20 Black Wedding Dress Designers to Know

black bridal designers to know


When thinking of top wedding dress designers, few—if any—faces of color come to mind. There definitely isn’t a lack of talent in the mainstream bridal space, but there is a lack of diversity.

“There are very few Black bridal designers at the forefront of the industry. The passing of Amsale only widened that void,” Andrea Pitter of Pantora Bridal, a salon catering to Black brides, says. The late designer Amsale Aberra not only shook up the industry with her designs, she was a trendsetter when she broke into the industry in the '80s, creating luxurious dresses for the minimal bride. At the time, Aberra was one of the only prominent Black designers in the bridal industry.

As a Black woman and a business owner, Pitter sees the gap firsthand. "The lack of diversity is unfortunate. Black women hold so much spending power and are absolute trendsetters. We should be included in the marketing efforts of fashion houses, employment and all other aspects of the bridal fashion industry", she tells Brides.

The lack of diversity is unfortunate. Black women hold so much spending power and are absolute trendsetters.

Pitter hopes her line can achieve the same level of recognition as Amsale, but as her own star rises, she hopes to bring a few friends with her. “I look forward to the day when Pantora and my other Black industry colleagues are being respected and acknowledged by major publications and retailers,” she says.“It would be awesome if brides could easily find bridal designers that understood them culturally.”

So in addition to Pantora Bridal, here are 19 more Black bridal designers that all brides-to-be should put on their radar.

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Andrea Pitter of Pantora Bridal

pantora bridal gowns

 Courtesy of Pantora Bridal

The Designer:

Andrea Pitter is the founder and creative director of Pantora Bridal, a bridal boutique based in Brooklyn, NY. In 2011, she received a BFA in Fashion Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology.

The Pantora Bride

According to Pitter, Pantora brides are confident, feminine, and fancy and they have a connection to the "real world". “At Pantora we offer relatable luxury. Our brides enjoy clothing that hits home, our design aesthetic is unique yet inviting. Pantora Bridal offers brides the opportunity to come as they are and to be celebrated. It’s feel-good bridal wear!,” she tells Brides.

Not only do her designs take on classic silhouettes and modern details, but she designs with the Black bride in mind. While illusion dresses are gorgeous, the standard mesh colors don’t really work on darker skin, so Pantora Bridal created, Forgotten Skin Tones, their own line of mesh and lining.

"We have 7 Forgotten Skin Tone mesh colors ranging from buff to deep. Each shade can work for women of various complexions," says Pitter. Black women range in complexions and it’s a pity that the bridal fashion industry hasn’t adapted to the idea that there is no universal nude."

Pantora dresses also account for curves with a hip-first approach to sizing. "Pantora bridal is all around inclusive, not only have we accounted for skin tone, but we have also accounted for curves. Our bodies are only celebrated when mimicked by other races. We come in so many shapes and sizes, and no matter what package we come in, it should be dressed to the nines."

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Jean-Ralph Thurin

Jean-Ralph Thurin brides

 Courtesy of Jean-Ralph Thurin

The Designer:

With 20 years of experience in the industry, Jean-Ralph Thurin isn’t exactly up and coming. Brides come to him for custom wedding gowns made with all their needs in mind.

The Jean-Ralph Thurin Bride:

“The clients that come to us have done their research, they’ve done their due diligence, they know who I am, and they come to get a dress made because they know I'm going to do the right thing,” Thurin says.

He designs dresses to fit Black women and their bodies and gets a lot of his inspiration from architecture. “Sometimes its a curve in the window, it’s a pillar, it’s the interior, but that really gets me going,” he says. “Most of my clients really love form-hugging dresses and really appreciate their curves, so a lot of times it's me trying to enhance that with different types of lines and fabric embellishments, but it extends from architecture.”

Even with so much experience, this might be the first you are hearing Thurin’s name. He says the fight for Black designers is continuous. “There are a lot of wonderful Black designers who do great things and who are very talented who are just trying to be seen and be heard,” he says. “I think the challenge for us is just to keep trying to be seen and to be heard just trying to get the right representation and get people to see what your good at what your talent is.”

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Esé Azénabor

bridal gown

Tony Valadez

The Designer:

Before entering the bridal world, Esé Azénabor was creating custom evening wear. It wasn’t until she started looking for her own wedding dress that she noticed a gap in the industry.

