Stunning Jewelry if You Want to Wear Your Birthstone on Your Wedding Day

From dainty to dramatic, personal pieces for your “I do's"

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Your wedding day is one of the most significant moments of your life. You want everything to be perfect but also sentimental in every way possible. Personalizing your bridal look is essential for making the day extra special. Having a "something blue" is a great way to incorporate a family heirloom or a cherished gift from a loved one. Or, maybe you’ve decided to wear a dress, veil, or accessory like a hairpiece, pendant, or earrings from your mother or grandmother. Another great way to make your bridal look one-of-a-kind? Wearing a piece of jewelry with your birthstone. If you don’t care for your own or want to add a different color into the mix, go for it! You can opt to wear you fiancé’s birthstone as a romantic gesture or that of a loved one to honor them in a thoughtful way.

If you love the idea of wearing birthstone jewelry on your wedding day, it’s important to be discerning with your selection—certain birthstone pieces can skew cheesy. Delicate pieces are the ideal, especially if your birthstone is rich in color and you don’t want it to take away from a bridal white palette. A teensy ring, fine chain necklace, or barely-there studs are all subtle options to consider. Injecting color is, of course, a welcome choice too. A drop earring or unique necklace with more saturated gemstones are gorgeous for bolder brides.

If your birthstone is a diamond, pearl, or opal, lucky you! All three are impeccable choices for bridal jewelry. To make a modern statement, opt for an unexpected piece like asymmetrical earrings or a necklace with your stone set slightly off-kilter. The effect is undeniably fresh.

Gemstones range in price—some stones are more precious and rare than others—but smaller, delicate pieces often come with more affordable price tags. The best part is that wearing your birthstone will feel incredibly special and become a memento of your wedding day long after the ceremony. You can treasure it forever and eventually pass it on to a family member down the line. We love a sentimental opportunity like that.

Whether you’re looking to wear your own birthstone or your fiancé’s, or are simply in the mood for a gorgeous piece of gemstone jewelry, we’ve edited a stunning selection ahead that’s elegant for your wedding day and beyond.

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January: Garnet

Courtesy of Jane Basch

Rich red pieces are the epitome of romantic. Because it’s a more saturated stone, daintier pieces will feel right.

Jane Basch Birthstone Necklace in 14k Gold

SHOP NOW: Nordstrom, $398

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January: Garnet

Courtesy of Bony Levy

Bony Levy Birthstone Stacking Ring

SHOP NOW: Nordstrom, Priced from $279

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February: Amethyst

Courtesy of Eriness

Amethysts come in a spectrum from pale purple to green. A stackable band, statement earring, or pendant is perfect for your wedding day.

Eriness amethyst Eternity Band

SHOP NOW: Eriness, $375

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February: Amethyst

Courtesy of Suzanne Kalan

Suzanne Kalan 14K Yellow Gold Amalfi Single Green Amethyst Baguette With Diamonds Pendant

SHOP NOW: Suzanne Kalan, $605

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February: Amethyst

Courtesy of L.Erikson

L. Erickson 'Flora' Chandelier Earrings

SHOP NOW: Nordstrom, $198

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March: Aquamarine

Courtesy of Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. Elsa Peretti Color by the Yard Pendant

SHOP NOW: Tiffany & Co., $200

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March: Aquamarine

Courtesy of Melissa Joy Manning

Melissa Joy Manning Emerald Cut Aquamarine Drop Earrings

SHOP NOW: Melissa Joy Manning, $130

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April: Diamond

Courtesy of Wwake

Can’t go wrong with diamonds! For modern effect, consider colored diamonds in contemporary shapes like a single earring or off-kilter pendant.

Wwake Triangle Lineage Necklace

SHOP NOW: Wwake, $421

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April: Diamond

Courtesy of Hirotaka

Hirotaka Grey Diamond & Yellow Gold Earring

SHOP NOW: Hirotaka, $490

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April: Diamond

Courtesy of Vrai & Oro

Vrai & Oro Trillion Diamond Ring

SHOP NOW: Vrai & Oro, $435

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May: Emerald

Courtesy of Jennie Kwon

Emeralds are so deeply alluring and gorgeous in combination with diamonds. A petite ring, subtle threader earrings, or thin bangle are the perfect accent.

Jennie Kwon Emerald 4 Bezel Cuff Bracelet

SHOP NOW: Jennie Kwon, $820

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May: Emerald

Courtesy of Lizzie Mandler

Lizzie Mandler Floating Threads

SHOP NOW: Farfetch, $492

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May: Emerald

Courtesy of Yi Collection

Yi Collection Emerald Chain Ring

SHOP NOW: Yi Collection, $250

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June: Pearl

Courtesy of Zoë Chicco

Pearls are sophisticated and so classic for brides from traditional to modern. We’re for modern pieces like asymmetric earrings, an open bracelet, or sleek pendant.

Zoë Chicco 14K Curved Bar And Pearl Necklace

SHOP NOW: Zoë Chicco, $325

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June: Pearl

Courtesy of Wkndla

Wkndla Mythos Cuff Bracelet

SHOP NOW: Wkndla, $86

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June: Pearl

Courtesy of Satomi Kawakita

Satomi Kawakita Extended Twin Pearl Earrings

SHOP NOW: Catbird, $285

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July: Ruby

Courtesy of Selin Kent

Selin Kent Ruby Defne Mismatch Earrings

SHOP NOW: Swoonery, $850

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July: Ruby

Courtesy of Moda Operandi

Alison Lou "R" Diamond Necklace

SHOP NOW: Moda Operandi, $675

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August: Peridot

Courtesy of Pandora

Peridot is decidedly fresh and looks great in various metal settings. Go for a mix of stones or a single dainty accent by way of a necklace or ring.

Pandora August Droplet Ring With Peridot

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $45

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August: Peridot

Courtesy of Barbela

Barbela Cassidy Earrings

SHOP NOW: Barbela, $240

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August: Peridot

Courtesy of Mejuri

Mejuri August Necklace With Peridot

SHOP NOW: Mejuri, $250

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September: Sapphire

Courtesy of The Last Line

The Last Line Diamond and Blue Sapphire Eternity Band

SHOP NOW: The Last Line, $575

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October: Opal

Courtesy of Jemma Wynne

Opals come with an elegant sheen and are perfect as a delicate necklace, ring, or stud earrings.

Jemma Wynne Prive Opal and Diamond Petite Stud

SHOP NOW: Jemma Wynne, $470

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October: Opal

Courtesy of Stella and Bow

Stella and Bow Nola Ring Opal

SHOP NOW: Azalea, $279

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October: Opal

Courtesy of Adina Reyter

Adina Reyter 14k Gold Small Opal & Diamond Teardrop Pendant Necklace

SHOP NOW: Shopbop, $475

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November: Topaz, Citrine

November is one of those months with options whether you prefer orange citrine or blue topaz—another "something blue" opportunity! Mix your stone of choice with diamonds or aim for a unique shape like a circular pendant.

Porter Gulch Renata Earring (Single)

SHOP NOW: Porter Gulch, $195

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November: Topaz, Citrine

Courtesy of Kendra Scott

Kendra Scott Elaina Adjustable Chain Bracelet in Citrine

SHOP NOW: Nordstrom, $50

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December: Tanzanite

Courtesy of Emilie Shapiro

December babies also have options for their birthstone, but tanzanite is by far the most rare. The purple hue is beautiful in the form of studs, stacked rings, or distinctive necklace.

Emilie Shapiro Flower Crown Pendant With Tanzanites

SHOP NOW: Love Adorned, $750

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