Creative and Elegant Ways to Display Blankets at Your Winter Wedding

"To have and to hold in case you get cold."

<p>Blankets Draped on Ceremony Chairs</p>

Laura Murray

If you're a winter bride, you've probably spent some time thinking about ways to keep guests warm at your wedding (especially if you want to take advantage of some snow-covered wintry scenery by hosting portions of the celebration outside). Whether you're exchanging I do's alfresco or opting for an open-air wedding venue, one thing is for sure: You don't want your guests shivering in the cold.

Keeping your wedding guests warm and comfortable can be a bit of a winter-wedding conundrum, but one of our favorite ideas is to have plenty of warm blankets at the ready. That way, guests can grab one whenever they're feeling a chill. If you like the idea but are stumped on how to make bulky blankets look elegant and chic, keep reading. We've rounded up some of the most creative and elegant ways to display them at your wedding.

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Baskets of blankets

<p>Baskets of Blankets for Wedding Guests</p>

Lovers of Love Photography

To encourage guests to warm up, this couple created an inviting display of cozy fleece blankets (monogramed with their initials and wedding date) arranged in various wicker baskets and wooden crates. The final touch: a thoughtful calligraphed chalkboard sign that read, "To have and to hold in case you get cold."

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Rolled blankets on ceremony chairs

<p>Rolled Blankets on Wedding Ceremony Chairs</p>

Weather or Not

If you're exchanging I do's outside, it's a smart idea to have warm blankets on hand for guests to place on their laps or over their shoulders. This couple placed rolled-up fleece blankets on the ceremony chairs. Your guests will thank you.

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Draped camp blankets

<p>Blankets Draped on Ceremony Chairs</p>

Laura Murray

For a more rustic vibe, gather as many wool camp blankets as you can find and casually drape them across the backs of the chairs at the ceremony.

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Rolled blankets displayed in wooden crates

<p>Rolled Blankets Displayed in Wood Crates</p>

Isos Photography

Another rustic-themed display idea: Roll the blankets and stack them neatly in antique wooden crates that have been turned on their side. Invite guests to help themselves to a blanket by displaying a sign. This couple's read, "You've warmed our hearts by joining us for our wedding—now let us keep you warm."

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Baskets of pashminas

<p>Blankets for Wedding Guests</p>

Hello Love Photography

For something a little lighter and more feminine, display baskets of pretty pashminas with tags that say "Get cozy." Guests can help themselves and either use them as light blankets or wear them as scarves or shawls.

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A wagon full of warmth

<p>Blanket Wagon Display</p>

Urban Fig Photography

For this couple's wedding, cozy blankets (wool, crocheted) were stacked in an old Radio Flyer wagon, with a hand-painted sign inviting guests to warm up from the cold.

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