“Before I made my own dress I wanted to do some research and go to some bridal stores to see what is out there, and I found that a lot that was out there catered to women with lighter skin as far as matching the lace or the illusion tulle,” Azénabor says. “So when you are a darker woman and you wear the dress it doesn’t match and that’s the only option you have. You just end up wearing it but it’s not really made for you.”

The Esé Azénabor Bride:

Now she makes dresses completely tailored to each bride, as most of her work bridal work is custom.

Azénabor pulls her design inspiration from travel. She was born in Nigeria, raised in Canada, and went to boarding school in the United Kingdom, so she has plenty to draw on. Her experiences typically lead her to create wedding dresses for brides looking to stand out. Azénabor says her bride “loves detail; she understands attention to detail and the work that goes into creating a garment.”

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Nneka C. Alexander of Brides by Nona

wedding dress

Courtesy of In His Image Photography

The Designer:

When Nneka Alexander was a bride 11 years ago, she had trouble finding something on the rack that fulfilled the vision she had in her head. “I am very detailed about what I want and I was not finding it,” Alexander recalls. “The only place I could find what I wanted was in my head, so I had to create my gown and I was like, there has got to be more brides like me out there who cannot find what they want, so I'm going to create a bespoke service to cater to them.”

The Brides by Nona Bride:

Enter Brides By Nona. While they mostly create custom gowns, their collection is used to get both the designer's and bride's wheels spinning. ”Every year we try to come up with a collection that is more diverse than the previous year so we are consistently making our work unique and different,” Alexander says. “My collection is to show you how diverse we can be not for you to order from it. It’s just for you to see the lineup of what we could do.”

The result is typically a wedding dress full of intricate details, with clean and modern lines that makes the bride feel beautiful, romantic, and sexy.

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Amsale Aberra of Amsale

wedding dress

 Courtesy of Heather Waraksa Photography

The Designer:

Renowned for her sophisticated and timeless aesthetic, Ethiopian designer Amsale Aberra was widely credited as the inventor of the modern wedding dress. Her journey into the bridal industry began when she was searching for her own wedding dress and found that most designs at the time were overly dramatic and ornate. So when Aberra couldn't find a gown that represented her pared-back and minimalist style–she designed her own. Realizing that this modern aesthetic wasn't being offered to brides, Aberra set out to create her eponymous bridal label.

Amsale Aberra passed in 2018 and the brand is now under the direction of her husband and CEO Neil Brown, and senior design team comprised of Sarah Swann and Margo Lafontaine and daughter Rachel Brown.

The Amsale Bride:

"The Amsale bride is sophisticated and statement-making, confident yet refined. We design gowns that fit the modern bride’s wedding-day vision and mood—no matter what that looks like. From our couture signature collection to Little White Dress—which features shorter dresses and chic jumpsuits—and Nouvelle Amsale, an accessible collection of chic styles in fine fabrics, there’s something for every wedding-day style. No matter her vision, the Amsale bride shines."

Amsale Aberra's legacy still lives on through her designs and her words: “I believe that true style knows no place or time – more than an aesthetic, STYLE is a way of living.”

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Stephanie White of Odylyne The Ceremony

wedding dress

Courtesy of Odylyne The Ceremony

The Designer:

Stephanie White started her ready-to-wear brand Odylyne in the early 2000's and launched her bridal brand Odylyne The Ceremony in 2014.

"I was always intrigued by artists and the stories behind their work. I love studying historical art movements that shape the way we see things today. With my graphic design background, I worked for several brands in developing all their collateral for business. It was learning from these designers that I decided I could build a brand and design on my own. I took the plunge into fashion in 2009 with a ready to wear line. Then in 2014 I dived into bridal, after I had my two children and needed the flexibility to spend time with my family and do what I love," Stephanie White tells Brides.

The Odylyne The Ceremony Bride:

Odylyne The Ceremony is for the bride who is searching for a gown that feels different, bohemian, and deeply romantic. As you browse through White's collections you'll find gowns with magnificent bell sleeves, exquisite pleating, and soft ethereal ruffles.

"I draw inspiration from many different places. It could be from a song I heard or a movie I watched. I like to create themes for each of my collections based mostly off of movies, and then I tie in art and music within it, so it feels like a complete dive into a different world," says Stephanie White. "The Odylyne the Ceremony bride is a woman who is unique, a visionary who is true to her convictions. She is a dreamer and likes the feeling of being part of something that feels otherworldly, because she ultimately is that. One of my favorite quotes comes from C.S. Lewis: "If I find in myself desires which nothing in this world can satisfy, the only logical explanation is that I was made for another world."

