26 Ways to Use Black and Dark Details in Your Wedding Décor

From pops of black to super moody!

black tablecloth on sweetheart table

Photo by John & Joseph

Ready to choose the décor for your wedding day? There are so many beautiful options! But before diving in, you’ll want to determine the overall aesthetic and color palette for both your ceremony and reception.

While an all-white wedding will always be timeless, and a neutral palette is certainly gorgeous, there's such a wide range of color choices to make your wedding feel entirely you. And for many couples, that may include a bold look, with plenty of black elements in the mix.

Black details can add the perfect chic or glam touch to any aesthetic. And you can go for nothing but dark details, or just sprinkle in a few. It’s all up to you!

Think including black is the perfect fit? Read on for 26 ways to use black and dark details in your wedding décor.

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Make a Statement With a Black Bar

black wedding bar

Photo by Adriana Rivera

White or wooden bars are lovely, but black will make that much more of a statement. We love the glam look of this black backdrop with gold detailing.

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Feature Black Flatware

black handled flatware

Photo by Ashley Ludaescher Photography

Just a touch of black can truly dress up a table setting. Although this color palette wasn't terribly moody, the addition of black-handled flatware made it so beautifully chic.

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Play With a Black Place Setting

black wedding menu

Photo by Jessa Schifilliti

Want an entirely moody look? Go for a black place setting. This combination of black plates, napkins, and even menus is absolutely stunning.

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Add a Cake Topper

black cake topper

Photo by Jessa Schifilliti

Going for glam? While an all-white wedding cake is classic, add a pop of dark décor with a cake topper like one couple did with their initials in black.

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Use Black Cocktail Tables

black cocktail tables

Photo by Adriana Rivera

They're not terribly common, but black cocktail tables can truly dress up a space. We love the way these tables popped amongst tropical décor.

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Pick Black Plates

black reception plates

Photo by Alex Ashman Photography 

Matte black dinner plates? Yes please! These plates certainly stood out against a neutral table setting.

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Choose Black Candles

black lanterns on reception table

Photo by Abby Jiu Photography

Whether it's the only black element on your table or you're pairing them with other details, black candlesticks certainly make a statement. Of course, pairing them with other black décor such as lanterns, table numbers, and votive holders will enhance the look even further.

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Make a Monogram

black aisle letters

Photo by Jessa Schifilliti

Want just a touch of dark detailing in your ceremony space? Why not add it to the aisle! One couple featured their initials in bold, black font as the perfect way to mark the beginning of the aisle.

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Welcome With a Black Sign

black wedding welcome sign

Photo by Jenny Quicksall

Make an entrance with something bold! This black wedding welcome sign certainly made a statement, with white text and white blooms that really stood out.

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Look to Black Lanterns

black wedding place setting

Photo by Jenny Quicksall

Lanterns are one of the simplest décor elements to add to dress up a space. Use black-framed lanterns to introduce another touch of dark detailing to match your table design.

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Try Tall Arrangements

black centerpiece

Photo by Alex Ashman Photography 

Tall centerpieces certainly make a statement, but the stand they're on can change the look and feel of a space, too. Skip gold or white and go for black!

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Use Custom Cocktail Napkins

black cocktail napkins

Photo by John & Joseph

Even the smallest details can be black! Go for custom cocktail napkins with a black base and gold monogram for a bespoke look.

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Use Black Tables

black wedding tablecloth

Photo by Jami Laree Jeskey

Why not really make a statement and ditch traditional wooden tables? Even better? Skip a tablecloth too! This long black reception table certainly commanded attention and served as the perfect backdrop for other décor to stand out.

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Dress Up Desserts

black and white macarons


Make your desserts entirely chic with a touch of black. The black strip and gold detailing on these macarons are absolutely stunning.

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Bring in a Bar Cart

black wedding drink cart

Photo by Nyk + Cali

There are so many options for rentals when it comes to bar carts, and many services have designed their carts to perfectly match certain aesthetics. Go for a black bar cart for a big statement, no matter where you're hosting your outdoor reception.

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Turn to Black Tablecloths

black wedding table decor

Photo by John & Joseph

One of the simplest ways to make your aesthetic darker? Ditch a colored or white tablecloth and go for black. Everything else on the table will be sure to pop against it.

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Opt for a Black Altar

black wedding altar


A dark or black altar will certainly stand out, no matter the setting for your ceremony. We love the way this altar provided the perfect contrast to an otherwise light and bright setting.

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Frame the Band

black band stage


Go for a moody backdrop for the band! This dark, abstract backdrop paired with unique lighting was the perfect look for this wedding band stage.

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Choose a Black Cake

black wedding cake

photo by The Day Weddings; Cake by Sukar

Want to really command attention? Your cake will always make jaws drop, but a black cake will take it to the next level. Work with your baker to choose black buttercream, paired with moody florals to match.

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Create an Escort Display

black chair escort display

Photo by Abby Jiu Photography

Looking for a unique escort display idea? We love this clever design! With a white background, the black chairs and font on this display truly pop.

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Go for Black Goblets

black wedding goblets

Photo by Plum & Oak Photography

Colored glassware is stunning, but black will make even more of a statement. Incorporate black goblets or other glasses during cocktail hour and for serving wine with dinner.

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Select Black Seating

black reception chairs

Photo by Sasithon Photography

Chairs are one of the most plentiful items you'll need to set up a reception space. Make a splash with black chairs for any wedding.

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Consider Dessert Table Details

black dessert stands

Photo by Sasithon Photography

It's all in the details! While a minor thing to consider for a dessert table, the stands and serving utensils do matter. Choose dark colors or black to match your overall design.

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Make a Black Menu

black wedding menu

Photo by Second Shots Photography

Skip light linen papers and go for black instead. This menu design, complete with gold detailing, truly popped against an off-white linen napkin.

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Incorporate Black Velvet

black velvet tablecloth

Photo by Jessa Schifilliti

No matter your aesthetic, black velvet tablecloths have a place. They can add such a simple touch of elegance to any space, whether used for a welcome table or your reception tables.

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Select Black Signage

black dessert table signs

Photo by Shelly Anderson Photography

As you're considering how to incorporate black elements into your overall décor, think about smaller items as well. Small black food or dessert signs will pop better against a white backdrop thanks to the beautiful contrast.

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