23 Ways to Use Black Details in Your Wedding Decor


Photo by Amber Gress Photography

When most people think of weddings, they think of the color white—white dresses, white dresses, white flowers, etc. And while an all-white color palette will always be a classic (and for good reason!), we have another idea for you: black wedding decor! Yes, that's right, we're all about the darkest hue of them all. But not in like an edgy, gothic way. Seriously, keep reading and hear us out.

For starters, we like to think that you can approach this trend in two different ways. First, you can stick to an overall dark color palette (deep purples, navy, black itself), which creates the feeling of a moody, romantic evening. With this look, we often see the black hue used as the design's base—think the paper and envelope of your invitation suite or the table linens and chairs at dinner. From there, you'll want to layer on more dark accents like candles, flowers, tableware, menus and more (this look can be especially beautiful for a nighttime wedding when paired with tons and tons of candlelight).

And the second—and equally as cool—idea is to pair black with white. It's a classic color combo for a reason, right? This design often feels more modern and abstract, which can be a great match for an art gallery venue or industrial space. Think lots of clean lines, two contrasting colors, and one simple but beautiful effect. Oh, and last but not least, we must mention the ever-trendy millennial pink. As you'll see below, this look is similar to the black-and-white combo (think contrast!), just slightly more feminine. And, yeah, we're into it too.

Keep reading to see plenty of black items from plates to flowers to invites and more. We hope you take this gallery as inspiration and create a black-filled palette of your own!

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Black Chairs In A Natural Setting

Photo by Tec Petaja

We're all about this unexpected combination of a natural setting and modern decor. And mostly because these black chairs look both chic and comfy amongst a field of grass.

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Berry Boutonnieres

Photo by Heather Payne Photography, Calligraphy by Brown Linen Design

Dried berries as boutonnieres? Yes, please!

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Moody Invitation Suite

Photo by Jose Villa, Invitations by Yonder Design

Think of the invitation suite as your chance to set the tone for your big day. And based on this pretty collection from Yonder Design, we're guessing this event looks moody, romantic, and totally beautiful.

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Tall Black Candlesticks

Photo by BrittRene Photo, Planning and Styling by Buzzworthy Events, Flowers by Wish Social Events

These tall black candlesticks make for a fun twist on the classic white variation. We especially like how they're paired with low flower arrangements, which let the lights take center stage (quite literally).

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Black-And-White Plates

Photo by Olivia Richards Photography, Planning and Design by Bari Elexa Events

Modern brides, take note! This artistic black-and-white plate is everything, especially when paired with white lacquered flatware and a white poppy bloom at each setting.

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Celestial Cake With Black Candles

Photo by Orange Photographie; Cake by Whipped

If you haven't heard, celestial designs are having a moment in both fashion and decor. And this out-of-this-world (get it?) cake is no exception as it mixes unique black candles with a painted constellation-like base. We recommend personalizing the stars to match what the sky will look like on your wedding date.

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Matte Black Chargers

Photo by Meiwen Wang Photography, Design and Styling by Natalie Choi Events

For a fresh look, think matte. We love how these black chargers are paired with black flatware for an overall cohesive look.

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Berry Beautiful Bouquet

Photo by Natalia Onyshchenko, Floral Design by Masha Kravchenko, Bottega Di Fiori, and Daria Kruglova

Add berries to your bridal bouquet for a pop of contrasting color. In this case, it also ties the bride's look into her groom's black suit.

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Small Black Accents

Photo by Miles Bradley and Andrew David, Stationary and Styling by State of Reverie

Here, the beauty is in the details. This look works because black accents are repeated in intentional, different ways—from the bistro chairs to the type on the table number.

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Subtle Black Tones

Photo by Rebecca Yale, Planning and Design by RO and CO. Events

Millennial pink lovers, this one's for you! We love how the black flatware, striped plates, and linens pop when paired with pink candles, glassware, and stackable plates.

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Black-And-White Wedding Cake

Photo by Ari Simphoukham, Cake by Branching Out Cakes, Planning by Shannon Leahy Events

Again, black-and-white for the win. And while we adore the graphic nature of this one-tier confection, we're also into how the airy greenery adds a soft, romantic touch.

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An Overall Dark Table Setting

Photo by Samantha Kirk, Design by Harvesting Love

This is a great example of sticking to an overall dark color palette. We love how the gray table and glassware looks against back votive holders and black linens.

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Black Matte Utensils

Photo and Design by The Style Co.

Forget a silver spoon when you can have a black matte one. This look is especially cool because the marble charger brings in specks of black as well.

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Minimal Black Table Runner

Photo by Josh Gruetzmacher, Planning by Shannon Leahy Events

A black runner is always an option if you don't want to completely cover the tabletop. This black-and-white design feels modern, fresh, and clean.

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A Statement-Making Menu

Photo by Melanie Duerkopp Photography, Stationary by Yonder Design, Planning and Design by Simone Lennon Events

Draw your guests into the main focus of dinner (the food, duh!) with a statement black menu.

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Matte Black Cake

Matte Black

Photo by Anna Delores Photography, Cake by Paper Cake Events

This is more of a matte black look, but black nonetheless. Also, note the cool geometric pattern on the cake's bottom tier!

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Dark Floral Invites

Photo and Invitations by Yonder Design

Sure, black invites are trendy—but they're even more popular when paired with dark, moody florals. This is a trend we're seeing (and loving!) for 2018.

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Think Poppies

Photo by Rustic White, Florals by Ashley Killen

Poppies are a fun yet unexpected flower choice because of their dark black center. We love the tiny bit of contrasting color in this otherwise light and airy bouquet.

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Edgy Table Setting

Photo by Belathée Photography, Planning by Shannon Leahy Events

We know we said we weren't going to go gothic, but we can't resist this black set-up with skull-adorned menus. So fun—especially if you're doing a themed rehearsal dinner.

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Dramatic Table Setting

Photo by Plum & Oak Photo, Design and Table Décor by Folklore Vintage Rentals

Yes, you've seen black plates and black candles in this gallery—but you haven't seen a scene like this! We love how this table was set low to the ground (so comfy and fun with cushions!) and left uncovered. The result is all the more dramatic.

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Black Can Be Tropical, Too

Photo by Abby Jiu, Coordinated by Karson Butler Events

This setting is unique in that it's equal parts elegant, modern, and tropical (see those palm trees!). We'd recommend recreating this look for the SoCal wedding of your dreams.

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Black-Patterned Centerpieces

Photo by Mr. and Mrs. Wedding Duo, Design and Planning by Harmony Creative

If we had to select a favorite element of this tablescape, it would definitely be these black-etched vessels. We love the graphic design against the neutral background—and grasses!

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Set The Mood With Your Invites

Photo and Calligraphy by Twinkle and Toast

Again, your invite sets the tone for the day. Use the design to inform your guests of what to expect—and them wrap it up with gold twine and a personalized wax seal!

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