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Valentine Avoh of Valentine Avoh

Valentine Avoh

Courtesy of Valentine Avoh

The Designer:

Valentine Avoh launched her eponymous bridal brand in 2017. After graduating with a degree in fashion from London College of Fashion, Belgian designer Valentine Avoh went on to work at renowned international houses such as Alexander McQueen, and Alexis Mabille. In 2009, Avoh designed and completed her first wedding dress and completely fell in love with the process.

Valentine Avoh draws her inspiration from the glamour of movie stars like Rita Hayworth and Marlène Dietrich to musical greats like Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday. "I used to watch a lot of old movies from the early 30s until the late 50s which really fascinated me. I loved how feminine and sensual women were in those film and yet had a very strong personality," Valentine Avoh tells Brides. Avoh works closely with her brides to create custom made gowns that are expertly tailored to the bride’s vision and body. "I also get inspired everyday by my brides, watching them trying on my dresses, and listening to their comments gives me so many new ideas and ways to improve my designs."

The Valentine Avoh Bride:

Who is the Valentine Avoh Bride for? "Women who wish to highlight their femininity without compromising ease. Women who want to look glamorous on their wedding day wearing a carefully handcrafted piece made in the finest materials such as silk, French lace, embroidered tulle or feather. That is why they love the bespoke approach of my work, knowing that each dress is made to their measurements and can be customized according to their taste and curves."

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Violette Tannenbaum of Violette Tannenbaum

french designers to know

Courtesy of Violette Tannenbaum

The Designer:

Violette Tannenbaum is a French self-taught designer who began designing bridal wear in 2013. Tannenbaum decided to create her eponymous brand after designing a wedding dress for a friend.

The Violette Tannenbaum Bride:

Tannenbaum gathers inspiration from everywhere but mostly from ready to wear fashion. "I have a thing with poetic things and vintage clothes too and it inspires me to designs my dresses. I always took a look to my mother, grandmother and auntie’s pictures when they were young because they were so stylish," Tannenbaum tells Brides. Her designs are popular among brides who are looking for something ultra-unique and cool. "Take some pink, a modern style, one or two hip-hop songs, a cool state of mind, some poetry, a piece of Solange Knowles' creativity, and vintage stuff–this is Violette Tannenbaum aesthetic."

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Yemi Osunkoya of Kosibah

wedding dresses

 Courtesy of Kosibah

The Designer:

Even at an early age, Yemi Osunkoya knew he wanted to be a designer and he was especially inspired by all of the weddings he attended as a child in his homeland of Nigeria. Osunkoya studied fashion at the esteemed Paris Academy of Fashion and in 1991 he launched his bridal line, Kosibah.

The Kosibah Bride:

Since Yemi Osunkoya is trained as a master couturier, every gown he crafts is skillfully tailored and he takes pride in catering to women of all sizes. It's because of this attention to detail that you'll discover gowns with details like expertly placed ruching and intricate beading in each of his collections.

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Cynthia Grafton-Holt of Oui Madam

wedding dress

 Courtesy of Oui Madam

The Designer:

Cynthia Grafton-Holt is the owner and designer behind Oui Madam Bridal Atelier. Cynthia is a highly skilled dressmaker with many years of experience in the wedding industry and her handcrafted bespoke gowns have been worn by high profile clients and celebrities.

The Oui Madam Bride:

Brides come to Oui Madam for a unique bridal gown crafted and tailored to their specific visions and needs. “I help brides who don’t want a typical bridal gown. My brides just want a gown that is everything she has been dreaming of. One that is elegant and fills her with confidence to wear it on her big day.  A wedding dress that is exclusively designed and perfectly fitted in all the right places, leaves my client free to enjoy the occasion with total confidence.”

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Lawrencia Blount of Lawrencia Bridal Couture

Lawrencia Bridal

Courtesy of Lawrencia Bridal Couture

The Designer:

Lawrencia Blount is the owner and designer of Lawrencia Bridal Couture. Although the brand was officially founded in 2020, Lawrencia is a veteran in the industry and has over 14 years working as a designer on bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses.

