Chairs</p>

Photo by Weather or Not

To ensure that everyone was comfortable at their outdoor ceremony, this couple placed a rolled-up fleece blanket on each ceremony chair. But no matter how you choose to display blankets on your wedding day, we promise your guests will thank you later.

If you choose to have an outdoor ceremony, consider adding a few outdoor heaters around the perimeter of your seating. Guests will love the extra bit of warmth in addition to having a blanket on hand. 

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Add a Touch of Personalization

chairs with blankets

Photo by Nancy Neil; Design by Bash Please

Even better? A throw that's personalized! Here, leather detailing was added to plain cream blankets to brand each for the special setting and day. Copy this idea by printing your family crest or wedding monogram on blankets—that way, guests can keep warm during the ceremony and take home a special favor at the end of the night.

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Enhance Your Theme

<p>Blankets Draped on Ceremony Chairs</p>

Photo by Laura Murray

For a more rustic vibe, gather as many wool camp blankets as you can find and casually drape them across the backs of the chairs at the ceremony.

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Be Consistent With the Display

<p>courtyard cocktail hour</p>

Photo by Sylvie Gil Photography; Planning by Elise Johnson for Shannon Leahy Events

Whether you choose to display blankets in baskets or rolled up on a single chair, it's important to make sure guests know each blanket is there and available for use. For this reason, we like the idea of wrapping each blanket in a simple ribbon, as shown here, so guests know it's present for a reason.

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Keep Extras On Hand

<p>gazebo ceremony</p>

Photo by Tec Petaja; Planning by Jessica Sloane

As with cocktail glasses and napkins, guests are also likely to pick up and carry blankets as they mix and mingle at the reception. Plan for this and make sure blankets are on hand throughout the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception so guests can grab a wrap the moment they feel a chill.

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Create a Cozy Atmosphere

couch with throw blanket

Photo by Jonnie and Garrett; Planned by Modern Day Events & Floral

Use throw blankets to enhance group lounge areas at cocktail hour. At this at-home wedding in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the couple draped blankets over cozy couches, inviting guests to settle in and get to know one another.

Setting up a hot cocoa bar near the lounge areas gives guests a chance to sip on a warm drink while wrapped up in their blanket. It's also a great way to entertain your under-21 guests during the reception.

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Design a Unique Seating Chart

blanket seating chart

Photo by Williamsburg Photo

Looking to take this idea to the next level? Make like this couple and create a seating chart out of a throw blanket. This couple wrote their seating chart in script on a linen sheet and draped it over a plush couch.

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Alternate Blankets and Pillows

reception with blankets

Photo by Tec Petaja; Design by Calder Clark

No blanket is complete without a pillow, and that goes for blankets at reception tables as well. To prepare guests for a seated dinner outside, this couple dressed each seat with a colorful blanket or pillow. The final product? A super-cozy and comfortable vibe.

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Reimagine the Sweetheart Table

<p>Table setting</p>

Photo by Carrie Patterson Photography; Planning by Lovely Day Events; Rentals by Canvas Unlimited

Of course, it's important that you and your S.O. are cozy and comfortable as well. Instead of a sweetheart table, opt for a loveseat so you can be close to one another and sit at a table with your friends. For a finishing touch, mark your seat with an oversized blanket so you can get cozy—just the two of you!

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