The Best Wine Cocktail Recipes for Your Wedding Bar Menu


Figuring out the bar for your big day can be tough—especially as you’re trying to balance offering all of the choices guests love, fitting options into your budget, and trying to incorporate the perfect signature cocktail. But between red wine spritzers and champagne punch, these wine cocktail recipes can be the exact answer you were looking for when it comes to finalizing your bar plans.

Besides being a little more refined (and tons more exciting), serving these wine cocktail recipes at your wedding may come with a few extra benefits:

  1. Depending on your choice of reds and whites, wine cocktails may slash your budget for the bar. You might have the opportunity to make your bulk wine purchase last way longer than that Costco-size bottle of gin. Plus, guests are generally more apt to sip a wine cocktail slowly, as opposed to downing a few quick G&Ts.
  2. Wine cocktails can make the bartender’s job a breeze. Most wine cocktails only require mixing a few ingredients and voilà! There’s no muddling, shaking, etc. Way simpler.
  3. Depending on your venue, you may not actually be able to have hard alcohol on the premises. The permitting requirements generally differ when it comes to wine and beer and liquor. You actually may save a bit of hassle going the wine cocktail route.
  4. If you’ve always dreamed of serving up a signature cocktail at your wedding, you still can! There are plenty of ways to customize wine cocktails to represent you and your partner beyond naming your signature drinks. Plus, wine options may offer you more of a color palette to choose from than you ever imagined!

Whether it’s to potentially cut a bit out of your budget or come up with a signature cocktail to replicate that perfect pastel hue you’ve been trying to match, wine cocktails may be the answer for your wedding. We’ve put together a list of inspiration to get you started!

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Prosecco + Grapefruit Cocktail

Courtesy of Sarah J. Hauser

Hello, gorgeous pastel coral! Grapefruit, a touch of honey, and Prosecco bubbles create a refreshing cocktail option for a spring or summer wedding.

Get the recipe here.

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Red Wine Spritzer

Red wine cocktail

Courtesy of My Food Story

Deep reds can work for winter or summer! Add berries, lime, and a splash of bubbles to this red wine spritzer for a bold look.

Get the recipe here.

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Mint Melon Wine Cocktail

Three small cocktails

Courtesy of Cotter Crunch

Use your favorite Chard, honeydew melon, and lime juice for this mix. Plus, you can even prep this one ahead of time to have it reception-ready for easy pouring.

Get the recipe here.

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White Wine Spritzer

Wine glass with lemon rind

Courtesy of My Kitchen Love

Calling all white wine lovers! Pick your fave white, add club soda, and garnish with a lemon rind. Simple, yet elegant.

Get the recipe here.

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Coconut Water Champagne Punch

Courtesy of Averie Cooks

Coconut water, champagne, and a splash of orange juice—talk about refreshing! Top it off with a garnish to make that pink hue truly shine.

Get recipe here.

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Wine Smoothie

Courtesy of Cooking With Curls

If you’re willing to have your bartender bust out the blender, literally all you’ll need is your favorite sweet white wine and berries to pull off the ultimate summer wedding wine smoothie.

Get the recipe here.

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Rosé Lemonade

Courtesy of Dessert For Two

Make fresh homemade lemonade ahead of time and top it with rosé once it’s time to serve. Just look at that gorgeous pastel hue! It's perfect for a summertime wedding.

Get recipe here.

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