The Lawrencia Bridal Couture Bride:

Lawrencia told Brides, "The Lawrencia Bridal Couture bride is a confident, well-dressed woman with a unique fashion point of view, and an exquisite, sophisticated taste for luxury. She is forward-thinking and desires to capture her style in a statement bridal look for her special day." Not only does the brand provide bespoke bridal pieces for a confident bride, but Blout also creates high-end accessories to accompany her looks–such as headpieces, capes, belts, and chokers.

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Laurie Underwood of Laury Bride

Laury Bride

Courtesy of Laury Bride

The Designer:

You may recognize Laurie Underwood from season 14 of Project Runway, but the designer has certainly made a name for herself since then. Launching Laury Bride in 2020, Underwood sought out to create her brand when she saw a lack of dresses for the "non-traditional" bride. "I design for brides who like to experiment with both fashion and bridal elements in order to achieve a look that fully encapsulates who she is on her wedding day," Laurie explains.

The Laury Bride:

Her current line, The Forever Collection, clearly exemplifies her sophisticated and unique design approach–a nod to bridal ready-to-wear with custom bespoke bridal pieces. There are interchangeable separates, bodysuits, jumpsuits, puff sleeves, and so much more! Laure tells Brides, "Laury Bride is the mirror to the non-quintessential, yet very essential bride, who desires a true style option, representation, and celebration of her vibe on her wedding day. The Laury Bride desires to effortlessly walk down the aisle in a bridal style that elevates her power, style, and confidence."

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Imad Eduso of Imad Eduso Bridal

 Imad Eduso

Courtesy of Imad Eduso Bridal

The Designer:

Imad Eduso's namesake brand was founded in 2017 with the love of women and individuality at the forefront of every design. The Lagos-based designer and creative director states that the brand is inspired by "intricately designed structures and sculptures" and "deeply rooted in its love of women, their bodies, and the need to portray this love in clean, minimalist but unconventional designs."

The Imad Eduso Bride:

When asked who Eduso designs for, the designer told Brides "The Imad Eduso bride is a confident self-aware woman, who isn’t a slave to trends. She loves to look and feel stylish whilst being comfortable. We design for the bride who is not afraid to show her personality in a non-traditional way, embracing every part of herself and the beauty it represents."

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the lotus bloom co.

lotus cape

Photo by Ditza Photography; Courtesy of the lotus bloom co.

The Designer:

Keisha Ransome is a civil engineer and city planner. If that's not impressive enough, the self-taught designer left her career as a transportation planning consultant to pursue her life-long dream of becoming a designer. Though no longer in the engineering and city planning field, the designer attributes her creative approach to her previous career. “A large part of my role as a consultant was relating small details to large projects. I use the same approach with my designs. I understand how individual layers of tulle can be used to develop a beautiful creation," she tells Brides.

the lotus bloom co., is a petite atelier in Baltimore, MD, with collections featuring tulle skirts, bridal separates, and accessories. Ransome's designs are all created with tulle, the designer's "chosen medium." "I love tulle! Its versatility is at the helm of my creative process," she says. "A single layer of cut tulle can provide a beautiful silhouette for a veiled bride, whereas multiple yards of layered tulle can offer a show-stopping skirt or tulle boa. Its range is fascinating”.

the lotus bloom co. Bride:

Ransome also tells Brides, "the lotus bloom co. bride has 'je ne sais quoi' and a shared appreciation for tulle. As a brand that primarily offers tulle skirts, veils, capes, and boas; brides and bride-to-be come to me for unique add-ons." She ends by stating "My brides are bold and willing to experiment."

The versatility of the brand also shows as it transcends bridal, with statement pieces that can be worn for any formal occasion.

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Andrea Iyamah of Andrea Iyamah Bride

AI bride

Courtesy of Instagram; @andreaiyamah.bride

The Designer:

Nigerian fashion designer, Andrea Dumebi Iyamah, founded her namesake bridal line in 2012 following the success of her ready-to-wear line. Iyamah's designs are influenced by the designer's personal cultural background–with strong attention to details and focus on creating figure-flattering styles, for women who are adventurous and confident.

The Andrea Iyamah Bride:

Andrea Iyamah Bride dresses seem to be perfectly made for an elegant bride, looking to exude regalness and immense confidence on her big day.

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Naomi Deru of Naomi Deru Bridal

Naomi Deru Bridal

Courtesy of Naomi Deru Bridal

The Designer:

Deru began her path towards being a designer at a very young age. The daughter of a textile business owner, Naomi accredits her mother's fabric business as the stepping stone to her career. As her family business developed, so did her curiosity and passion for dressmaking, which eventually landed itself to her becoming a highly sought-after designer.

The Naomi Deru Bridal Bride:

Naomi Deru Bridal offers highly bespoke bridal and "occasional-wear" for the modern bride. Each piece is "skilfully handcrafted from scratch" and " embodies a refined sense of sophisticated minimalism and femininity with the use of clean, sculptural lines and classical elements." There's a piece for every type of bride within her collections.

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Nardos Imam of Nardos Design Bridal

Nardos Design Bridal

Courtesy of Nardos Design Bridal

The Designer:

Born and raised in Eritrea, Nardos Imam had always dreamt of creating dresses her entire life. After studying costume design at El Centro College in Dallas, Texas, Imam soon became the in-house designer at Stanley Korshak, and later launched her fashion line in 2009.

The Nardos Design Bride:

Imam says that she enjoys dressing all types of women, "from mothers of the bride to teenage debutants." Her bridal collection exemplifies that, with designs and silhouettes for brides of all sizes.

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Christelle Dominique of MeJeanne Couture

Mejeanne Couture

Courtesy of MeJeanne Couture

The Designer:

MeJeanne Couture was founded by Christelle Dominique in 2008, and has since grown to offer custom bridal gowns, prom dresses, and pageant gowns. The designer told Brides that the inspiration behind the brand has always been her clients. "As we listen to their needs and reasons why they’ve reached out to us, we create a gown that caters to their styles and personalities," says Dominique.

The MeJeanne Couture Bride:

"The MeJeanne Couture bride is a lady who embodies sophistication and individuality," the designer explains. Through her designs, it's clearly highlighted that the designer places her clients first–thus, attracting women of all styles, sizes, and backgrounds, and those who are "looking for a unique touch and experience at an affordable price."

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Olakunbi Oyelese of April by Kunbi

April by Kunbi

Courtesy of April by Kunbi

The Designer:

Founded in 2010 by Nigerian designer, Olakunbi Oyelese, April by Kunbi offers fresh and unique gowns for brides all over the world. A graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, Oyelese tells Brides, "with an ever-growing portfolio of prêt-a-porter and custom-made fashion items, April by Kunbi aims to be a one-stop source, and a lifestyle brand, for everything from wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, evening/cocktail dresses, accessories, lingerie, bridal keepsakes, and gifts."

The April by Kunbi Bride:

April by Kunbi is known for its specialization in bespoke bridal gowns. "The April by Kunbi bride is sophisticated, confident, and comfortable in her own skin. My bridal designs are foremost inspired by the bride," says the designer. "[Furthermore], my designs are inspired by everything I see, hear and sometimes dream about. The ultimate aim of every design is to celebrate the individuality, quirks, and grace of the feminine spirit. I love intricate details and surprise elements in my pieces. A peekaboo back, a hidden pocket, a contrast colored lining.. just to mention a few."

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Madelange Laroche of Madelange Laroche Bridal

Madelange Laroche

Courtesy of Madelange Laroche

The Designer:

Born and raised in Haiti, Madelange's entry into fashion started at a very young age. Her mom, an accomplished seamstress, trained her in needlework and the designer tells Brides "I was extremely inspired by my mother and my sister growing up. They were both seamstresses and they designed and created formal wear for women in the Haitian town where I grew up." After graduating from the Moore College of Art, Madelange honed her skills as an apprentice to Frank Agostino before launching her eponymous label.

Her inspiration? Creating one-of-a-kind experiences for every bride. "My passion is designing, and making bridal gowns [that] make all brides stand out on their special day. I want women to feel unique, feminine, and classic while adding my own personal touches," she says.

The Madelange Laroche Bridal Bride:

According to the designer, the Madelange Laroche Bridal bride can be anyone. "I believe that what makes my brand so special is that I don’t cater to a specific type of bride. I specialize in custom-made gowns, which allows me to create for all kinds of women, no matter shape, size, or style," says Madelange. "I design for every bride and for those who value and know the process of custom-made dresses, they will find exactly what they’re looking for at Madelange Laroche Bridal."

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